Justice Legion - Episode One - A League of Their Own

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Justice Legion - Episode One - A League of Their Own

Post by Bladewind » Thu Nov 28, 2013 5:38 pm

For the passed several months, Earth Defenses have been hounding the alien raiding parties. It's been difficult, we are overmatched and reprisals for effectiveness are severe. Just look at the Fallen Seven - the cities that were demolished to make a point.

But we won't give up and we won't commit suicide. This planet is ours and we will take it back.

The breakthrough came when Dr Tuolema discovered a means to graft the aliens' DNA to ours and make real, honest to goodness superheroes. We could strike back. We could fight them toe-to-toe.

Amazssssing are thessse humansss. Not ssssooo different from ussss. Exssspeariment, create. Get othersss to fight for them. Ssssoooo fassssscinating. Ssssoooo much like usssss.

The bravest of the brave. They sacrificed their very identities to become living weapons. Some have been working for weeks, others months. None know how many others there are, how many teams there are or even where the main headquarters is. But they still accepted. They still fight...

And now, they will be called to form a team. They will be called to be more than individuals. More than a simple strike force.

They will be a... Justice League...

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Re: Justice Legion - Episode One - A League of Their Own

Post by Bladewind » Fri Nov 29, 2013 6:52 pm

Six hours ago

Scratched and bruised, a large burn mark on her side, the winged woman streaked across the sky. Her commink crackled something she could barely hear. The woman was being followed by four similarly winged beings, the primary difference the blue hue of their skin.

"... slow down and stay still..."

A moment of clarity in the commlink transmission.

"Are you out of your minds?" She responded back, realizing all at once that she must be out of the EM field. Grabbing the blaster at her hip, she fired into the squad that were gaining on her. Her first two shots went wild, the third catching a wing and sending the soldier spiralling down.

She began to fly skyward, hoping that the sun would make tracking her a little more difficult and then abruptly folded her wings in and let gravity take it's course. Plummeting towards the ground, she realized that her ploy had worked, and she gained a gap of several hundred feet.

Snapping her wings open again, air cupped into them and brought the woman to an almost complete stop. Struggling to fill her lungs with air again she hit the side of her helmet.

"I've stopped. You've got 7 seconds before I have to start moving again."

She winked out of existence, an audible pop filling the space where she should have been as a blaster shot strafed the empty air.

Five hours ago

"Are you well enough for a debriefing Hawkwind?" The question was not a question.

Four hours ago

"This is not good." The man in field fatigues said to someone of obvious higher rank. "Can we afford another team? We lost not only Strike Force Epsilon, but a large squad of highly trained soldiers."

He nodded as orders were returned.

"Very well. I will have them assembled. Shall we have Rift bring them in?"

Over the course of the passed four hours, you've all received a call with a change in orders. Post introductions for yourselves. You can be working solo or with a Strikeforce (teams do not extend past Gamma as yet).

Some among you have been active for weeks, some for months and perhaps merely days. It's up to you, minimum two days since getting your powers, maximum nine months of active duty.

You can post the completion of a mission, you can be mid mission. You can even be getting your first assignment. Fact is though, that whoever delivers your orders considers this to be a Big Deal.

You can also "name" other heroes that you have worked with or are working with, these are not being called in with you. You have no idea who else is on the list.

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Re: Justice Legion - Episode One - A League of Their Own

Post by EnigmaticOne » Fri Nov 29, 2013 7:55 pm

HP: 1 / LP: 5

One hour ago...

"....See, this is worth taxpayer money, unlike the F-35 porkcraft." Wes insisted, in Legionnaire uniform and presenting his designs to the boardroom. The 'board' in this case being an assemblage of engineers, Air Force generals, and at least one smooth well-dressed defense contractor representative.

Said lobbyist did not look pleased at the reference - wasn't he from that same company? Wes didn't know, and in any case was too caught up with excitedly presenting the Highwaymen class fighter pitch. Hey, his work, his smarts, humanity's benefit.

General Welkington, older WASP classic, seemed skeptical. "This still doesn't have the weapons or armor to take air superiority against what the aliens--"

"Please," Tinker cut him off dismissively, "that's some time yet anyway. And I wasn't taking about dogfights. The Highwaymen have fusion cell thrusters with integrated maneuvering nacelles. An order of speed and maneuverability light years ahead of jet clunkers - pilots outpace what they can't fight, and they're meant to pick on transports, those blue Thanagarians, lighter flying types. Light laser cannons and the stasis tractors can seize and destroy."

The military industrial man cleared his throat. "But this note that all of them must be painted red? Why are you insisting on that... Tinker?"

Tinker looked at the suit like he was a kid talking to a clueless fellow. "Red ones go faster."

Everyone stared at him with an odd look. Wes observed it seemed to be the same look people were giving him lately whenever he talked about work. Interesting. "Maseratis, fire trucks, and why not our fighters?"

The assemblage was spared the need to respond when a soldier checked in to summon Tinker for Something Big. Whatever it was.
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Re: Justice Legion - Episode One - A League of Their Own

Post by flynnarrel » Sat Nov 30, 2013 1:23 am

Dr. Greene

Nearly a year since her 'accident' that left her permanently altered....

She spent several months after assuring doctors of all kinds that she was still mentally sound. Never easy to work with while human, this certainly did nothing for her mood....

Her DNA served to lead the geneticists into breakthroughs in alien-human genetic splicing, earning her the nickname of 'Grandmother of Supers' (it only took a few injuries and melted office furniture to convince folks not to call her that to her face, though a few brave souls still do)....

