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Re: Justice Legion - Supers vs Aliens - Recruiting

Post by EnigmaticOne » Tue Nov 12, 2013 7:05 am

Bladewind wrote:I've seen your builds, I'm willing to entertain whatever way you put it together and work from there.
I'm flattered. :D I'll have something up later.
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Re: Justice Legion - Supers vs Aliens - Recruiting

Post by EnigmaticOne » Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:16 am

Real Name: Wes Anderson
Age: 20
Height: 5'9
Weight: 163 lb.
Ethnicity: Biracial (American and Haitian parents)
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Gender: Male
Record Logs wrote:ENTRY: CODENAME Tinker
We went looking for creative types for certain sources of genetics for splicing. Wes Anderson fell under our match list, initial promising potential - a clearly able creative writer with an abiding interest there. Dr. Tuolema thought he would make a worthwhile subject for Eldar DNA.

We didn't find out till later that a miscommunication had him spliced with Ork-fungal matter/DNA. It still worked, amazingly. Apparently it was their 'technical types', a dead Mekboy we had dissected.

The kid had a sudden, massive intuitive grasp of various sciences and technology - but Tinker has no actual knowledge of formal scientific terms as we might... and three-quarters of the time, what he pulls together shouldn't actually work. Either according to Dr. Shen, it shouldn't actually function - or it does so in clear defiance of physical laws.

Anderson says they work - and they do --- which frighteningly may mean he is able to make them work by paranormal ability. The few things we've been able to replicate offer massive potential uses, but Dr. Shen regards Tinker the way a medieval man might a suspected witch (and I think deep down this is what Dr. Shen sees Tinker as).
STR 2/0, STA 2/0, AGL 0, DEX 0, FGT 0, INT 4, AWE 1, PRE 1

Dodge 7, Fortitude 9, Parry 7, Toughness 15, Will 13

Beginner's Luck, Benefit (Creative Writer), Eidetic Memory, Favored Foe 2 (Orks, Tech Specialists), Jack of All Trades, Improved Initiative, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Luck 5, Skill Mastery (Expertise: Science), Skill Mastery (Technology), Speed of Thought, Well-Informed

Athletics 4 (+6), Deception 5 (+6), Expertise: Science 11 (+15), Insight 8 (+9), Investigation 8 (+12), Perception 8 (+9), Persuasion 5 (+6), Stealth 6 (+6), Technology 15 (+19), Vehicles 8 (+8)

Phase One Enhancement
Permanent Growth 2 (Density Increase)
Power Lifting 1

Protective Force Field: Protection 13 [Removable -2 pp]
Energy Blaster [Removable -6 pp]
- Kill: Ranged Damage 12 (Accurate 5)
- Stun: Cumulative Ranged Affliction 12 (Resisted by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned; Limited to Two Degrees; Accurate 5)

Intuitive Understanding: Variable 4

Combat Notes
Initiative +8

[Abilities 12 + Defenses 33 + Advantages 16 + Skills 39 [78 ranks] + Powers 63 = 165]

Responsibility: Duty to the Justice Legion
Power Loss: Given that a lot of Tinker's inventions seem to work only become he thinks (or wills) them to, there may the occasional time when his creations may malfunction - or not function inopportunely.
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Re: Justice Legion - Supers vs Aliens - Recruiting

Post by CaptainChaos » Tue Nov 12, 2013 10:08 am

Should we submit characters that can blend in with society or is someone like Hawkman with real wings instead of a harness allowable?

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Re: Justice Legion - Supers vs Aliens - Recruiting

Post by Evolución » Tue Nov 12, 2013 11:01 am

Bladewind wrote: @Evolucion - I'm not sure on that one. What kind of robot are you looking at? a reprogrammed HK or Terminator type? If that's the case, what's to stop the enemy from reprogramming you again and turning you into a mole? Reverse engineered tech? What's the source tech? If you're suggesting the alliance has non-sentient mechamorphic fighters... :twisted: (no, seriously, that's beyond what I want to do)... I need a source for the robot.
Not reprogrammed, but built on earth with tech salvaged from the alien invaders. Instead of shooting bullets, he'll use some energy emitter device, instead of a hard plating he'll depend on force fields. The idea would be a mix between the Mandarin's rings (rigged from ancient alien tech) and a robotic hero (red tornado and his brothers)

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Re: Justice Legion - Supers vs Aliens - Recruiting

Post by Shadow13 » Tue Nov 12, 2013 1:10 pm

I'm leaning away from shapehifters. I don't want to add paranoia to the world leaders. :twisted:
How about cybernetics? Prosthetic limbs as the descriptor? If you want to add the regeneration, consider nanotech. You might com eout looking a little more like the original Warblade than Wolvie but the concept is the same.
I am working on the write up of the back ground. Using Ben 10 I have selected a space wolf deal that has a sonic howl. Using the DNA of the alien combined with nano tech I have something like Ripclaw.

Loboan from Anur Transyl's moon, Luna Lobo is the alien. Give me a few and I will have a nice little background and a build made up for this.

I was thinking this on what he looks like.

Theme is from the video of the same game The first 30 seconds on turning a man into a weapon. I think this fits with what you want setting wise.

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Re: Justice Legion - Supers vs Aliens - Recruiting

Post by Mr.United » Tue Nov 12, 2013 2:41 pm

I only have 1 question..... What kinda aliens are there? I am not going to lie, past the first post, I skimmed.

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Re: Justice Legion - Supers vs Aliens - Recruiting

Post by flynnarrel » Tue Nov 12, 2013 3:32 pm


"If someone asks me to help them save on car insurance one more time... !"

When the aliens first attacked, Dr. Amanda Greene was a genetic researcher with one of the prominent bio-firms in the world. After then attacked her skills were repurposed.

She worked with the early samples of DNA that were readily available - the lizard-like troops that came down in the first waves. She had to first determine if the DNA *could* be combined with those from earth. She tested it on things from this planet that seemed most likely to take the graft - the reptiles and amphibians that evolved on this planet. She found that it could not only graft properly, but that it enhanced some of the qualities of the Earth species. Her discoveries and processes laid the ground work for Dr. Kimmo Toulemma to find it even be possible to recombine the other sets of alien DNA and the entire genetic super creation programs.

