The LC Foundation [IC] Ep. 1: A Matter of Awareness

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Re: The LC Foundation [IC] Ep. 1: A Matter of Awareness

Postby Mechmaster » Tue Apr 29, 2014 11:06 am

Dr. Milo Whittman
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Milo sighed softly to himself after Dr. Mente interjected, momentarily saving the young Physician from that piercing stare. However, seeing that Maggie is upset, Milo lays a hand on her shoulder as he speaks.

"Maggie, what you did may have been...a bit dangerous. However, you may have saved the life of the man that the demon possessed. The demon was putting an enormous strain on the man's body. If you hadn't ended the fight then and there, that man would have died."

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Re: The LC Foundation [IC] Ep. 1: A Matter of Awareness

Postby Coyotzin » Thu May 01, 2014 9:54 am

Hospital Ward

"I see, so it was you." The Amazon turned to Maggie, eyes slightly narrowed and clearly measuring the stressed girl up. "Tell me what happened, what you did and why. Do not pause."

A few people in the ward were looking the group's way as their business was no longer urgent, but they kept a respectful distance. Amazons had come to the Foundation to volunteer some of their time, but they had taken the care to come in "man's world clothing" and didn't have this one's air of command.

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