When they finally stopped poking at her - "Yes that hurt you twit.... No, I don't care that it will grow back.... Yes, five separate sacs for organic compounds of various kinds and toxicities, keep bothering me and I'll give you a personal tour..." - They allowed her to consult on not only cases of biology and medicine, but also she became one of the foremost experts on the various alien races and cultures themselves. She examined nearly every piece of alien paraphernalia for it's significance and role. It was not up to her to determine the technicals of 'how' or 'why' but of 'what this teaches us of our opponents'. She studied various alien artifacts. She was also there at some of the initial births of new or unique or troublesome gene splices - her scientific mind coupled with alien-bourne resiliency made her ideal to initially determine if too much alien physiological mind chemistry altered the subjects....

It was only recently that the escalation of the war made her itch to be assigned to field duty...

It was a half hour ago that she was told her wish had been granted...

Still in her lab coat (over the special polymer she wore) she arrived at the briefing with a mix of excitement and an 'it's about time' annoyance.

Note, Dr. Amanda Greene has been a fixture around The Project for a very long time. It's not inconceivable that she's studied things like the reach scarab, or an alien exoskeleton evaluating safety, or an infant living ship. Or been at awakenings with a clipboard and an appraising eye.
She's a bit of a pain to work with - a stickler for detail and an unbeliever in most forms of tact she takes a hard view about everything.
But then again, stories about her pushing other scientists out of the way and subduing gene sliced mergings that went wrong are not unfounded and her competence and alien knowledge are well regarded.
Her nickname 'Grandmother of Supers' join those like ' 'Cold-Blooded B*t&h' in expressing the frustration with which working with her can cause.

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Re: Justice Legion - Episode One - A League of Their Own

Post by jemal » Sat Nov 30, 2013 4:45 am

The power-armoured gender-changing crippled Empath

"Hey Doc, I got some more DNA samples for you. We've seen these ones before, but it can never hurt to have some fresh stuff around." Andy smiled as he held up a bagful of carefully preserved tissue samples.

The doctor looked up at him with a raised eye "How in the blazes do you do it? You bring back more samples every trip than most people do in weeks!"

"Aw it's easy doc, I just ask nicely." Andy's grin continued, and the doctor couldn't help but join in, feeling the warmth flowing from the Empath.

"And if they say no , I just make my request a bit more.. blunt." Andy raised his power-armoured hand and clenched the fist with a deep mechanical whir and clunk. From out in the hallway, they heard an outburst of laughter and Andy looked sheepishly at the Doc "sorry.."

"Quit alright, dear boy, just leave them there. You can help me catalog this later, you've come back with perfect timing, the Colonel has just put out the word that he wishes to speak to you."

Andy set the bag down and walked his armour over to the side where they stored it, the doctor helping him out and into his wheelchair. The armour was great, but walking around the halls with it was a bit awkward.. not to mention nerve-wracking for everyone around.

Sighing as he patted the armour on the thigh, Andy wheeled himself out of the room with a wave to the doc, and headed down the corridor. He wondered what the Colonel wanted.. He knew he'd been doing a good job since he'd started going out on missions a few months ago, but the Colonel rarely wanted to see him personally.. Colonel Star was a tough old man, even before he joined the program, and was great at hiding how he felt about situations. An excellent advantage for a poker player or Military man.. but Andy could always tell what he was feeling, and for someone like the Colonel, that just didn't sit well.

"Ah, there you are." Colonel Star greeted him as he entered the office. "Reassignment orders came down for you. Looks like you're making the big leagues after all." There was a faint tinge of envy, but thankfully it was overshadowed by.. pride?

"Sir, if you don't mind my asking, why are you so happy?"

The Colonel rolled his eyes in mild annoyance at the intrusion "Two of my command been pulled up in the last month, must mean I'm doing something right." He sighed and walked over to Andy. "Look, there's no sense fakin' it round you, so I'll admit I'm pleased. You're a decent soldier, despite how annoying you can be, and I'm glad you'll be getting to put that fancy armor to a real workout." The Colonel shook his hand, then saluted. "Good Luck, Soldier. Dismissed."

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Re: Justice Legion - Episode One - A League of Their Own

Post by optionqb » Sat Nov 30, 2013 8:19 am

The Marian

CND: Normal

With the overwhelming bulk of the Earth's naval forces destroyed or catastrophically damaged, the rape of commercially transported resources had been ongoing for years. Within the last year, however, more aggresive alien policies had led to the establishment of magnetic "sifting mines" on the ocean floor which used powerful electromagnets to draw enormous quantities of rare earth metals right out of the muddy sediment. Although economically inefficent relative to traditional surface mining, the rate at which the Earth's minerals were being depleted necessistated additional techniques.

Of course, no one responsible for defending the earth could tolerate such an affront. One such mining facility existed about 300 miles west of the Hawaiian island if Ni'ihau. The military wanted it scouted out for a possible attack. Since The Marian wasn't a large metal-cased object (a.k.a a submarine), he would not show up on the enemies magnetic anomoly detectors.

Using a combination of stealth and communication with his undersea "neighbors", The Marian had managed to acquire a thorough assessment of the facility. An undersea rendezvous with a U.S. submarine near Moloka'i allowed him to submit his report.

His unnatural appearance and muscular bulk always unnerved the sailors, but they knew his heart was in the right place as he had demonstrated over and over again. A short-message came in over the submarine's ELF (extremely low frequency) receiver. The sub skipper read it and gave the Marian a stern look. "I seems like you'll be working with someone else now. It's been a pleasure." Handing the Marian the orders for reassignment, he saluted him.