She was revisiting her early projects when an attack on the research base upturned an entire cabinet of the preserved samples onto her. She lay for hours, bathing in a cocktail of spliced reptilian genetic strands and recombinant DNA promoting chemicals, some of which were unrefined, raw, and potent even for their age. When rescue workers finally unearthed her they found her pale, human skin cast off and moulted. The unconscious, scaly body beneath was dense with muscle and slimy to touch.

Amanda, an already accomplished Krav Maga practitioner, found herself enhanced and with a bevy of abilities bourne of terrestrial reptiles and alien shock troops. She joined the program to help repel the invaders, glad for her increased ability to contribute to the war efforts.

Dr. Amanda Greene
pl11 165

Age: 36
Weight: none of your business
Height: 5'8"
Color: greenish scales at rest, scales can shift.

str 0/8 , powerlifting 1
sta 2/(+2+6)=10
dex -1
agi 4
fgt 0
int 3
awe 2
pre -1

Toughness +10sta+3suit= 13
Dodge 4agi+5 = 9
Parry +9 = 9
Fort +10sta +2 = 12
Will 2+8 = 10

skills [27pp]:
Combat Unarmed +14, stealth 10(+14), Expertise (alien alliance) 10(+13), (alien tech) 2 (+5), Expertise Biology 2(+5), Treatment 4(+7), Acrobatics 2(+6), Perception 8(+10), Investigate 2(+5)

Advantages [10pp]: Interpose, Luck, Move by Action, Prone Fighting, power attack, all out attack, Equipment 2, Fast Grab, instant up
(from powers: Hide in Plain sight, Danger Sense(smell), Improved Trip(tongue), Improved Hold(tongue), Ambidexterity (Tongue), Improved Grab(additional limb), Chokehold(tongue), Takedown 2(Claws), Improved crit 3(Claws), Precise 2(Close) )

Equipment: Commlink(free), GPS, Costume insulated Ballistic-Kevlar-weave(Protection 3, Subtle), Feature (adapts with her), immunity heat environment/cold environment, rebreather, minitracers,

Powers [total 86pp]
Phase 1
(Growth 2, quirk no height gain), Power Lifting 1 [0pp]
+2str/sta, +2 mass

Gorn/Badoon soldiers:
Enhanced Str 6 [12pp]
Enhanced Sta 6, Noticeable (reptilian appearance) [11pp]
Darkvision [2pp]

Concealment, all visual, Blending pr 4 [4pp]
(Continuous/Permanent applies to concealment from infravision, though that is still subject to be lost from exceeding Blending movement rate; heat generation, etc. Since concealment is from all visual, it would normally cover infravision, this just represents that the infravision part of it is always on.)
Hide in Plain Sight [1pp]
Regeneration 5 [5pp]

Wall crawling, Dynamic pr2 [5pp]
DAE: speed 4 [2pp]
DAE: Leaping 4 [2pp]

Frog features - slime & non-rigid bones:
immunity Entrapment, [5pp]
immunity Suffocation (half effect) {Breath holding} [1pp]
Immunity Poison [1pp]

Reptilian Barbed Tongue
Additional limb (tongue) [1pp]
Elongation (Tongue) [1pp] {15ft}
Improved Trip, Improved Hold, Ambidexterity, Chokehold (limited-tongue attacks only) [2pp]
Scent, Infravision, Tracking (infravision) [3pp] {snake tongues are scent organs and can detect heat and cold as well.}

Reptilian mind
Second Chance (Will-based afflictions) [1pp]
Danger Sense, mental [1pp]

Spitting Cobra; Sticky - Affliction, ranged, (Resist by Dodge then Str, impaired and Vulnerable, disabled and defenseless), Extra Cond/Limit Degree, Accurate 7 pr 8 [23pp+4AE]
AE:Spit Acid; Weaken Toughness, Area-Line, Affects objects, Distracting, Incurable pr 11
AE:Viper hemotoxin; Damage, Alt save (Fort), Secondary Effect, Grab-based, Incurable pr 11
AE:Rattlesnake Nuerotoxin; Affliction, Cumulative (Resist by Will, daze, stun, incap), Accurate 7 pr 8
AE:Jagged Irritant-laced Claw frenzy; add multiattack and Secondary Effect to STR (8 each), Improved crit 3, Takedown attack 2, Precise 2(Close: Concealment, Cover)


Expert Xenobiologist - Though she's spent considerable time/effort learning everything possible of the invaders, it seems like there is some things that the 'expert' does not know or factor on.

Curiosity - though wishing to end the alien menace, it doesn't mean she wont stop to examine and interesting bit of physiology. It could get her into trouble.

Motivation - protect Earth - she will go to great lengths to see her planet of birth safe.

Monstrous/Alien Appearance - Upon first glance she could be mistaken, though there are major differences between Dr. Greene and the invading forces (presence of hair, for example), and perhaps, none have been female.
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Re: Justice Legion - Supers vs Aliens - Recruiting

Post by zeone3000 » Tue Nov 12, 2013 7:31 pm

Guyver - WIP


Origin - Guvyer, loosely translated in the Creator's language means "Beyond Control." After finding the first unit proceeding an engagement with ground troops, it was immediately reversed engineered and found to be more of a parasite then a symbiote. With out the crystalline computer dubbed a control medal, the host would be devoured in a few seconds.

It appears that the main function of the unit is to "bio-boost" the body of the wearer, increasing its strength, longevity, allowing the host to function in virtually any environment and adding new functions.

History - Subject-1, like many others, is one of the many orphans of the first struck cities. He was fortunate enough to be visiting family out of town on that day and the genetic structure for phase one. Then, posses the matching brainwave for Unit-1's activation. Since activating Unit-1, Subject-1 has not removed it. He felt no need to until the alien menace was eradicated.

