Blue Rose inspired Skill Options

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Blue Rose inspired Skill Options

Post by darktouch » Thu Jun 02, 2005 1:13 pm

The Blue Rose game offers an interesting way to handle skills in an OGC based rules set. This is my idea for how to overlay this on top of a M&M game. Note that this actually overlays on the existing rules without changing the default rule.

I think these work best in a Noir (PL 6) setting where having a basic knowledge of a given skill isn't enough to automatically give you a synergy bonus.


Basic Education
Prerequisites: None
You have recieved some form of education, either formally, on the street or with a mentor. Choose a number of skills or skill specialties equal to your intelligence modifier. Taking this feat grants you a number of ranks in those skills equal to your (PL +3) /2 rounded down. These ranks increase with your PL.
Special: You can not choose a skill or skill specialty in which you already have ranks.

Higher Education
Prerequisites: Basic Education
Choose two skills in which you already have (PL +3)/2 Ranks, your ranks in these skills are now PL+3. Alternatively, you can use one or both of your skill choices to select a skill in which you have no ranks, raising them up to PL+3/2 Rounded down.
Special: You can take this feat more than once granting 2 skill improvements each time. In no case can any one skill or skill specialty be raised to higher than PL+3 ranks.

Skill Focus & Skill Affinity work as normal, granting +3 on any one skill or +2 on any two skills respectively.

Skill Mastery
Prerequisites: Basic Education, Higher Education
Choose any five skills you have ranks in. When making checks with those skills, you can take 10 even when distracted or under pressure. This feat does not allow you to take 10 with skills that do not normally allow you to do so.

New Extra
This extra is ideal for Super-Intelligent characters, however it may also work well for a number of other super-abilities.

Super Training: Your enhanced abilities make you more skilled in your chosen area of training than normal individuals. Each rank of this extra allows you to choose one skill and raise your level of expertise in it one step. From 0 Ranks to (PL + 3)/2 Ranks and from (PL +3)/2 Ranks to PL+3 Ranks.

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Post by Michael Tree » Mon Jun 06, 2005 2:42 pm

That's a good idea, and would go a long way to resolving M&M's wonky skill costs.

I definitely wouldn't tie it to Intelligence though. Intelligence is extremely cheap, and it doesn't make much sense for a 2-point feat to give a character anwhere from 0 to 5 (or even 15) skills, depending on intelligence. I'd just make the feat give 2 skills, like the extra skill feat in blue rose. Feats are cheap enough M&M that a character can still get a bunch of skills if he likes.

Besides, there's no reason why intelligent superheroes would have more skills than less intelligent ones. Smarter ones would be better at intelligence-based skills already, and many skills (stealth, social skills, perception, tumbling, etc) have nothing to do with intelligence.

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Post by Dread Lord » Mon Jun 06, 2005 6:15 pm

I think he tied it to INT because INT is partialy ones ability to learn and recall. Someone with a higher INT would pick up skills, in general, faster than someone who wasn't. And given that of the six base abilitys only INT and CHA only offer a bonus to skill checks this little boost to INT's importance would be worth while.

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