Protection with Damage Save Power Stunt?

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Protection with Damage Save Power Stunt?

Post by Demongg » Wed May 25, 2005 2:44 pm

I made stats for an idea I was having...

Question - My idea for using Protection as my base power with the Ablative flaw (being that a layer of skin crumbles away with damage) and then a Power Stunt with a Damage Save....
They both CANNOT be used to stack however when the armor crumbles he's still tough underneath. The idea being that up to PL5 he doesn't need to make any damage save until the armor's gone, but he'll still have a very high damage save - to absorb the damage.

I like the idea of his chances growing worse the longer he takes damage... going from no rolls to forcing rolls even though the save has a good chance to suceed.

I haven't seen anyone do this with a defensive power as much but am I right in thinking it would work the same as having an Energy Blast (heat beam) with the Power Stunt EB (Cold Beam)?

PL: 5, Identity: Russell Locke (Secret ID), Age: 33, Gender: male, Size: Medium.

INIT: +2, DEF: 14/12; Base Speed 30/60/120;


SAVES: DMG +12, FORT +5, REF +2, WILL +1;

ABILITIES: STR 16 (+3), DEX 14 (+2), CON 20 (+5), INT 10 ( 0), WIS 13 (+1), CHA 12 (+1)

SKILLS: Acrobatics* +3/1, Demolitions* +1/1, Construction Work +5/.

FEATS: Toughness [+2 to Damage Saves], Chokehold [When grappling, can suffocate], Durability (Super) [Lethal dmg < = to dmg save is stun], Imp. Grapple [Can grapple one-handed], Imp. Pin [-4 to escape your grapple/pin], Power Attack [(- attack), (+ dmg bonus), 5 max], Evaluate (Super) [Full round action, learn weakness], Take the Fall [Bear brunt of attack focused on another.

PROTECTION [+5] [MUTATION], F: Ablative (skin crumbles w/ Dmg) [+5]E: Immunities - Disease, Age, [+5]Pressure, Poison, SuffocPS: Amazing Save - Damage [+5]
GADGETS [+5] [SUPER SCIENCE], F: must be with common objects [+5]E: Welder Goggles - sight [+5]E: Brass Knuckles (S) [+.

WEAKNESS: Antagonist [maj] - Requires 3 VP.

COST: abilities 25, combat 16, skills 6, feats 16, powers 22, weakness -10, total 75.


> Russell Locke
> Russell has been a steel worker all his life. His father hated him
> working with his hands - wanting him to follow in his footsteps as a
> doctor. But Russell liked "earning" a living. He's a stout man,
> with an old boxer's build - about 5'7", 180 lbs.
> His power is simple - he can't be hurt... by anything. He has medium-
> high levels of Protection (flawed with ablative) - an "armor" that
> peels off like a second skin when taking damage. His Damage Save is
> maxed out with the additions such as immunities. Perhaps a low level
> gadget power (not really a power more than having his bag of stuff)
> If he were to wear a "costume" it would be completely untilitarian -
> baggy tan corderoy pants, black work/army boots, a red/scarlet t-
> shirt with a black longsleeve beneath. His old welding goggles and a
> dark forest green backpack.
> I imagine his "role" is to get between stuff - for his teammates...
> He has no real attack or movement powers but if he needed he could
> always jump in a car and go for ramming speed... ;)
> I may do stats later.
> Is THIS a viable option for the type of campaign we're talking about?
> What Power Level?? (I am assuming PL 5-6)
> -kev-

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Post by mgg » Wed May 25, 2005 2:56 pm

If you want to go strictly by the book, then the character is going to end up with a choice at some point. Do I keep up the low rank protection or do I switch to the higher rank damage save? This choice cannot be made on an attack by attack basis either. The character can only use one or the other during a turn, not both.

So the character is shot by three thugs with heavy guns (+5) damage. The character would have to make a damage save vs 15, 16, then 17 damage with +4 (from con and feats). The character might choose to switch to damage save, dropping the 2 remaining protection. The character is then hit by a +1 damage spork. Since the character isn't using protection, they would save vs 16 with a +9 damage save.

Of course you don't have to go by the book.

If you want the character to automatically switch to the most beneficial, then write damage save as an extra. In this case the effect would look like: Damage save vs 15 (with +4), damage save vs 16 (with +5), damage save vs 17 (with +6). The spork would do no damage since it hist the character's protection 2

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Post by Iron Man » Wed May 25, 2005 8:47 pm

Couldn't this be represented more easily with a partial flaw? Just take Protection +10, Flaw: Ablative -5. This should do the trick nicely.