Strength 7/2, Stamina 7/2, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 0, Intellect 0, Awareness 0, Presence 0


Move-by Action, Power Attack, Takedown 2, Uncanny Dodge

Alternate Form (Activation: Free Action)
- Bio-Armor: Protection 5 (Impervious 12)
- Control Medal: Immortality 6, Regeneration 2
- Hyper Sense: Senses 10 (Accurate, Extended, Penetrates Concealment, Radius, Ranged Mental, Infravision)
- Life Support: Immunity 10 (Life Support)
- Immense Strength: Enhanced Strength 5, Power-Lifting 2, Speed 6
- Inertia Generators: Strength-based Strike 5
- Redundant Systems & Organ Implants: Enhanced Stamina 5, Immunity 5 (Fatigue effects)

Initiative +0
Grab, +0 (DC Spec 17)
Inertia Generators, +0 (DC 27)
Throw, +0 (DC 22)
Unarmed, +0 (DC 22)

Revenge - Plain and simple, he wants the bastards who took out the first cities and wants them dead. The rest are next.

Power Loss: Mental Trauma - If the host subconsciously rejects the armor, he render himself helpless to summon its power or release his armored state.

Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 12, Toughness 12, Will 10

Power Points
Powers 89 + Advantages 5 + Defenses 35 = 131/165
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Saber Wolf Updated

Post by Shadow13 » Tue Nov 12, 2013 7:41 pm

Code Name Saberwolf
Real Name Unknown responds to Logan
Nickname Kid
Age early 20’s
Height 5’10 Eyes Blue
Weight 220* Hair Black
Race Human Hybrid

Power source
Alein DNA Splice: Loboan from Anur Transyl's moon, Luna Lobo. http://ben10.wikia.com/wiki/Blitzwolfer Lupine humanoid trackers, hunters. Quick agile and have a sonic howl. Pack mentality. Note added adjustment I am making/suggesting these aliens naturally work better in groups and become stronger in groups.
Nano enhancements

“Science would have us believe we have merely lost our animal instincts. But with discipline and training we can uncage them and then we can turn a man into a weapon.” Dr
“You wanted the animal Colonel, you got the animal.”
“The world is messed up but I have the tools to fix it.” *Snickt*

I was thinking this on what he looks like.
Theme is from the video of the same game The first 30 seconds on turning a man into a weapon. I think this fits with what you want setting wise.
Saber Wolf Pl 11
Note 3 pts come from the free phase 1 power.
The claws have 2 settings. Normal and Sonic charged. The sonic charge adds pentrating rank 12 and improved crit rank 3 to the blades.

Strength 3, Stamina 6, Agility 3, Dexterity 3, Fighting 8, Intellect 0, Awareness 3, Presence 1


Accurate Attack, Assessment, Benefit, Ambidexterity, Close Attack 3, Defensive Attack, Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Jack-of-all-trades, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 5, Takedown 2, Teamwork

Acrobatics 2 (+5), Athletics 4 (+7), Expertise: Guerila Fighter 4 (+4), Insight 4 (+7), Perception 4 (+7), Stealth 4 (+7), Treatment 2 (+2)


Claws: Strength-based Strike 6+2 ([Stacking ranks: +2], DC 26, Advantages: Improved Smash, Weapon Bind; Incurable, Split: 2 targets, Subtle: subtle)

Immunity: Immunity 2 (Disease, Poison)

Leaping: Leaping 2 (Leap 30 feet at 8 miles/hour)

Phase 1
Growth: Density Growth 2 (Linked; +2 STR, +2 STA, Density; Quirk 2: No height Gain)
Power-lifting: Power-lifting 1 (Linked; +1 STR for lifting)

reflex boost: Enhanced Trait 14 (Traits: Dodge +3 (+11), Parry +3 (+11), Advantages: Defensive Roll 5, Improved Initiative, Seize Initiative, Uncanny Dodge)

Regeneration: Regeneration 5 (Every 2 rounds, Advantages: Diehard; Persistent)

Senses: Senses 9 (Accurate: Smell, Danger Sense: smell, Darkvision, Extended: smell 1: x10, Tracking: Smell 2: full speed, Ultra-hearing)

Sonic: Energy Control 8 (DC 23; Accurate: +2)
Growl of predator: Burst Area Affliction 11 (Alternate; 1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Defenseless, Resisted by: Will, DC 21; Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere; Limited Degree)
Strike: Strike 2 (Alternate; DC 17, Advantages: Improved Critical 3; Penetrating 12, Stacks with: Claws: Strength-based Strike 6+2)

Speed: Speed 1 (Speed: 4 miles/hour, 60 feet/round)

Initiative +7
Claws: Strength-based Strike 6+2, +11 (DC 26) Crit 17-20
Grab, +11 (DC Spec 13)
Growl of predator: Burst Area Affliction 11 (DC Will 21)
Sonic: Energy Control 8, +10 (DC 23)
Throw, +8 (DC 18)
Unarmed, +11 (DC 18)

Motivation: Justice: Humanity will be beat the alien invaders.
Motivation: Thrills: He likes combat and a challenging fight.
Quirk: Tends to be a loner. Tends to disappears without notice in social settings (lacks social understanding limited contact with people), epically if danger is sensed to attack the biggest threat.
Secret: Survivor of St Louis
Temper: Surviving in his teens and trained in a dead zone makes him quick to anger.

Native Language

Dodge 11/8, Parry 11/8, Fortitude 11, Toughness 11/6, Will 10
Power Points
Abilities 46 + Powers 72 + Advantages 21 + Skills 12 (24 ranks) + Defenses 17 = 168

The man who would become Saberwolf is a survivor of St Louis. Whoever trained this young man to survive and to fight was a genius. His training is focused on hit and run tactics, quick and brutal hand to hand combat and honestly not a bad shot with a ranged weapon. He can blend in the environment and disappear if needed. He was even able to kill and bring in a pack of the lupine hunters by himself which was an impressive feat itself. He can work in a group or on his own. He lacks a lot of social and technology skills but it seems he was trained to survive. This info has been sealed and only shared to the top ranking people in leadership.

The council after reviewing all the intel this young man brought along with the lupine hunters choose to select him to apply Loboan DNA to the subject. The DNA of the alien combined with Nano Super Solider Serum when applied to the subject’s body created several unforeseen unique abilities. Instead of the lupine humanoid hunters retractable finger claws the nano serum, the alien dna combining with the subject created retractable wrist blades that come out between the knuckles. These blades are able to create wounds that even Aleins with rapid healing heal slower. The subject has also gained sonic screaming blast in a feral roar that can shatter concrete and also can channel said sonic energy into his blades making them sharp enough to cut through anything.

