Joker the Immortal (3e OOC)

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Re: Joker the Immortal (Interest)

Postby Teafo » Tue Sep 24, 2013 9:54 pm

Judging by the picture of what you have up there, I would say that looks more like equipment with some protection stuff, however the visor looks like it may have some extra power type stuff to it (unless those glowing eyes are in fact the person's eyes underneath). Well, that's my vote at least

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Re: Joker the Immortal (Interest)

Postby Aerlwyn » Tue Sep 24, 2013 10:43 pm

Yes the helmet is a device with powers the red eyes it just to unnerve street level villians, kind of like batman's look, spread fear and terror. Thanks i thought the armor should be equipment but it also had the look of a powered armor suit like ones from mass effect.

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Re: Joker the Immortal (Interest)

Postby Teafo » Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:21 pm

The way I've always looked at it, it always comes down to what the item will be doing. To me, equipment is pretty much limited to protection only (with the occasional addition of a commlink or such), while if it adds to strength or adds a blast ability or some such, then I usually consider that to fall under the "powered armored" side and therefore fall into powers.

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Re: Joker the Immortal (Interest)

Postby Thorpacolypse » Wed Sep 25, 2013 6:18 pm

Changed my mind on who I want to be. :)

I realize you're not technically recruiting yet, but I figured I might as well drop this while I had a moment. May need some minor tweaks, but I've had this PC build ready to go for a good while.


PL: 10 (150 pts) - OPL: 10 ; DPL: 10


SKILLS: Acrobatics 12 (+18) [Agile Feint], Athletics 6 (+9), Deception (+4), Expertise [Streetwise] 2 (+5), Insight 5 (+8), Intimidation 3 (+7), Investigation 10 (+13), Perception 7 (+10), Persuasion 5 (+9), Ranged Combat [Throwing] 7 (+11), Sleight of Hand (+4), Stealth 7 (+13), Technology 4 (+7), Treatment (+3), Vehicles (+4)

ADVANTAGES: Agile Feint, Beginner's Luck, Close Attack (2), Defensive Roll (1), Equipment (6), Inspire (1), Jack-of-all-Trades, Leadership, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Redirect, Set-Up (1), Takedown (1), Teamwork


(30 pts)
Kevlar Weave Costume: Protection 2; 2 pts
Mask: Senses 2 (Low Light Vision, Infravision), Commlink (Senses 1 [Communication Link, Oracle]), GPS; 4 pts
Utility Gauntlets: (24 pts)
Flash Bang Grenade: Ranged Burst Area Affliction 4 (Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Fortitude; 1st: Visually and Auditory Impaired, 2nd: Visually and Auditory Disabled, 3rd: Visual and Auditory Unaware; resisted by Dodge], Extra: Area Burst [30 ft radius], Extra Condition); 16 pts
Masterwork Escrima Sticks: Bludgeoning Strength-Based Damage 3, Dangerous, Disarming, Split; 1 pt
Nightarangs: Bludgeoning Strength-Based Ranged Damage 2, Dangerous, Extra: Indirect 1 [from behind]; 1 pt
Wing Dings: Piercing Ranged Damage 1, Extra: Multiattack, Dangerous; 1 pt
Flashlight: Feature 1 (Illumination); 1 pt
Grapple Gun: Movement 1 (Swinging), Ranged Trip; 1 pt
Mini-Tracer: Feature 1 (Tracking, 2 Mile range); 1 pt
Rebreather: Immunity 2 (Flaw: Limited -20 Rounds of Oxygen); 1 pt
Handcuffs: Feature 1 (Toughness 9, DC20 Sleight of Hand/Technology), Tiny; 1 pt

Initiative +6
Close Attack +14 [Unarmed +3; Escrima Sticks +6, Critical 19-20]
Ranged Attack +4
Throwing +11 [Nightarang +5, Critical 19-20; Wing Dings +1, Critical 19-20, Multiattack]
Special Attack [Flash Bang Affliction +4, Area Burst]

Dodge +14 [DC24] Parry +14 [DC24]
Toughness +6, Fortitude +7, Will +9

Enemy: The Joker
Identity: He has a secret identity of Dick Grayson
Obsession: Defeating and eventually killing The Joker
Relationships: He remains close to Barbara Gordon (Oracle) and had a previous relationship with Rose Wilson and the two remain close. He is very protective of the memory of the deceased members of the Bat family
Responsibility: To protect as many people as he can from The Joker