"The pleasure has been all mine, Captain." Saluting the Captain and all the crew-members in the control room, he turned, made his way to the SCUBA center and returned to the depths of the ocean.
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Re: Justice Legion - Episode One - A League of Their Own

Post by kenmadragon » Sat Nov 30, 2013 1:17 pm

Blue Beetle
HP: 1 Cond: Normal

"...and so did Issac Newton escape the bubonic plague in Europe at his country side retreat, and utilize the serene nature of the countryside to formulate his Three Laws and invent calculus at the same time, though it should also be of note that Leib..."

Willy sat in his desk, pretending to learn high school physics from his usually interesting teacher. Unfortunately, his teacher wasn't doing anything exciting, but was giving a manner of history lesson. Suffice to say, Willy's hand was propping his head up, and drool was beginning to form at the edge of his mouth as his eyes were glazy, staring at the board.

This professor is incorrect. What these humans call 'calculus' was in fact first invented by the indigenous species of the Cladereis system in...

Willy was still trying to tune out the voice in his head constantly correcting all his teachers at school. It was something of a struggle, to quell the urge to speak up and shout at the voice. But, at the moment the combination of the two was soporific. Willy's lip curled at the end into a half smile, imagining a good night's sleep. He barely got that anymore.

William Northrup. You must correct this instructor of infantile physics. His knowledge on the subject is lacking, and is incorrect in his assertions. William Northrup! Khaji Da intoned.

"Shut up, you." Willy mumbled.

"Excuse me?!?" Mr. Adams, the physics teacher, said, eyes wide with a mixture of shock and anger. He leaned over Willy who jumped in his seat. Willy's mouth dropped in shock as he looked up at his teacher. "Uh..." Willy stammered.

"Well, Mr. Northrup? What did you say to me? Do I need to give you a detention?" Mr. Adams snarled, slamming his hand on Willy's desk.

The instructor is violent! Assessing: Minot Threat. Discharge Mild Electric Shock. Khaji Da spoke rapidly, jumping to conclusions again. Underneath the desk, Willy's hand writhed, unnoticed to all but Willy. Willy yelped as black and blue strands of chitinous material sprouted from his forearm and hand, tearing from under the skin to cover them, and morphing his hand into... something else. The hand had shifted into a manner of block with tubular wires running down it's sides, with two prongs jutting out, a tiny spark escaping across them.

"No! No, dont!" Willy shouted out quickly at Khaji Da. Then, realizing he said it aloud, Willy covered, "Uh, I mean, I said I've gotta go." Willy hit his shifted hand with the other, trying to force it back to normal.

"Gotta go?" Mr. Adams asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Uh..." Willy said, trying to come up with an excuse while hitting his shifted hand. Slowly, the hand began to revert back, the carapace retracting - painfully - under Willy's skin. "..The bathroom! I, uh, gotta go to the bathroom."

Mr. Adams' eyes widened, unsure. "Like, number two. It's bad." Willy quickly followed up.

This course of action is wise, Willy Northrup. A ruse to deceive this instructor unit, then a rapid incineration burst. That will quickly eliminate this threat. Then these humans will not be fed false information.

Mr. Adams eventually shrugged and turned away, waving Willy to the door as he continued his lecture. Willy sighed as he headed for the door, thanking his luck that he hadn't revealed himself. Closing the door behind him, Willy took a big breath as he headed to the bathroom. Best to make his lie seem somewhat legit, you know?

A quick push of the heavy door, a short sojourn at the urinal, and Willy was whistling softly to himself as he washed his hands. He chanced a glance at himself in the mirror. He looked tired. Dazed. His eyes were bored, almost dead. His hair was still messy, resistant to the combing he tried to put it through. The scrapes and bruises from gym class were still there. People picked on him. Sure, whatever the Scarab had done to him made him tougher than most, but it still hurt. Especially as he was fighting to keep Khaji Da from doing anything. That was what worried him more really. He didn't care about getting hurt, about getting beat up by other guys at school. He'd been the school's punching bag for years. It was something he could handle. But having to deal with Khaji Da at the same time? That was harder...

Beep-beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep. Willy blinked, and looked around.

Message received from Designation: Legion. Sent from Mission Base. Allow transmission?

"Yeah, yeah, put it through." Willy sighed, turning away from the sink. It hadn't been too long since the Justice Legion had picked up on him. It was a weird name, and very militarisitic. Not really what he had expected from Earth's "heroes" but, nevertheless, he had had little choice in the matter. When they had burst into his school and taken him, he had been very confused, and a bit unwilling. It was even more unnerving when he got back and found that pretty much everyone had forgotten the incursion. Weird.

The Legion had recruited Willy when they "picked him up" as Dr. Tuolema called it. They had scientists study him, prodding him in various places, shocking the Scarab... it had taken almost all of his will to hold back from destroying the Garden. Khaji Da had been ranting about the usage of nukes in order to protect the host among other rants. The place survived... and Willy was put through a psych eval. Apparently he had passed, or something. Willy doubted that they would have let him go if he hadn't, not to mention recruiting him. They handed him a commlink, the military equivalent of Air Force Captain, and a patch. Willy had to laugh at that. The commlink to keep in touch? Helpful, sure, he could better fight aliens if he had allies, he supposed. But a military rank? He had a high-tech Weapon of Mass Destruction fused to his back, one capable of - if it told the truth - leveling the entire Eastern seaboard in less than an hour. And they made him, the high school kid with that weapon, a captain. Funny. Not as funny as the patch though. Willy didn't wear a uniform. The Scarab... it... it changed him when it fought. Turned itself into a suit of armor like an insect's carapace. He didn't have a uniform to put it on.