Of course the senses, speed, reflexes as well as rapid healing was bestowed upon the subject. It seems the hybrid has developed a feral nature about himself.

The subject seems to automatically disappear if danger is sensed, while some think he is abandoning the team he is normally countering the ambush of enemy forces. He will respond to orders for help or support but he normally targets the biggest threat and works his way down through the enemy forces.

Note A Marine named Logan trained the kid after the attack on the city. Logan was there to get his sister and her kids out of the area but the attack happened without warning. Logan was able to train his nephew to fight off the aliens searching in the ruins as well as the scavengers who preyed on the weak. Logan died and his nephew took up the name of his mentor since he forgot who he was after the attack and only responded to “kid” by his uncle.

Nano tech Notes
In the Garden technology of human augmentation still advances through the hard work of the Republic's scientists and the brave efforts of volunteers for the war. In the society of the New World the act of human augmentation is seen as a beneficial change, making the person stronger, better able to fight the strange menaces of a changed world. The subjects uses nanotechnology robots and alien dna that are designed to work in harmony with the body. All these nanobots use the bloodstream to shuttle from location to location and have protein markers copied from the person's DNA to fool the immune system into thinking that they are natural cells of the body.
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Re: Justice Legion - Supers vs Aliens - Recruiting

Post by Shadow13 » Tue Nov 12, 2013 7:43 pm

zeone3000 wrote:Bladewind, quick question, do you know of or remember...

Could you actually make that device? Guyver's are pretty nasty be interesting though but Zoalords would suck to fight.

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Post by Shadow13 » Tue Nov 12, 2013 7:48 pm

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Re: Justice Legion - Supers vs Aliens - Recruiting

Post by zeone3000 » Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:14 pm

Probably not with the all the bells and whistles, but I like room to grow. Also, it wouldn't the the Zoanlords. It would be whoever Bladewind decide is wearing the Guyver units, which could be the Zoanlords or whatever alien race he decides.
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Re: Justice Legion - Supers vs Aliens - Recruiting

Post by kenmadragon » Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:21 pm

Well, given Bladewind's examples, if you pick an alien race to have gotten your genetic code and stuff from, then that very alien race is being added to the Alien Invaders roster. So, if you have a Guyver like character, than the enemies will either have a Guyver like race or some manner of Zoaforms (I don't really know too much Guyver...).

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Re: Justice Legion - Supers vs Aliens - Recruiting

Post by kenmadragon » Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:00 pm

Blue Beetle


Name: William Irvine Northrup
Gender: Male
Age: 17 or so
Base of Operations: New England areas
Relationship Status: Single
Height: Average
Body type: Lithe
Hair Color: Black (when not in suit)
Skin Color: Tan (when not in suit)
Eye Color: Brown (when not in suit)

Character Sheet

Abilities: 64
Strength 6 (8*)
Stamina 4 (6*)
Agility 4
Dexterity 3
Fighting 10
Intellect 2
Awareness 2
Presence 1

Advantages: 3
Evasion 2, Extraordinary Effort, Interpose, Luck, Power Attack, Ultimate Effort: Toughness, Withstand Damage

Skills: 12
Acrobatics 2 (+6)
Athletics 2 (+10)
Close Combat: Infiltrator Weaponry 2 (+12)
Deception (+1)
Insight (+2)
Intimidation (+1)
Perception 8 (+10)
Persuasion (+1)
Ranged Combat: Infiltrator Weaponry 10 (+13)
Stealth (+4)

Powers: 68
Activate Khaji Da!: Feature 1 (Notes: Quick Change to/from armor)

Infiltrator Versatility: Variable 1 [extras: Action 2 (Free)]
Infiltrator Weaponry
. . BP: Arm Blades: Strength-based Damage 2 [extras: Multiattack (8 extra; 10 ranks), Penetrating 5; feats: Variable Descriptor(Pierce/Slash/Bludgeon)] and Elongation 1
. . AP: Blast Cannon: Damage 9 [extras: Increased Range (Ranged); feats: Improved Critical 1]
. . AP: Shield
. . . . Defense Effect Impervious (Toughness) 17
. . . . Enhanced Trait: Enhanced Trait -1 (Traits: Toughness +5, Dodge -5, Parry -5, Advantages: Evasion 2, Interpose, Ultimate Effort: Toughness, Withstand Damage)
. . . . Feature 1 (Doubles as Cover to protect against Area of Effect types of Damage and similar descriptors when utilizing the Interpose maneuver)
Reach Infiltrator
. . BP: Energy Disruptor: Nullify 10 (Counters: Energy effects) [extras: Broad, Randomize; flaws: Reduced Range (Close); feats: Precise, Reach (melee) 5]
. . AP: Flight Booster: Flight 8 (Stacks with: Scarab's Wings: Flight 5)
. . AP: Khaji Da
. . . . Enhanced Trait: Enhanced Trait 3 (Traits: Insight +4 (+6), Advantages: Assessment)
. . . . Senses: Senses 13 (Analytical: Hearing, Analytical: Sight, Counters Concealment: Invisibility, Counters Illusion: Visual, Danger Sense: Visual, Darkvision, Radio, Radius (Type): Visual, Tracking: Sight 1: -1 speed rank)
. . AP: Technomorphic Enhancement: Variable 2 [extras: Action 2(Free); flaws: Limited to Technological abilities; Stacks with: Infiltrator Versatility]
Scarab's Carapace: Protection 6 [drawbacks: Noticeable (carapace covers Scarab)]
Scarab's Wings: Flight 5 (Speed: 60 miles/hour, 900 feet/round)
Voice of Khaji Da: Feature 3 (Notes: AI, Database, 'Speaks' telepathically)

Symbiotic Host Physiological Enhancement
. . Enhanced Abilities 4 (Strength +2, Stamina +2)
. . Power-Lifting 1

Defense: 18
Dodge 10
Parry 10
Fortitude 10 (12*)
Toughness 10 (12*)
Will 8

Initiative +4
Arm Blades: +12 Close Damage 10 (DC 25)
Blast Cannon: +13 Ranged Damage 10 (DC 24)
Energy Disruptor: +10 Nullify Energy 10
Grab, +10 (DC Spec 16)
Throw, +3 (DC 21)
Unarmed, +10 (DC 21)

Abilities 64 + Powers 68 + Advantages 3 + Skills 12 + Defenses 18 = 165
*After "Symbiotic Host Physiological Enhancement"


Motivations: Doing Good Willy was raised to be a good kid. He has a strong sense of justice and the determination to do the right thing. It may be what causes him to stand out and be picked on at school, because he stays true to the cause of good in an age where youngsters play with violence for fun. Nevertheless, with the Reach Infiltrator suit, Willy knows that he has to do the right thing. It's as one of his favorite comic books said, "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility".