Abilities 76 + Skills 34 (68 ranks) + Advantages 20 + Powers 0 + Defenses 20 = 150 / 150

Background: As Dick Grayson pulled himself up for another pull-up on the sewer pipe in his underground bunker, he let his mind drift for a moment:

One time, Tim, Babs and I were sitting around talking at a diner talking. And…

You know, we didn’t do that enough. Just me with my family as…us. No Batarangs. No supervillain trying to destroy Gotham. Just us talking, spending time together like normal families do. It goes without saying that we were far from a normal family, but we were a family. I didn’t appreciate that part enough when everything was, even though we didn’t realize it at the time; good.

Anyway, we were talking in code, of course, and Tim brought up the fact I had known The Joker longer than either of them. That gave me pause. I hadn’t really thought about it that way before. When Bruce took me in and trained me, The Joker was one of the first villains I ever fought. Bruce tried to keep me out of it, but I wouldn’t listen (shocker). We beat him like we pretty much always did for years but I will never forget seeing him the first time. There was always that constantly smile, and the laugh that probably makes the hair stand up on the backs of hyenas. But it was those eyes. You would think they would be dead…cold…lost. But they’re the opposite. They sparkle. They dance. They take in everything.

For someone who has caused so much death, the one thing I always remember about The Joker is that of all the beings I’ve ever encountered, The Joker might be the most ALIVE.

That always seemed like some massive cosmic flaw. Or more than likely, considering the recipient, it’s a cosmic JOKE.

But it’s not funny anymore. It never was funny.

It was a cosmic mistake. One that I am going to correct.

I can’t believe he’s been in power for 15 years. It’s been 15 years since Bruce and Tim died. 15 years since the he and his army of villains and psychopaths killed most of the Justice League. 15 years since me, Babs, Rose, Clark and others went into hiding. It’s been too long. But now it’s about to change. I’ve done what I could, saved who I could without drawing too much attention to myself. But I’m no idiot and I don’t have a death wish. I couldn’t make a move on The Joker by myself. I needed help.

I needed Superman. nd he’s ready now. There’s others ready now.

I've BEEN ready.

I’ve had 15 years to let the pain of my family’s deaths fester in my heart. 15 years to let the disgust build as I see what he’s turned this country into.

The bad news for the Joker is that I’ve had 15 years to PLAN.

I know Clark will want to bring him to justice. Let the world courts pass judgment. That’s what Bruce and Diana would want, too. He knows I was trained my entire life to think the same way.

But he killed Jason. He killed Tim. He killed Helena. He killed Stephanie.

He killed Bruce.

He killed my family.

Dick swung off the sewer pipe, did a somersault and strolled over to his equipment. He looked over his arsenal and pulled up a razor sharp Batarang.

His judgment has already been passed…his sentence…is death.

At my hands.
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Re: Joker the Immortal (Interest)

Postby Teafo » Wed Sep 25, 2013 7:19 pm

Similar to Thorp above, I'd like to throw in this character concept. I would also like to thank him for his builds, as I will admit that I have been heavily borrowing build ideas and final touches from his J-Mart for quite some time now!


Black Canary (Dinah Lance)
Role: Capable fighter with sonic powers
PL 10

Acrobatics 1 (+7), Athletics 4(+6), Close Attack (Unarmed) 4 (+14), Deception 4(+8), Expertise (Streetwise) 1 (+4), Insight 2 (+4), Perception 4(+6), Persuasion 4(+8), Stealth 2(+8), Technology 2(+5), Treatment 1(+4), Vehicles 3(+5)

Accurate Attack, Agile Feint, All-out Attack, Assessment, Attractive 2, Close Attack 2, Daze (Deception), Defensive Roll 2, Evasion 1, Fast Grab, Improved Critical 1 (Unarmed), Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative 1, Improved Trip, Improvised Weapon 1, Leadership, Move-by Action, Set-up 1, Takedown 1, Teamwork, Uncanny Dodge

