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Post by arcady » Wed May 11, 2005 10:13 am

Neo wrote:
arcady wrote:Sorcery is basically just an example of how you can stack a bunch of powers together as if they were effects and build a new power.

I look at it as a sample of using the power creation engine, with no need to use the list as it is when making a spell casting character.
Hence my query as to "how" others have tweaked it, altered it, replaced it etc...
Create a list of core spells you want and combine them into a power using the extras, stunts, and secondary effects rules.

Put some stylistic flaws on it - maybe it goes down by one PL in the new Moon, and you have one rank of Boost usable only undee the full moon or during menstruation or whatever. Maybe a quirk weakness of having to do a certain ritual regularly.

Or maybe the first spell you cast always has to be your summon spell - to call in the magical spirits. Represent that by needing to waste one turn 'turning on' your magic before you use it, unless you actually want to summon a creature that has a 'game effects' presense (and Algernon Files has a power for summoning something with an independant mind and authority).

Maybe theme the save DC of all the powers - make them all require Will saves or Fort saves rather than whatever was their default choice.

Then get extra Hero Points so you can create new spells on the fly by spending a hero point to stunt in a new single use power when needed.

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Post by quickleaf » Thu Jun 23, 2005 9:04 pm

IMC, I go for a low-power, gritty setting, and the magic types reflect this. (I don't use Sorcery as written)

So far there are 2 varieties of magic in the campaign, one for a voodoo character, and the other for a shaman. Both are a power suite with some unique abilities & tons of flavor. Accessing the "voodoo" power suite requires the character to meet certain requirements, but once those requirements are met, the character buys each power in the suite individually. In general, if a character takes powers from a power suite, they shouldn' t have any other powers.

One of the interesting things I did with voodoo is come up built-in flaws that were inherent to any power used from the suite. Based on these flaws (ritual, components, risks), I was able to devise a list of modifiers for the power check, along with consequences for a failed check.
The really fun part for a voodunista is the ability to take "spell extras" on the fly unique to the power they're using, by voluntarily taking on special one of 7 "voodoo flaws" like Don't Trust the Dead Guy, or Chicken Guts.

Powers in the "Voodoo" power suite:
Animal Form
Spirit Mounting
Sympathetic Magic
Voodoo Healing
Weather Tricks

Likewise, shamanism gets a similar treatment, though it's much more still in the works.

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Post by ReeboKesh » Sat Jul 02, 2005 5:43 pm

Well I ran my first M&M game yesterday and 3 PL 10 heroes (Batman clone, WarMachine clone, Birdman clone) and they went up against a PL 10 Mummy with the Sorcery power. It was a tough fight. He wrapped up Birdman with bandages (Snare), (Animated) a car to attack Batman, created an (Obscuring) sandstorm and then was promply blown to bits by WarMachine. Batman tried to run him over with a car but it crumpled against the Mummy's (Force-Field) spell (Armour version not Protection).
It was a cool fight with cool visuals. I don't think Sorcery is over powered at all. Maybe in the hands of a character? Can't say as yet.

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Post by Mitchell » Sat Jul 02, 2005 7:34 pm

Sorcery is okay...I prefer "Scientific Genius", however...

If you buy off the device flaw, and add Utility have a GREAT way to do a mage...
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