Quirk: Crazy AI Khaji Da, the Scarab AI, is a tad bit homicidal and belligerent. It prefers to solve problems with violence, and will continue to make suggestions that don't take the lives of any but WIlly's into consideration. It is also quick to anger and to suggest blasting anybody who comes off as even slightly hostile. This leads to problems when Khaji Da tries to activate weapons when Willy hasn't fully suited up. Of course, with Willy the only one able to hear the AI, people think that Willy is the crazy one for yelling at himself all the time.

Relationships: Family & Danielle Willy is very caring for his family. He tries not to make himself known when he helps people to protect them, and to protect Danielle, a girl he once loved. Willy still has feelings for Danielle, but when they broke up over 'trust issues', he moved on. He is still protective of her, for she has helped him through tough times in his life.

Secret: Not A Test Subject It is a well kept secret that Willy was not one of the Earth's test subjects. Very few scientists were informed about this irregularity, and Willy has been very cooperative in keeping this secret. Besides, it isn't very good for morale if people were made aware the truth of Willy's situation.

Enemy: The Aliens Simply put, Willy is not a fan of alien invaders destroying humanity and trying to take over the Earth. Given that he is now bonded to a faulty symbiote, he feels that it is poetic irony that he uses this new-found "partnership" to kick some alien butt. Or tail. Or whatever hind-ward body part needs kicking...

Enemy: The Reach The Reach created the Scarab to be the ultimate infiltrator, entering a symbiotic relationship with a major Earth leader so that the leader could then become a sleeper agent for the Reach's designs upon the Earth. The Reach messed up, and the Scarab was damaged, not to mention bonded to the wrong host. So once the Reach figures out their mistake, they will definitely want Willy destroyed, the Scarab remains recovered, and the AI put back in mode.

Power Loss: Retracted Scarab While the armor is retracted under Willy's skin and into the Scarab, Willy loses all his powers save Activate Khaji Da, Voice of Khaji Da, and his SHPE. His abilities also drop to STR 2 STA 2 AGL 2 DEX 1 FGT 4 (These include SHPE bonus). But Willy's powers can be reactivated at but a thought, or reflexively through Khaji Da's 'initiative'.


William Irvine Northurp is a rather complex person. His attitude and mannerisms seem very different, changing from his jovial and wise-cracking self while fighting crime to his introspective and reclusive self when not wearing the suit of The Scarab. When out in public in his normal identity, Willy looks just like any other disillusioned kid on the street, only he seems rather depressed and quiet. He doesn't talk too much, and seems to avoid people, especially other kids at school; a stereotypical loner. At school, he would tend to eat lunch alone, and always looks as if he would rather be someplace else. On the other hand, while he is out night lighting as a superhero, Willy is a comical and snarky hero who jokes as he fights, occasionally looking crazy as he does so. As the Scarab, he is out-going, flirtacious, bold, courageous (read: reckless), and confidant.

Khaji Da is a strange Artificial Intelligence. It is incredibly intelligent and versed in the art of combat and infiltration, as well as capable of doing a wide variety of things. It constantly seeks ways to get the job done quickly and efficiently. However, it tends to want to solve ALL its problems with violence. (Teacher intimidating host? Adult figure belittling outcast teenager? Cashier just lied about something, and it suspects the cashier may have turned the change into explosives? Activate Blast Cannons!). It is also incredibly paranoid, seeing nearly everything it encounters as a potential threat, and assesses all these threats to see which one to 'solve' first. Strangely, it is completely subservient to it's host, and will obey the host's wishes when said wishes are expressed. Example.


Khaji Da. The Scarab. A semi-mythical artifact that is said to grant it's user immense powers. Originally thought to be a mystical artifact of magic, it was in fact a work of otherworldly technology, created as a tool of war by an ancient race of maurauders known as The Reach. The Reach sent Khaji Da to Earth to fuse with it's 'champion', then have the Scarab's AI take over and in effect, allow the planet to be conquered. But when Khaji Da was damaged, it was considered, 'ineffective', and Earth was abandoned. The mythical device lay dormant, for centuries.

The Scarab was unearthed by a human archaeologist named Dan Garrett in the deserts of Africa. After learning from some 'gods' how to unlock it's powers, Dan Garrett used Khaji Da to become the Blue Beetle, a mask superhero. Garrett fought crime with the Beetle, but could not unlock it's full potential, capable of only unleashing super strength, bolts of lightning, and flight. The AI remain dormant, unresponsive to any attempt to awaken it. Dan Garrett, however, was never truly made known to the public, and all files of him were destroyed upon his demise by unknown agents (possibly the Scarab itself!).

When Dan Garrett died, he left the Scarab to his protege, Ted Kord. Kord was a brilliant scientist and superb athlete, but despite his immense knowledge and capable host body, could not even unlock the powers his predecessor could. So Ted Kord resorted to using his wits and intelligence, and with the company he owned, Kord Industries, he managed to fight crime without Khaji Da, using Garrett's moniker, the Blue Beetle. However, Kord remembered the powers the Scarab was capable of, and kept Khaji Da safe, locked away in the labs of his company, where he ran experiments of the artifact, trying to unlock it's powers. When that effort failed, Kord decided to tamper with the device, though his own human limitation prevented him from completely understanding the complexities of the device. Suffice to say, his tampering only further messed with the dormat AI within the Scarab, and turned into a bust project. Though Kord managed to pry apart a piece of the Sarab device, the device seemed to have regenerated the broken off piece while no one was looking, and the piece was just as resilient as the original device to Kord's researchers' tests and studies. As far as the researchers could tell, the Scarab was incapable of being destroyed.