Canary Chirp: Blast 10; Sonic, Range 250/500/1000ft; DC 25; 60ft Cone ; Touch Range
AE: Deafen: Affliction 10 (Impaired/Disabled/Unaware); Sonic; Resisted by Fortitude; DC 20; Burst Area 30ft Radius; Sense-Dependent: Hearing; Concentration; Cumulative; Distracting
AE: Scream: Affliction 10 (Dazed/Stunned/Incapacitated); Sonic; Resisted by Fortitude; DC 20; 60ft Cone; Concentration; Cumulative; Distracting; Sense-Dependent: Hearing
AE: Shatter: Weaken Toughness 10; Sonic; Resisted by Fortitude; DC 20; Affects Objects Only; 60ft Cone; Distracting; Tiring
AE: Forceful Voice: Move Object 10; Sonic; Range: 250/500/1000; 25 tons; 60ft Cone; Limited Direction: Away from Black Canary; Touch Range; Concentration; Distracting

Canary Suit (+1 Protection)
Motorcycle (Str 1; Tough 8; Def 0; Size: M; Speed 6 (120mph; 1800ft/round)

Unarmed +16(DC 17) (Bludgeon, Crit 19-20)
Grab +12 (DC Special 12) (Bludgeon, Crit 20)
Throw +2 (DC 17) (Bludgeon, Crit 20)
Initiative +10
Canary Chirp: Cone Area Blast 10 (DC 25) (Sonic, Crit 20)
Deafen: Burst Area Affliction 10 (DC Fort 20) (Sonic, Crit 20)
Forceful Voice: Cone Area Move Object 10 (DC 20) (Sonic, Crit 20)
Scream: Cone Area Affliction 10 (DC Fort 20) (Sonic, Crit 20)
Shatter: Cone Area Weaken 10 (DC Fort 20) (Sonic, Crit 20)

Dodge +8, Parry +10, Toughness +5/3, Fortitude +7, Will +7

Phobia: Dinah does not work well with computers and they don't seem to like her, either
Power Loss: Injuries/damage to her throat can render her unable to use her Canary Cry
Relationships: Green Arrow, Sin, The Birds of Prey (Many of whom are now dead)
Loss of Friends: With the death of so many superpowered beings, Dinah has grown quite a bit more cold to the world. She was hit especially hard when Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) was killed

Total: Abilities: 64 / Skills: 18 / Advantages: 26 / Powers: 31 / Defenses: 11 / Equipment: 12ep

Background: Dinah Laurel Lance was born to Dinah Drake, the original Black Canary, and Larry Lance. While growing up, Dinah was surrounded by her mother's friends in the disbanded JSA and regarded them as uncles and aunts. Dinah wished to become a costumed hero like her mother before her. Her mother forbade it, however, thinking the world had become a darker, more dangerous place than when she herself fought crime, and too dangerous for the younger Dinah to succeed.

The younger Dinah, however, had her own "Canary Cry" – the result of a metagene not present in either parent – which she was fully able to control. With this weapon, she next sought out numerous fighters to help her hone her skills, including former JSA member Wildcat. Years of training and intense dedication paid off, and Dinah eventually took on her mother's mantle, albeit initially against the elder Dinah's wishes.

Shortly into the League's history, she met Green Arrow (Oliver Queen). While Dinah at first detested him, they later became romantically involved, despite the difference in their ages. (In the Modern Age Oliver was substantially older than Dinah, the reverse of the earlier depiction. However, the character later died, and later still was resurrected, at which point he was de-aged by an unspecified amount.) Dinah remained a member of the League for roughly six years, including a brief stint with Justice League International (JLI), of which she was a founding member. During that time her mother died due to radiation poisoning experienced during a battle with the villain Aquarius. Her mother's death affected Dinah deeply, and led her to accept that her time in the JLA was over.

When the Joker rose to power some 15 years ago, Gotham was the first to fall, and Dinah found herself on the run with the Green Arrow. Oliver was able to use his money and connections to arrange a flight out of the area, but Joker's men found out about their plans and were waiting to ambush them at the flightline.

Normally the Joker's goons wouldn't have given the two much of a problem, but a combination of the men being hopped up on Joker's gasses and the sheer number of them was overwhelming for the two heroes. In the end it was Oliver's sacrifice that let Dinah escape, both were injured and fighting off wave after wave of Joker-masked men when Green Arrow pushed Black Canary into the waiting plane and ordered the pilot to take off. In her weakened state, she could merely watch as Oliver continued to fight, until a paticularly large and nasty brute got ahold of him. The last thing Dinah remembers about that time was screaming that they needed to go back, needed to save him as he was lost under a pile of Joker goons.