Besides, why would he want a patch declaring himself inhuman? That he had willingly given up his humanity to combat the alien forces that plagued his world? He hadn't wanted to be fused to the Scarab. Even the scientists didn't know what it was, where it came from. "Unlike anything they had ever seen" they had said. He didn't ask to be dragged into the fight, but here he was. It was his fight now, and he would use the Scarab, the AI Khaji Da, to beat the aliens. Besides, maybe he could teach the AI something about humanity. Maybe get along with it? But nevertheless, he was quite annoyed by the idea of the patch. He didn't want it. But he kept it anyways. It could come in handy someday...

"Legionnaire Blue Beetle! This is a max-alert from The Garden. Leave your current position at your school and return to the Garden for briefing. Post-haste!" scowled Major Robert Greenbaum of The Garden. The major was strict as ever with Willy, and his harsh words just drew his ire.

"Are you kidding me? The teach just gave me the bathroom pass! I can't ditch school, it'd be on my record!" Willy exasperated. Khaji Da agreed, The Major seeks to place the host in danger. This briefing can only lead to endangerment of the host.

"Records can be erased." Major Greenbaum scowled over the comm. Willy couldn't see the Major, but he could just envision that scowl.

"Are you sure this isn't some elaborate means of just getting me back there for more tests? 'Cause you know how those turned out, and I can't tell you how sorry I was about that..." Willy accused.

There was silence over the comm. Both of them remembered what happened when the scientists at The Garden had tried to run tests on Willy and Khaji Da. It involved needles, and taking his blood. They barely got the syringe in when Khaji Da reacted. Violently. Willy began partially shifting, and razor sharp blades had begun to emerge from his back on long spindly arms that scythed at high speeds at anything that came near. They cut clean through the walls and nearly killed everyone in the vicinity. Willy had been screaming at the Scarab to stop, but it's prime directive was in control: protect the host. It didn't help that the scientists had thought to shock the fused Scarab on his back just before they put the needle in. Willy guessed that was what had set Khaji Da off. He never told anyone about the AI. The Scarab seemed to scream in his head not to. But nevertheless, the Scarab reacted badly to the tests. Willy could still see himself blasting energy beams randomly, repulsor cannons engaging without direction, the scorch marks and screams of all involved. Willy knew that several scientists were still in the hospitals because of those tests. A couple still stuck in the ICU. It couldn't have been pretty, not when one of the ones closer to Willy had lost both his legs to the whirling blades of damnation and destruction. Willy had had to force Khaji Da into submission through sheer will, draw his own blood into the syringe and rip it out before he rolled it down the room towards the few scientists who had taken cover from the onslaught behind blast shields. He could still remember Khaji Da's screams in his mind when he underwent those tests. He shuddered to think what would happen if Khaji Da truly used what it threatened to. And only Willy was aware that it was Khaji Da who had done that. He half-expected most of the scientists at The Garden to think him insane. Or at least very disturbed and dangerous.

Well, Willy was dangerous. And that's why he became a Legionnaire.

"It's a mission, Legionnaire Beetle. Nothing soft, like the last few times. Big Leagues. They're calling you in for a Strikeforce." the Major finally said.

Willy blinked. That was... that was... unexpected. He noted that Khaji Da was strangely silent on the matter. He glanced at himself in the mirror, noting the slight scrapes and bruises. That was who he was, right? The person who got beat up? He looked down at his hands, and remembered how they transformed. The weapon. Was that who he was?

Willy sighed.

"I'll be there in a few." Willy said, disengaging the communication. There was a pause. Are you sure about this, William Northrup? This Scarab can protect you, but it can do a better job of protecting the host if the host does not place itself in...

"I'm doing this." Willy interrupted. "We're doing this.

There was a silence from the Scarab. Affirmative. Khaji Da intoned. Classification and Serial ID?

Willy grinned. He rushed out the bathroom, heading for the doors. So what if the cameras in the foyer caught him leaving school. Khaji Da would likely erase them anyways. And who cared about Mr. Adams physics class now? Boring lecture anyways.

He found himself outside the school buildings, heading around the side to a rather empty part of the campus. It was rather secluded, quite quiet. People couldn't hear screams well here. He knew because he had been beaten up here once for some measly lunch money. Heh. Ironic.

Classification and Serial ID? the Scarab asked once more.

Willy smiled, breaking out into a bit of a laugh as he un-buttoned his jacket, sliding it off his shoulders leaving himself into his t shirt, jeans, and ratty sneakers. He then stood tall, back straight as he looked up to the horizon. He smoothed his hair out of his face then stood with his arms a bit outstretched.

Classification and Serial ID. the AI intoned, tone constant.

Willy grinned.

"Scarab Armor and Weapon Systems Activate. Classification: Infiltrator - Khaji. Serial ID: Da."

A sudden pain rushed down Willy's spine and he let out a pained gasp. Something was growing down his back, the azure scarab fused to his spine expanding, tearing out of the edges of his skin. He could feel the growth of the the weapon on his back, growing, stretching out over his body. A solid black sheath began to grow and shimmer down his form, pain erupting as it rippled over his skin, and enveloped him like a second skin. The armor then began to grow, hard plates that quivered and segmented over his body, the colors expanding and growing, even covering his entire face, closing in on his eyes, which he closed as the pain rushed through his body. There was several *snaps* as great pincers and segments that looked like scarab legs lashed themselves into place with the armor that had grown over his body, Willy screamed as he opened his eyes, which were suddenly invaded with the spread of the armor which covered his vision in a transparent sheath that glowed blue.


Slight blue steam rolled off the armor, the heat of the transformation being released into the air, and Willy could see the world again. It always surprised him that the change only took a second or two, the pain he endured made it seem much longer.