Unfortunately, Kord died before his research was complete, and the Scarab was hidden away in the recesses of Kord Industries, buried away in the paperwork in a hidden vault. Forgotten.

After years and years of growth, the Scarab awoke. It broke free of it's stasis, and escaped from the vault, freeing itself from it's forgotten prison in an underground lab, a Kord Industries lab that 'technically' did not exist.

Khaji Da made it's way to the surface, but ended up in the frigid climes of New England in the winter. buried in the snow, it stopped it's progress, and lay dormant, not fully functional without a host body to keep it safe in the cold. The Scarab, Khaji Da, for that was what it believed itself to be, lay still in the cold of a park in New York, waiting out the winter, waiting for a host.


William Irvine Northrup was your average high school teenager growing up in Queens, the easternmost borough of New York City. William, or 'Willy Win' as his little brother calls him for his initials, is a half English, half Indian (as in India) teen, son of two rather normal parents, his mother a nurse at a local hospital, his father an engineer. Of rather average height and build, William didn't stand out much in the way of physique, but the combination of slightly tan skin, jet black hair, and blue eyes made him unique. William generally wore a thin T-shirt under a hoodie, with long jeans and ratty sneakers, like most kids do. He wasn't all that great at much, and played tennis for the school Junior Varsity team. He wasn't the best, but he was okay. He was fit, in reasonable shape, managed to keep good grades, didn't act out in school, etc. He was happy.

Well, not exactly happy. What with his looks being a rather strange blend between European and Indian, William was the target of various pranks and social exclusion. A loner at school, he had little in the way of friends, and was subjected to various sorts of humiliations and bullying from his peers. Not even his tennis team mates got too close to the teen, who used his imagination, and was a bit of a stereotypical nerd, playing D&D and other RPGs at a local gaming store with some college students he was acquainted with. If it wasn't for his girlfriend, Willy may have given up on having a normal life, and turned to truancy and misdeeds. For while William may have been the one who was excluded from nearly all social circles at school, he was secretly dating the most beautiful girl in school, Danielle Garrett. Danielle didn't do much for William at school but when she could, she consoled William. She talked to him, told him jokes, made him laugh. They had been friends since childhood, but as they grew older, their feelings grew stronger. Willy found that he could withstand the bullying and social exclusion at school, just because he was dating Danielle. It was ironic: the one kid that everyone picked on was actually dating the hottest girl in school. It didn't matter that they couldn't really show that they were dating at school, (Willy wouldn't let Danielle be the subject of bullying just for liking him), just being able to date her was enough for Willy.

So it was when Danielle was going to a park in Queens to meet Willy for one of their rendezvous' in the early spring when she spotted something azure and round in the melting snow. Kneeling down to pick it up, Danielle wiped the strange object dry, and found that it was a strange blue insect, but it was hardened, and felt like stone. Thinking that someone had dropped it and that it was mere jewelry, Danielle kept the strange beetle, and decided to give it to Willy as a gift. When they met in the park and shared a kiss, Danielle gave Willy the strange blue beetle, saying it looked like a good luck charm, and wished him to be safe. Willy promised to always carry it with him, and after their date in the park, took the strange blue beetle home. Little did either of them know that the strange little stone beetle that Danielle had found was the ancient alien artifact sent thousands of years ago, the Reach Infiltrator, found by Dan Garrett, tampered with by Ted Kord. And with the touch of warm life handling it, it was waking up again, ready to merge with a host.

Willy kept the strange beetle in his pocket, and began to start his homework. It was getting late, and he was working at his small desk, a lone desk lamp granting him the illumination he needed to work. He was busy solving equations for math, when he felt something jab at his leg. He stopped scribbling on the paper, and paused. The jab came again. This time it was painful. He dropped his pencil, and leaned into his pocket, and suddenly drew back a cry of pain. Something had poked his hand, and it felt like it was bleeding. Willy franctically thought that the strange beetle Danielle had given him wasn't an ornament but a live bug, and scrambled out of his chair and drew the scarab from his pocket.

The Scarab was writhing. Khaji Da was in the hands of a living creature, and it was going to bind with a host. It needed to survive. It needed to fulfill it's primal urge to keep itself alive. And for that it needed a host. And after so many years, here there was, a host. The symbiote writhed in Willy's hands, and he screamed, but none could hear him. His parents were out of town for their anniversary, and his little brother was at a sleepover. No one heard him scream as the Scarab writhed in his hand. He tried to throw it against the wall, but the Scarab merely grabbed his hand, and crawled up his arm, sleeping into his sleeve, and skittering to the nape of his back. Willy cried out in shock at the sensations, and began to throw of his shirt and reach for the bug. The Scarab nimbly avoided his hands, then after a moment, bit into Willy's back. Willy's eyes opened in shock as the pain ran through his body, starting from the back and spine where it had bitten and taken hold, to streaking out all throughout his body. Willy fell to his knees, mind going numb, when he felt this strange...force come over him, taking over his senses and feelings. He could see these strange things growing over his body, turning it into black and azure armor of sorts, and creeping over his skin. He tried to cry out in pain, but his body was no longer his. As William blanked out, he could only hear himself speaking - no, screaming - two words:



William awoke with a start. He was lying on the grass of some park, or maybe it was in the middle of the woods. He could not tell. The ringing headache occupied his thoughts, and he struggled to remember what had just happened. He found himself sitting upright, hands clutching his head, wearing nothing but the night pants he had worn, ready to go to sleep, but no shirt. He couldn't remember what had happened last night, and now it was morning, and he had no idea where he was. And his head hurt. A lot.

"Where am I?" he wondered aloud.

Near the edge of a rather large section of woods twenty hundred miles from the outskirts of the large settlement of Homo sapiens from which we left. A strange, partially metallic, voice resounded, clear in his ears. "Agh!" Willy cried aloud, jumping to his feet, searching for the source of the voice. Someone was there. Had he been taken here? had he been kidnapped?

Calm down Willy... he thought to himself. Just try and remember what happened...I had dinner. Then went upstairs to finish that history paper, then I took a shower, and did my math homework, then... he remembered. The blue bug that Danielle had given him had come alive, and attacked him, and he remembered the words in his mind. Khaji Da.