Later she learned she was knocked out by the co-pilot who feared her screams were going to tear apart the entire plane. She had made it out of Gotham, but at a cost almost too high to pay. For the next months she recovered her injuries, rebuilt her motorcycle, and recouped her strength. When she was ready, she began hunting down the men that took Oliver from her, harassing the borders of the USJ, picking off stragglers and helping refugees where she could.

That was 15 years ago, and she has long lost count of how many joker masks she has beaten to a pulp. Where there may have been mercy before, she feels only a cold hatred for all that the Joker stands for, and one day, she will see him dethroned.
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Re: Joker the Immortal (Interest)

Postby Aerlwyn » Wed Sep 25, 2013 7:22 pm


Castellan - PL 10

Strength 4, Stamina 7, Agility 9, Dexterity 8, Fighting 13, Intellect 4, Awareness 5, Presence 2

Agile Feint, Assessment, Attractive, Eidetic Memory, Equipment 9, Evasion, Improved Critical 2: Combat Knife: Strength-based Damage 1, Improved Critical: Swords: Strength-based Damage 3, Improved Defense, Improved Initiative, Improved Smash, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Ranged Attack 5, Takedown, Uncanny Dodge, Weapon Bind, Weapon Break

Acrobatics 1 (+10), Athletics 5 (+9), Deception 2 (+4), Insight 2 (+7), Intimidation 2 (+4), Investigation 6 (+10), Perception 2 (+7), Persuasion 2 (+4)

Enhanced Brain Capacity
- Enhanced Ability: Enhanced Intellect 1 (+1 INT)
- Enhanced Trait: Enhanced Trait 1 (Advantages: Eidetic Memory)
- Quickness: Quickness 2 (Perform routine tasks in -2 time ranks; Limited to One Type: Mental)

Enhanced Senses
- Enhanced Ability: Enhanced Awareness 1 (Linked; +1 AWE)
- Enhanced Trait: Enhanced Trait 1 (Linked; Advantages: Uncanny Dodge)
- Senses: Senses 3 (Linked; Accurate: Auditory, Extended: Auditory 1: x10)

Heighten Reflexes: Enhanced Trait 1 (Advantages: Evasion)

Heightened Speed
- Enhanced Trait: Enhanced Trait 1 (Advantages: Improved Initiative)
- Quickness: Quickness 1 (Perform routine tasks in -1 time ranks)
- Speed: Speed 3 (Speed: 16 miles/hour, 250 feet/round)

Power-lifting: Power-lifting 1 (+1 STR for lifting)

Trick Arrows
- Cold Arrow: Cone Area Affliction 3 (1st degree: Hindered, Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Defenseless, Immobile, DC 13; Alternate Resistance (Dodge), Cone Area: 60 feet cone, Extended Range 2, Extra Condition, Increased Range: ranged; Limited Degree)
AE Boomerang Arrow: Strength-based Damage 3 (DC 22; Extended Range 2, Homing 3: 3 extra attempts, Increased Range: ranged)
AE Sleep Arrow: Cloud Area Affliction 3 (1st degree: Fatigued, 2nd degree: Exhausted, 3rd degree: Asleep, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 13; Cloud Area: 15 feet radius sphere, Extended Range 2, Increased Range: ranged)
AE Standard Arrow: Strength-based Damage 3 (DC 22; Extended Range 2, Increased Range: ranged)

Weapon's Belt
- Capture Foam Grenades: Cloud Area Affliction 6 (1st degree: Hindered, Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Defenseless, Immobile, DC 16; Alternate Resistance (Dodge), Cloud Area: 15 feet radius sphere, Extra Condition, Increased Range: ranged; Limited Degree)
AE Combat Knife: Strength-based Damage 1 (DC 20, Advantages: Improved Critical 2; Accurate: +2)
AE Commlink: Senses 1 (Communication Link: Radio)
AE Mini Explosive Grenades: Burst Area Damage 6 (DC 21; Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere, Increased Range: ranged)
AE Mini Flash Grenades: Burst Area Affliction 6 (1st degree: Impaired, 2nd degree: Disabled, 3rd degree: Unaware, DC 16; Alternate Resistance (Dodge), Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere, Increased Range: ranged)
AE Mini Gas Grenades: Cloud Area Affliction 6 (1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Stunned, 3rd degree: Incapacitated, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 16; Cloud Area: 15 feet radius sphere, Increased Range: ranged)
AE Restraints: Feature 2 (Notes: DC 20 escape, toughness 10)
AE Smoke Bomb: Enhanced Trait 1 (Advantages: Hide in Plain Sight)
AE Swords: Strength-based Damage 3 (DC 22, Advantages: Improved Critical, Improved Defense, Improved Smash, Weapon Bind, Weapon Break; Multiattack, Penetrating 6, Split: 2 targets)
AE Zip line: Flight 3 (Speed: 16 miles/hour, 250 feet/round; Gliding, Limited: to between two points, Platform)