Small letters and stranger symbols were splayed in trawling messages in an alien language that Willy did not understand and flickered at the edges of his vision. One of the strings of symbols glowed slightly, then expanded over Willy's field of vision as it projected a map of the globe, whose view began to narrow onto the continent of North America, and two dots blinked. One marked Willy's position, the other, The Garden.

Flight Plan drawn. Activate Gravitaional Repul...

"Scarab Wings, if you would." Willy interrupted.

Willy heard a slight *flick* and felt something at his shoulder bones twitch as two large pairs of translucent blue and gold wings expanded from his back almost instantaneously. The wings were gossamer thin, yet impossibly tough, and had slight blue veins running through them that Willy knew didn't have blood running through them. He felt a slight loss of weight, as he lifted off his feet, and left the ground behind. Straightening his back and puffing out his chest, he felt power coursing through him, as he rose above the skyline of his hometown, and headed for the secret and mysterious Garden.

Willy was elated by the feeling of flight. It was every little boy's dream, to be able to soar in the skies and touch the clouds. He wondered if the main reason everyone always thought that superheroes were so cool was because they could fly. The sensation of flight never lost it's grandeur, and it brought about a sense of nostalgia to Willy. It was the first amazing power of the Scarab that Willy had ever used consciously, and it felt just as amazing as it did the first time. Willy couldn't help but feel jubilant at that.

"So," Willy said to himself as he soared over the continent. "I wonder what exactly is going on..."

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Re: Justice Legion - Episode One - A League of Their Own

Post by TempestII » Sun Dec 01, 2013 7:12 am

Camila Vecta

A grandfather clock ticked away as the only sound in an otherwise cavernous room of mahogany and purple velvet. Sparse in decoration, the only furniture was a single chair facing a large table of rich oak. At this board sat half a dozen men whose expressions were as humorless as their average age, their suits pressed and attention focused on the youthful woman that sat alone upon the chair that was facing them. Like the older men, she was dressed in a suit - a stylish, ladies affair whose stealth-grey hue accentuated the soft, honey-caramel of her skin. Chocolate-eyed and with a helm of soft, dark hair that framed her mix of angular and exotic features, she focused her attention one by one upon each of the men seated in front of her, left to right.

"A hidden prison 24.5 miles off the coast of Yemen. It houses thirteen inmates, five guards, two support personal and one warden whose husband works for DARPA." she said with a perfect Boston Brahim accent.

She looked then to the man next to him, her eyes narrowing slightly in concentration.

"Codes to authorise a Predator-drone strike on US soil."

She shifted her attention to the next man, while they in turn shifted uncomfortably in their seats and exchanged concerned looks.

"Your address is 22 5th Street, Seattle and...oh that's nice you attended your daughters school play two nights ago. She was quite thrilled at having you there. She's rather adorable in that lamb costume, you're very lucky to have her" she smiled warmly.

Turning her dark brown eyes to the next man she started to speak "NORAD has multiple - "

"That's quite alright, young lady," the yet-unexamined man at the end of the line spoke up in interruption, his voice deliberately polite and friendly, "Your demonstration is satisfactory."

"How much longer do you wish the interview to go for?"

"Do you have somewhere to be, Ms Vecta?" he retained his grandfatherly demeanor.

"No," Camila smiled, "but your driver was wondering the question so I thought I'd do him a favor and ask on his behalf."

An uncomfortable silence hung in the room as the leader of the pannel leaned back in his chair, his face a discrete mask that decades in the intelligence agencies had helped develop. After several long moments he leaned forward again, his fingers prying through the several manila folders in front of him before stopping on a sheet that was bedecked with black marks.

"It says here that a raid conducted by the visitors upon an oil rig off of South America was thwarted...by just yourself. Eye witness accounts detail here that alien soldiers, and I quote, "simply dropped their weapons to the ground, assumed a prone position and awaited the arrival of human forces, upon whose arrival they offered no resistance to apprehension." - you did that?"

"That is correct."

Pursing his lips, "Just like that? A hundred aliens fell completely under your will - you can do that?" he asked skeptically.


"Could you do it to a human?"

"A mind is a mind."

The silence returned as a blanket. Thumbing through his notes, the elderly leader offered a friendly smile "Well, I think we're about done here. Thank you for your time, Ms Vecta. Give your father my regards."

"Done. He says Hello." she said with what she hoped was a reassuring smile.

Pausing as he and the others stood up, he considered Camila for several long seconds before hurriedly packing his briefcase and filing out of the room, his fellows close behind him.

Exiting the room into a well-decorated hallway whose floor was a beautiful assortment of black and white marble tiles, the elders eyes rested upon a coat-wearing man that leaned carefully against one of the door-frames of a room. Lazily, the man pulled a cigarette from his mouth and allowed the pillow of smoke to roll from his lips and shroud his own aged features.

Pursing his lips, the elder continued to walk, his eyes fixated upon this other gentleman.

"Just remember Jack, you wanted her here, not me."

"Jack" waited until the group of suits had departed, his cigarette running close to his fingers as he did so. Once he was alone in the hall-way, he slowly moved over to the room from which they had exited and entered. He found Camila already standing at one of the large windows that took up half the wall on the far side of the room - the scenic night-sky of the tree-top-filled country side silhoueting her figure. She was quite easy to spot amongst the purple velvet and mohogany colors of this study.

"Was that really necessary?" Camila asked, her voice soft as she focused through the window.