You have nothing to fear. the voice said. William's head darted around, and he stood off the ground, frightened. He looked all about him, but didn't see a soul. He was probably going to die, but there was a voice out there...

"Who...no, what are you?" He exclaimed exasperatedly. He was getting really wigged out, and he had no idea whether he was going to die. "What do you want with me?"

There was a pause. Then the voice came again.

I am a Scarab, something your primitive species called a "mythical artifact". I was created with immense knowledge and capabilities. And I am fused to the back of your spine. You may call me... it paused for a moment, wondering by Willy's guess what to call itself. Khaji Da.

William was stunned. He didn't know what to say. A slow but steady sense of dread came over him, and he reached his hand over his shoulder to slide over his back, and felt it. A small hard object was fused to it. It had melded into his skin, and as he touched it, he could feel it's smooth shell, yet felt the touch as if it were merely a part of himself. He then began to wonder aloud. "So...are you going to drain my blood or something? Am I going to die?"

Negative. It responded. We are fused into a symbiotic relationship in which our survivals are now intertwined. If I kill you, I shall die, which goes against my prime directive.

"Prime Directive?"

Protect the host. Keep it and this Scarab alive. It then said with finality. Survive.

William Irvine Northrup was stunned. A strange talking bug had fused itself to his spine, and said that it would keep him alive at any cost. And it had mentioned a Blue Beetle and powers...did that mean that Willy was a superhero? He tried to remember what he could about the Blue Beetle, but he never knew anything about any bug fusing to the hero's spine. He was just a hero who used gadgets and technology to fight...and he was dead. The more questions that Willy asked himself, the more puzzled he became.

No. He thought to himself. I have to get home. My parents must be worried about me... He then spoke aloud. "How did I get here?"

Scarab power armor listed under code name: Reach Infiltrator, uses gravitational repulsor lifts and expansive indestructible wing membranes to achieve flight by taking advantage of...

"Wait. Did you just say you made me fly?" William asked incredulously.

Affirmative. All systems needed to be tested out upon fusion to ascertain whether... William cut off Khaji Da mid-explanation. "Show me," then as an afterthought, "but let me be in control."

Affirmative. However repulsor lifts and flight membranes require the full equipment of Infiltrator suit... the AI intoned. "Do it." Willy said with a smile. The AI made a noise that could only be described as a strange cross between a sigh and a heave of exasperation.

Activating Infiltrator Mode. Activation Key: Khaji Da.

Willy felt a strange sensation emanate from his back, and his skin shivered as it felt like something was crawling over his skin, expanding to envelop his entire body. He almost cried out in shock, but felt no pain at the change, and saw his body morph into some strange suit of armor. The suit was predominantly black with blue platings at various parts, and his head seemed to be covered in a similar sheath. He noticed two strange prongs coming up from behind his back, somewhat like a beetle's mandibles, but azure in color, and not as sharp. His eyes now looked through some strange material, but it was clear, and at the edges of his vision, Willy could see various markings in a strange language that flickered at the edges of his vision, just out of site. Somehow, he felt energized, invigorated. As if power were coursing through him, the capability to push his normal human form beyond it's former limits. The sensations were incredible.

Activating Repulsor Lifts and Flight Membranes. the AI, Khaji Da, intoned. Willy felt something out at his back. When he looked behind him, he saw these azure spines reaching from him with a thin, yet somewhat hardy looking membrane stretched in the shape of wings. Then he felt himself lift by some force, and his feet left the ground. It was one of the most exhilarating things Willy had ever felt. He could fly. He lost himself in that thought for a while, then remembered that he had to get back home.

"Can you lead me home?" he asked the AI aloud. Define: Home. it replied. "Where you took me from last night. That is home. Where I live." There was a silence, and then Willy felt himself rise higher in the air, quicker this time, and the voice began to give him directions and instructions, teaching him to fly.

Willy left the clearing in which he awoke behind, a changed human.


Wily was exhilarated by his flight. It was one of the most wonderful feelings he had ever felt. He soared over the city, and was quickly directed to his house. But it was daytime, and not wishing to be seen, Willy directed himself towards a secluded alley where he believed he could find something to wear from a dumpster and get home. He landed in the alley way between two large brownstones, by a street where few ventured. He exclaimed aloud to himself, "That was one of the best things I have ever done!" He felt he could get used to having the power to fly.

Unfortunately, fate seemed to have its way as sirens began to be audible in the distance. Willy paid it no mind, but when Khaji Da then spoke suddenly, Local authorities are pursuing two armed thieves heading this way. Sensors indicate the shall make for this alley. Suggestion: Activate Blast Cannons for preemptive strike. Willy barely had the time to mumbled, "Wait, WHAT?" Just as he whirled towards the street, two large heavy set men wearing black ski masks and carrying large , bulky bags over their shoulders barreled into the alley way, guns in their hands. A sense of dread came over Willy as he stepped back. But to his horror, he found his arms being raised, palms extended towards the masked robbers.

"What da' hell?" one of the robbers exclaimed, and the other, seeing the strange figure, assumed that some costumed hero was in their way, opened fire with his machine gun. The gun screamed rat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat!!! and the bullets barreled into Willy's body. Willy buckled slightly , expecting to be bloody and dead, but found that he had barely been damaged.

Activating Blast Cannons. Khaji Da said evenly. Suddenly, these strange things emanated from Willy's palms, and he found his arms shifting into two large guns of a sort, such that his arms now ended at the forearms, and these strange shells covered these barrels what Willy assumed were 'blast cannons', replacing his hands. Eliminate with extreme prejudice. Terminate! Khaji Da urged.

"What? NO! I'm not going to kill them!" Willy exclaimed aloud. The robbers looked on him with bewilderment, stunned not only by the fact that he had just shrug off their bullets, but also that his hands had just turned into some sort of guns, and that he was now talking to himself. This confused the rather surprised robbers even more. "Who's he talking to?" one wondered. "Beat's me! Crazy cosplay-nut, prolly an Alien sympathizer! He's gonna die!" the other exclaimed, whipping out a switchblade knife and leaping at Willy.