Initiative +13
Boomerang Arrow: Strength-based Damage 3, +13 (DC 22)
Capture Foam Grenades: Cloud Area Affliction 6 (DC Dog/Fort/Will 16)
Cold Arrow: Cone Area Affliction 3 (DC Dog/Fort/Will 13)
Combat Knife: Strength-based Damage 1, +15 (DC 20)
Grab, +13 (DC Spec 14)
Mini Explosive Grenades: Burst Area Damage 6 (DC 21)
Mini Flash Grenades: Burst Area Affliction 6 (DC Dog/Fort/Will 16)
Mini Gas Grenades: Cloud Area Affliction 6 (DC Fort 16)
Sleep Arrow: Cloud Area Affliction 3 (DC Fort 13)
Standard Arrow: Strength-based Damage 3, +13 (DC 22)
Swords: Strength-based Damage 3, +13 (DC 22)
Throw, +13 (DC 19)
Unarmed, +13 (DC 19)

Disability: Blind
Identity: Secret
Motivation: Justice
Prejudice: Ravager is her mother
Weakness: Auditory attacks


Dodge 13, Parry 13, Fortitude 11, Toughness 7, Will 9

Power Points
Abilities 100 + Powers 17 + Advantages 20 + Skills 11 (22 ranks) + Defenses 12 = 160

Background: The accidental offspring of Ravager and Nightwing, 19 year old Selene Wilson is an only child who was born blind due to genetic complications caused by the drugs forced on Rose by her father Slade Wilson(Selene's Grandfather). Those same drugs, combined with genetic modifications forced on Selene by Rose, gave Selene superhuman agility, dexterity and raw fighting ability. Unwanted by her mentally unstable Mother, and barely acknowledged throughout her childhood, Selene never-the-less grew up to be an affectionate and compassionate young woman.

Growing up with the knowledge of what her Grandfather had done to her Mother, and what her mother had done to her, Selene made a conscious decision to become the kind of person who puts a stop to people like them. Selene swore to rid the world of people like her Grandfather and do all she could to prevent people suffering like she and her Mother did. A part of her also hoped that making her name as a superhero would get her noticed by the Father she had never known due to his continued ignorance of her existence.

At the age of 10 she began combat training under Lady Shiva to gain the skills she would need to battle the villains she knew were everywhere, gaining exceptional skills from Lady Shiva's training despite her lack of sight, due to her superhuman agility and dexterity. Then, at the age of 18 she assumed the identity of Castellan and set out on her quest to rid the world of villains like her Grandfather.
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Re: Joker the Immortal (Interest)

Postby Aerlwyn » Wed Sep 25, 2013 7:29 pm

Still need to cut back some points to make 150pp if thats what we are going with, but all in all its a solid build and i took alot of advice on details that was part of the character. Will work on the backstory and have it up soon.

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Re: Joker the Immortal (Interest)

Postby kenmadragon » Wed Sep 25, 2013 7:37 pm

Ok, I'll bite and declare my interest. Likely to go with a new and original character (a cool idea i had a while ago actually).

Basically, he's an average child who develops some form of cancer. Unfortunately, its a rather unique strain of cancer, and doctors try a slightly altered form of chemotherapy. The therapy worked, but went a bit overboard. While the cancer itself went into remission, it also debilitated his body functions. So, a certain billionaire scientist woth a similarly bald head who had decided to fund the research that helped the boy in the first place, tried a new form of therapy. It works, and the boy is actually cured of cancer. And more. Luthor believes he has finally cured cancer, but curses his inability to have further tests to ensure this, for the boy dies in a car accident a week after he is released from the hospital. His death was covered up to hide Luthor's tracks, and his entire existence is annuled.