Not answering, Jack approached to stand by her side. As he did so, he produced another cigarette from his enveloping coat and lit it when standing next to her. At her side, he could see what she saw - an expansive view of the mist-shrouded courtyard of her family estate. Within it, several black cars were now pulling away and exiting the drive-way, their dark shapes soon meltig into the fog of a cold night.

Drawing and exhaling a puff of smoke, 'Jack' spoke up in a dry voice "You tell me."

Pursing her pillowy-lips, Camila raised her eyes to look at the sky. The tapestry of midnight was riddled with stars, the crisp clarity a stark contrast to the beds of mist that coiled through the tall pines of her estate.

"You're being called up, Cammy." 'Jack' stated, his weathered features barely creasing for any affection that might be carried with using her nickname. "A lot of very concerned people will be watching."

"No pressure or anything," Camila offered a playful smirk as she turned to look the man in his face.

Jack did not return the amusement. Instead, he took one last drag of his cigarette and put it out before turning to walk away. Half-way across the room he paused and looked over his shoulder. "If you hadn't have given them anything to worry about, you wouldn't have been drafted."

And with that he was gone.

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Re: Justice Legion - Episode One - A League of Their Own

Post by McGuffin » Mon Dec 02, 2013 7:35 am

HP: 1 Cnd: Fine

Carol clung to the roof of a building, crawling from shadow to shadow as the torrential downpour drowned out all sound around her. "Itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout..." She hummed under her breath as she moved.

"Would you knock that out already?" The exasperated male voice came from her comm link. Carol's smirk was hidden by the mask that was part of her costume. "Gotta pass the time somehow Tony, shadowing these Alliance mooks is such a cakewalk it gets boring otherwise."

Anansi stopped at an intersection to take in the view of destroyed Sapporo in the distance. I don't think anyone's gotten this close since the day the Seven Cities were destroyed. "Heads up Anansi, incoming message from HQ."

The words shook her from her thoughts as she picked up on the more serious tone in Tony's voice. "What's the word Tony?" "You're current mission of tracking down the Alliance beachhead in Japan is put on hold. HQ's being all hush-hush, Something Big, I-don't-need-to-know, you know how they are about you super types. Get clear of there and activate your GPS beacon, you're ride should pick you up in five."
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Re: Justice Legion - Episode One - A League of Their Own

Post by Aerlock » Mon Dec 02, 2013 11:29 am

HP: 1
CONDITION: Exhilarated



~Leviathan please try to maintain some form of radio discipline. I know this is a training exercise but you are still being graded on all aspects of your performance. Also keep in mind during your mayhem, you're on your third radio housing this week. Do try and keep this one in one piece during your exercise.~

~Sorry sir, its still hard to get used to talking in radio instead of sound and I'm tired of doing the militarys junk-yard duty. Isn't there a government contractor somewhere that will take these old hulks off our hands instead of having me bust em up?~ Quickly running a hand run down his chest, Leviathan is able to confirm that the most recent radio housing is in one piece, albeit a little worse for wear. "Testing, Testing, Testing" ~Sir, I can confirm the latest radio housing seems to be holding up under the stresses of my current training and evaluation exercise.~

~Captain, we've been over this before, you're not on junk-yard duty. The Justice Legion initiative has invested heavily in you Legionnaires and we need to make sure we have a full and accurate account of all your capabilities. Besides you should be careful what you wish for, I just got deployment orders for you. There's good news and bad news. Bad news is you didn't get the St. Louis containment assignment you wanted. Good news is you're assigned to a League. Head over to the motor pool and have them clean off your hide and touch up your Legionnaire patches paint job. That last APC you demolished seems to have taken some of the paint off. Once you're done report to the Warehouse for debriefing and the full details of your orders.~
The ~~ is what I'm using to denote a radio conversation and "" is used for a voice conversation.
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Re: Justice Legion - Episode One - A League of Their Own

Post by Bladewind » Mon Dec 02, 2013 7:23 pm

Tinker, Dr Greene

Over the span of several minutes, you are escorted to a conference room with a large monitor on the wall. No doubt you are already mentally cataloguing several ways to dismantle and reconfigure it for better input/ output capacity, but an audible popping sound snaps you from your reverie.

An attractive woman seems to step out of thin air. She hands you a folder.


"Codename is Rift." She says, barely giving you a chance to leaf through the documents. "Orders are to bring you in, time is of the essence and all that."

She is all serious and professional, no hint of emotion betrayed in the statement. She offers her gloved hand to you. She refuses to answer any question you might have and it's impossible to tell if its from reticence, orders or stubbornness. In any event, she stands there with her hand extended until you accept.

"Ready?" She harldy waits for your assent as you both disappear, the air rushing to fill the space where you'd been. You reappear in a room much like the one you just left, but this time there are several screens on the wall instead of the one, and they all seem to be on.

Without another word, Rift is gone, reappearing a few moments later with another person. The only ones in the room are Legionnaires. The screens are on, but the figures displayed (or barely displayed) are looking down at papers on the desks in front of them, just enough light shining on them so that they can see them...



The same woman appears to you, and looks slightly annoyed when she looks you over. You immediately realize that she bears no prejudice regarding the wheelchair and you are able to surmise that it's because you are out of armor. She disappears to reappear wordlessly moments later, your armor and however it is stored when not in use beside her.

She extends her hand.

"We need to get a move on."

It's at that point that you realize that you cannot get more than a sense of her emotional state. Her mind is a complete blank to you.

"By the way." She says matter of factly before you both vanish alongside your armor and its crate. "I suggest you choose a code-name before someone does for you. I'm Rift."

The Marian and Leviathan

The Marian receive transmissions to rendez-vous with an aircraft carrier in the Atlantic. The USS Steelhaven's existence is a closely guarded secret to the point where your orders are encoded and the destination is given as co-ordinates that update every five minutes with directional indications if you stray off course.