Willy panicked a little, but then he felt himself stepping out of the blade's way, and the robber tripped over the leg that he just happened to stretch out. The robber fell to the ground with a resounding thud, the knife clattering away. Willy then kicked the robber, and found that the heavy set man was thrown back by the kick, and hit the wall, falling unconscious. The other robber looked on in shock, then turned and bolted, screaming. Assailant is attempting to flee. Suggestion: Open Fire and Prevent Escape. Willy revolted at the idea. But, there must have been some part of him that was curious to know what would happen...

The Blast Cannon went off, firing a beam of azure streaming from the muzzle of the cannons, screeching through the air as if through a sonic boom, and colliding with the robber in the back. The robber was blasted forward by the sudden burst of energy that hit him square in the back, and fell to the ground, knocked cold. Green bills began to flutter out of the bag, caught on the wind. Benjamins. They were thieves... Willy reasoned. Then another thought came to him.

"Wait, they thought I was talking to myself...Khaji Da?" he asked, a little new to the name. "Why did they think I was talking to myself. You were speaking too." The AI responded after a moment. The sentience of the artifact known as Khaji Da - myself - is only known to the host upon which it is symbiotically fused. Thus, none other than the host will be able to hear me or gain access to conversing with me. it replied.

"So you are a voice in my head...that's going to be a pain." Willy sighed. Negative. My communications with you will not lead to physical harm or injury. Khaji Da replied, a little confused. Willy laughed, and said, "I rest my point."

The sirens grew louder in the background, and Khaji Da said, Local law enforcement shall be arriving shortly. Suggestion: Leave the vicinity and return to this... home you spoke of.

"Right." Willy said, and then looked down at himself, He was still in the strange outfit, and he certainly couldn't just walk down the street in this form. "Um, can I turn back to normal now?" he asked, a little hesitantly, hopeful that the change into this combat ready form wasn't permanent. Affirmative. The carapace of the suit began to peel off, lifting itself off of Willy's skin, then receding back into it, over his skin, and fusing back under his skin into the Scarab on his back. Dear Gods it hurt, that Willy screamed in pain. It hurt so much. Willy found himself still shirtless and in the alley way, so he grabbed one of the robber's jackets, and bolted. When he got home, he tossed the jacket in the trash, and threw himself on his bed.

I have super-powers... Willy thought to himself. I've got a strange bug on my back that gives me super powers. I can fly, I have armored skin,, I can shoot lazers or something our of my hands...I could be a superhero! He was excited at the thought of being a hero. He could go around and fight villains, and actually do some good. He had played at being a hero in his RPG games, always playing the good guy in his fantasy pen and paper games, playing the Jidaii Knights in those Sci Fi games, and stuff. And even better, superheroes were respected. Since middle school, he had been the odd one out, always excluded from school society and picked on by pretty much everyone. But as a superhero, he could do good, and people wouldn't pick on him or bully him. It was one of those epiphany moments, the kind that only a troubled teen with a scarab on his back lying on his bed in his bed clothes could have.

"I want to be a superhero."


Files of Dr. Kimmo Tuolema

We found Subject: Beetle, when we were trying to locate another alien incursion. Imagine our surprise when we infiltrated a school and found that the "alien" we had thought was among the children was but a teenager, one not unlike the subjects at the Garden. Not unexpected, the subject was initially unwilling to come along quietly. The teenager, a young male, seemed to have some manner of psychological conflict before eventually running away. But given the speed and capabilities of the young man, I might have thought him one of our own Phase One subjects.

Eventually, we managed to convince the young man to come in quietly of his own accord. Though I might imagine our 'friends' in the military branch may have used more aggressive means to gain this persuasion, the young man came of his own free will. Or so I might presume. The case is unclear.

As it turns out, the subject somehow came into contact with an alien object of unknown origin. The object appears to have melded with the boy's spine. Cursory examination came to the conclusion that the object was some manner of parasite, likely utilizing the boy as a means of survival. When I tried to remove the object so as to study it, I found that the device reacted - violently. The boy appeared to be protesting to anyone coming near him as the boy's back writhed with black and blue appendages of some sort, warding off attempts to approach the object. After further studies of the boy and this alien object - something the boy refuses to discuss or disclose information about (perhaps the boy is under duress? from the device?) - I have come to the conclusion that the device, while alien, appears to be symbiotic in nature. While the device protects the host in exchange for what appears to be shelter in the host's body. This is still unclear. I suspect that if the device truly originated from the aliens currently in orbit, then the device must be damaged for it appears to do nothing unless the boy or the device itself is threatened. It has yet to act against us, though the boy seems anxious enough as it is.

We decided to put the boy through the standard psych-eval we give out volunteers before the Phase One procedure. The boy passed, albeit barely, and some aspects of the test were inconclusive. His responses to the questions were marked by some indecision and self conflict. The boy had a little trouble concentrating when asked to answer rather private questions, as if trying to focus upon a single voice in a crowd. The psych-eval also showed signs of what might progress into schizophrenia, but once again, this is still inconclusive.

I have come to the conclusion that the boy could very well become one of our Strikeforce members, despite not being one of my test subjects. The subject's capabilities with the alien device appear to be extraordinary. While the device appears to react to present dangers to the host, the subject is also capable of calling upon the devices abilities in various manners. While the subject does experience a matter of pain in this process, the transformation is astounding. The subject is barely trained in any form of martial arts of practice, and is simply an intelligent boy - nothing really more. But the device has turned him into the equivalent of a war-machine. I might believe that with the device, the subject may be capable of fighting an army on his own, and, if I may hypothesis, the fire-power to level the eastern seaboard.

I do admit regret at my inability to properly study the device itself and it's capabilities. However, the device's reactions to attempts to do so have been utterly prohibitive, and at times, retributive. It was quite a feat to manage to gain even a blood sample from the boy, but even that proved impossible to understand, for when we attempted to study the blood sample, the blood boiled itself, killing the cells, and destroying itself - at the molecular level. We still cannot understand this device, and thus, I regret to say that we are unable to reproduce or reverse-engineer the technology for use in our war against the alien invaders. We can, however, prepare this boy for battle instead.

The subject has a weapon fused to his back. May as well aim that weapon at the aliens while the subject is still with us.

More Background to Come.
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