Until he smashes open his casket from inside, and crawls out of the grave. With abilities akin to a young kryptonian, save the weaknesses to kryptonite nor their dependence on yellow sunlight. He ends up in child services, a John Doe (which literally becomes his name), he is finally adopted, and tries to live a normal life. But as he discovers his new abilities, and remember reading all those comics as a child in the hospital, fighting for his life (the comics gave him the hope and drive he needed o keep pushing forward), he eventually turns to the thought of being a superhero. Now he is older, and wiser, and the Joker has come out to rule the world, he finally rises to the occasion to do some good in the world, and fight death once more.

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Re: Joker the Immortal (Interest)

Postby Aerlwyn » Wed Sep 25, 2013 9:05 pm

Game question i am wondering if anyone know what the effects of Promethian and Nth metal are in game terms as i could not find any details in the DC adventures heroes handbook?

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Re: Joker the Immortal (Interest)

Postby kenmadragon » Wed Sep 25, 2013 9:27 pm

I don't think Prometheus in in the book, but what you have listed is more Promethean armor than Nth Metal. For Nth Metal, check out Hawkman and Hawkgirl's harnesses. That, and Nth Metal allows one to fly, which you don't have listed, so you're better off with Promethean.

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Re: Joker the Immortal (Interest)

Postby Aerlwyn » Wed Sep 25, 2013 9:53 pm

Thanks for the suggestion, i did look for the villian you suggested and going with the Promethean armor as you said it makes more sense.

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Re: Joker the Immortal (Interest)

Postby Bladewind » Thu Sep 26, 2013 3:29 pm

Looks like I need to head to the game list thread and update a little... this has potential...

To be honest, Captain Marvel (or someone he empowers) appeals to me, but I`m already playing Sekhmet elsewhere... must ponder some more. Must also update my own game but that`s another matter.

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Re: Joker the Immortal (Interest)

Postby XeroKhan » Thu Sep 26, 2013 8:42 pm

Good to see a good bit of interests, as well as a couple of builds. I will put this into recruitment. Now, to wait for the other builds.

@Thorpocolypse: I see nothing wrong with the build. As for complications, can you put down something for the loss of Bruce Wayne/Batman? Dick Grayson was, after all, the first of many Robins. Also, could you add in a more detailed background for Nightwing for this setting?

@Teafo: Also, nothing wrong with the build. Like I said with Thorp, can you have Dinah Lance have a complication for the loss of Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow?

If she would have not been taken, I would have had her be pregnant with Oliver Queen's child. You can add this in if you wish, for there is a good bit of complications that go with this. Also, could you add in a Bio once you have finished your research on Black Canary?

@Aerlwyn: Like I said in the PM, I like the build. Just need a bio for her and all is good to go.

@Kenmadragon: The idea is sound at first, but the idea of a different "kryptonian" does not add up in my mind at all. I can imagine the car crash being in Slaughter Swamp, allowing John Doe to gain the powers of Solomon Grundy. This is merely a suggestion, of course.

@Bladewind: Maybe a different Captain Marvel Junior? :wink:
SKYPE: X3r0.Kh4n

Common Terms I will use:
>D#: Failure by (1-4) Degree
>EFN (Epic Fail Number): A Natural 1
>Nat 10: Taking a Natural 10 on a specific Skill

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Re: Joker the Immortal (3e Recruitment)

Postby kenmadragon » Thu Sep 26, 2013 8:49 pm

I was actually thinking that his new therapy involved some manner of radiation which made him gain powers (which saved him in the crash when they suddenly activated). He never actually died, so much as appeared dead (or mostly dead, if you prefer). So they buried him, and he wakes up, wodering what in the world is going on. I just mention Krptonian as a description of his cpapabilities (aka FISS with a side of TK blasty and some enhanced senses).

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Re: Joker the Immortal (3e Recruitment)

Postby Teafo » Thu Sep 26, 2013 9:32 pm

@Xerokhan I updated Black Canary's complications to note that many of her friends are now dead, but also to show that she has become more distant to the world since.

Edit: Also added quite a few change notes to look over later (I'm at work right now) to the original character write-up. They are all highlighted in <RED> if you want to look over them. If anyone else has ideas or suggestions, I am happy to make adjustments as they come.

Edit 2: Made the changes in the original post
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