When you both land and arrive on board, the ship is a massive aircraft carrier filled with Earth Defenses. You are greeted as if expected, and Leviathan is given a wide berth, even if nobody looks at you with complete disdain.

You are ushered in to a briefing room where you can see others. The table is filled with refreshments, and the new arrivals are handed folders identical to the ones handed out by Rift.


As you fly in towards your destination, you find the prospect of a strikeforce intriguing. From what you've read and been told, Strike forces are brought together for specific missions and then disbanded. While some individuals may be called upon to work together again, it's pretty much rare.

When you arrive at the co-ordinates provided, it's a little surprising to see that's it a relay station type outpost and even appears to be unmanned. There is an audible pop - and Rift appears in your field of vision, about twenty feet away.

"Sorry for the cloak and dagger." She says warily, hoping that you don't turn yourself into a walking slice-and-dice. "I have orders to bring you to the 'Haven.

"Any problems with being teleported?"

Her demeanour suggests that she might know something about your struggling with the AI, but it could also be just a response to what has been observed about you. That has to be it. Reaction.


As soon as he's gone, a woman steps from the shadows. It's disconcerting as soon as you notice her because she is a complete blank. You simply can't read her.

"I'm Rift, and I need to bring you in for briefing." She looks at your expression. "Right. You're the telepath. Don't strain yourself, remember to a time before the process and we'll get along just fine.

"Your powers won't work on me. And don't ask. I have no idea why."

She extends her hand to pass you a folder, and then leaves her hand extended waiting for you to grasp it.


No sooner are you able to get clear of the area and activate your GPS, a figure appears next to you.

"Spiderman fan?" She asks evenly? "Name's Rift. I'm hear to deliver you to Haven. Ready?"

She hands Anansi folder as well.


In addition to yourselves arriving, there is also a winged woman with a helmet that is feminized form of the helmets that the Thanagarians wear. Her gender and Caucasian skin indicate that she is mire likely human than an alien though.

You have a few moments as the microphones don't appear to be active yet and the figures on the screen are apparently dealing with minutia.

The folders detail Strikeforce Edge - a team consisting of Jotun (a powerhouse), Psyche (a telepath), Shadow (psionic invisibility), Snapdragon (an energy controller) and Hawkwind (an avian scout). It's obvious that the winged woman in the room is Hawkwind.

Detailed in the folder is a satellite image that Leviathan takes for a, well, Leviathan ship. It is damaged and heading towards the Amazon. There is paperwork suggesting an impact site. Levithan and Dr Green notice each other's presence in the room (rather obviously as it is well lit).

Hawkwind is waiting for you to speak, be it amongst yourselves, to her, or to the shadowy figures. Andy gets a feeling of anxiety from her, fear for the other members of Edge and a desire to get back into the fray. Vecta sees images flashing of eight foot shadows bringing down an elite group of soldiers that had accompanied Edge on their mission.

On the table in front of Hawkwind is an ornate rod or sceptre, the likes of which none of you have seen.


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Re: Justice Legion - Episode One - A League of Their Own

Post by flynnarrel » Mon Dec 02, 2013 8:14 pm

Dr. Greene

Dr. Greene nods a curt greeting to those she knows.

Amanda studies each person in turn. The ones she doesn't know from first-hand experience it takes a moment or so of study before she makes her conclusions and moves on. It's curiously like a dinosaur studying one of the actors in Jurassic Park just before chomping down.

She then turns her attention to the crashing Leviathan ship picture in the folder. It was from a crash such as this that Levi's genetic splice originated.

"Is there a date on the crash? It isn't hard to surmise that SFE was sent to investigate the downed ship, something went wrong, and a team is now being assembled to find them. The team would need to be diverse due to the nature of the threat. That would explain some of the... choices in the operatives gathered today." She steadfastly does not glance at anyone in particular.

"So, how long has it been?"

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Re: Justice Legion - Episode One - A League of Their Own

Post by kenmadragon » Mon Dec 02, 2013 8:52 pm

Blue Beetle
HP: 1

"What the..." Willy said, scratching his head as he found the location the co-ordinates lead him to empty. It was just an abandoned relay station of some sort - as Khaji Da's Heads Up Display in his inner eye detailed for him - and he was rather confused. "No one's here!"

Be on Guard. This is likely a trap. Khaji Da, the ever paranoid, said in Willy's head.

The audible pop sent the armor into a reactionary state. In less than a second, Willy's left arm had shifted into a glowing plasma cannon that was primed on the source of the noise. The soft sound of the cannon powering up began to grow louder as the barrel of the cannon glowed. Willy glared at the pop sound, and a tracking crosshairs lay dead center on the heart of the young woman who had just winked into existence near him.

Target suddenly appeared on scanners. Error, Lacking Data. This is a Trap. Presume Target Hostile. Eliminate... Khaji Da almost snarled.

Willy's eyes went wide when he saw the woman there, but he knew enough that this woman was no hostile. The biometric scans the Beetle armor was running said the woman was somewhat human, though it did say there were irregularities. A Legionnaire then. Besides, Willy couldn't possibly believe the government would send a false lead to draw him into an isolated space to assassinate him. Well, actually, maybe he could believe that. But he doubted they could have succeeded anyways. And it didn't seem like this woman was trying to hurt him anyways.

Willy dropped his arm, willing the blast cannon to revert back to his 'normal' hand, the weapon responding to his will. His usual black armored with blue highlights and glowing blue fingertiped hand found itself at his side, and Willy raised and eyebrow at the woman's question. Not that anyone could see the eyebrow, but the raising of the brow and enlarging of the eye could not be mistaken for anything else.

"What's Haven?" Willy asked, then excitedly followed up. "And teleportation is possible? How can one..."

Khaji Da cut him off, saying Instantaneous interdimensional Positioning Re-Adjustment is possible through the movement of...

Willy ignored the AI as the woman got closer enough to reach out and touch him. Khaji Da continued talking, but Willy was trying to get a read on the woman. It seemed like she knew he had problems with Khaji Da. But she couldn't know. No one knows. No one could possibly know. Khaji Da could only be heard by Willy, and Willy was the only one who could head Khaji Da. It was part of that symbiotic thing that Willy didn't quite understand. But still, he was sure that this woman's guardedness and demanour could just be caution. She probably thought he was dangerous, and possibly insane.

Honestly, Willy wasn't sure whether she would be right about that.

"Um," Willy wondered aloud as Rift leaned out to touch him and transport him to The Haven. "Will this hurt or - WAAAAAAA--"


"--AAAAAUGH!" Willy screamed as the sensation of the teleport came over him. He felt a little nauseous, and Khaji Da seemed to be on full alert. He was in a strange place for the first time, and the experience of teleportation was unknown to Willy, leaving him a little disoriented. and given the sudden presence of multiple people, all of whom were unknown to him, the Scarab AI did what it thought best.

It pointed plasma cannons at them.

There was a slow whine as the energy built up, Willy's arms unconciously moving to capture the most efficient targeting angles.

Thankfully, Willy regained himself there, and drew pause, noting the figures on the screens, and the patches on the Legionnaire outfits (on those who wore them at least).

"Uh..." Willy said, blinking, unsure what to do. "Sorry?" he guessed.

He willed Khaji Da to disengage the plasma cannons, returning to his usual armored self. He glanced around, then noted the empty chair. He walked over to it slowly, a bit awkwardly as well, given that everyone's eyes were on him.

He slowly sat down on chair a bit ungracefully, and put his hands on his lap, patting them softly. He glanced around the room, and took in all the sights. These were some weird people. Khaji Da was doing it's thing, analyzing all of them and assessing them on how it might terminate each one of them, as well as filing away it's analysis of the individuals for later. Willy rolled his eyes as he noted the information being gathered scrolling in the bottom of his inner eye.

He noted the scaled woman in the lab coat looking rather apprehensively at him, as well as the general sense of hesitation with him. Willy wondered if it would do him good to show him that they could trust him. He wondered if he should let down the armor, let it retract back into the Scarab, just to show everyone gathered he was still human. But Khaji Da would never let him do that, nor would it allow him to will the carapace back willingly. Besides, it was rather painful to retract.

So Willy sat in his chair, waiting quietly and awkwardly, hoping his presence would not be so strange as that of the others gathered...

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Re: Justice Legion - Episode One - A League of Their Own

Post by TempestII » Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:41 pm

Camila Vecta

It was strange to encounter someone whom she could not detect. Not just read, but detect. Every being she encountered generated a flow of mental energy that she could perceive, even subconsiously, but this woman...it was if she wasn't there - reaching for something that did not exist.


Seated with the others, Vecta took a look at those surrounding her with both her eyes and mind. She didn't snoop, but just a gentle touch, so that she could recognise them again in the future. When Dr Greene peers at her as if she were some potential meal, Camila returns the look - but her expression is more blank....she wasn't staring back with her eyes.

Remaining quiet, she looked over the file when it was handed to them. When she comes to the picture of Psyche, she purses her lips and gentle rubs her fingertips across the picture. She knew her - she knew all the telepaths of the Legion. The idea that she'd never feel her mind again...The mental image of the shadowy spectres only compounded her concern.

"What were they being sent there for?" Camila speaks up.

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Re: Justice Legion - Episode One - A League of Their Own

Post by jemal » Mon Dec 02, 2013 11:13 pm


As the blue beetle appears screaming, a wave of calm instantly begins to fall over everybody in the room for a few seconds, followed by the man in the wheelchair looking over at the beetle, and a brief twinge of embarassment rippling across the room.
As the armoured warrior settled down, Andy smiled warmly, and Willy got the immediate sense that there was no apprehension hiding behind it, that it was genuine.

The man in the wheelchair wheels himself over to the table beside Willy, in front of where Rift had parked his armour, looking carefully at the strange device without touching it.

"Sorry about earlier, you startled me a bit.. Obviously not as startled as you were when Rift popped you in, though." He stops and looks the beetle up and down "I'm sorry, but I don't recognize.. that's not a graft, is it? It seems to be a battle suit of some sort.." He reaches and pats the 8 foot tall hunk of metal standing behind him "Unfortunately mine doesn't do too well with chairs, it's a bit more.. clunky.. than yours." his statement had a slight hint of jealousy backed by respect.

Glancing over to Hawkwind, Andy gave her a reassuring look, then opened the folder, suspecting as Vecta had what would be inside.
The Calming is him *Starting* to actively use his power until he realizes he shouldn't.
The feelings Andy gives off are instinctive and generally uncontrollable without effort, they are not intended to have any actual in game effect unless I specifically state so, or the GM decides to make it happen as gm Fiat/part of Andy's Complications. (Which, now that I think about it, would probably be more of a complication for those affected than Andy, so you'll likely be compensated with HP if that happens).

I apologize if anybody dislikes the intrusion, but it's not meant to have any actual effect on your character, and as a low-level empathic field, it would be perfectly understandable for PC's to just 'ignore' it and basically treat it like someone nearby being very obviously emotional.