Can you do a character like the Hulk at any PL?

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Can you do a character like the Hulk at any PL?

Post by Champions Guru » Sun Jul 18, 2004 7:27 pm

What I'm getting at is that according to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe the Hulk is a the limit of the strength chart, strongest hero going, even before he gets mad. When he gets mad he gets stronger.

So if you're in a PL10 campaign and the Hulk already has a 20 STR and +10 Super-Strength how can he get any stronger without breaking the rules?

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Post by Belmonte » Sun Jul 18, 2004 7:45 pm

He can't without breaking the rules.

The PL caps however, can be bent by the GM, but only if he really wants to. How I'd do the Hulk is something like this:

Boost <Str> (Extras: Duration x2, Triggered--Rage, Flaws: Limited--One Attribute, Can Only Be Triggered, One point per round)

It comes to 2PP/Rank. I'd let the player buy X points, and go over PL by that point. So. Becomes angry/wrathful. Super Str boosts by 1. Next round, still angry, boosts. Does this till the Boost ranks are hit, where it stays as long as they're angry.

This is similar to how they wrote up the Hulk, actually, 'cept I would let it bypass PL limits. I think for certain concepts, it's necessary, though I'm kind of strict on it.
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Post by Valiantheart » Sun Jul 18, 2004 8:14 pm

Belmonte nailed the long and short of it. Remember PL limits are only suggestions. The same thing goes for the number of points each PL signifies.

As a GM or Player the thing you should ask is "Does my power break the game or in any way make it very inconvinent for the GM?" If it doesnt dont worry about it just play it.

Another thing to consider is the 15 points==1 PL limit of the game. This is a particularly irksome limitation when you are forced into a 1pp==1 skill point game. There is nothing wrong with making it 20pp==1PL or simply giving players as many points as needed to fit the concept (particularly in terms of filling out skills....which are almost always done last).
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Post by Old Sparky » Sun Jul 18, 2004 9:37 pm

On the other hand, consider that the Hulk's Strength isn't off the chart before he gets mad... its generally considered to be in the 100 ton area.

That's just STR 20 and Super-STR +9, with room for a Boost +1 within a PL10 limit.
And that's a 100 ton to 200 ton range of lifting capacity.

Or you could go with a STR 20 + Super-STR +7 with the Lifting Power Stunt taken twice to achieve the base 100 tons lifting capacity (25 ton doubled two times). Then add the Boost +4 power with the rage trigger to get your Strength up to your game's max PL of 10... you're abiding by the rules, adhering to the concept, and your lifting capacity will jump from 100 tons when calm to 800 tons when angered.

While some people will poo-poo the idea of only a total +15 damage bonus from Strength from an angry Hulk, I'm quite happy with it. Plus, its more cost effective as shown below:

STR 20 [10 pp] plus Super-STR +10 [40 pp] = 50 Power Points spent (without adding in Boost, which bend the PL limit).

STR 20 [10 pp] plus Super-STR +7 [28 pp] plus Boost +3 (as an Extra of Super-STR with the Rage Triggered extra on it) [6 pp] = 44 Power Points spent and achieving a better range of lifting capacity.

(The 6 power points saved can be spent toward gaining an extra such as Thunderclap or Shockwave plus the Lethal power stunt giving the this "Hulk" strength build more diversity for nearly the same amount of Power Points as the more basic example above it. To save a few more points, throw the Tiring flaw on Boost. With a Fortitude save of only DC 13 and being able to negate the fatigue with a Hero Point, its unlikely to affect Hulk most of the time... and in the days of the old savage Hulk, we would see him growing weary after his rage was spent.)

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Post by DrObvious » Mon Jul 19, 2004 7:45 am

Or, you can use a guidline that i've been useing, and that works great.

In my games, the average PL of a power is 75% of your total PL. So, you'd make the Hulk have Super Strenght PL 7, and Boost PL 3, using any flavor of extra's and flaws that sound right to you.

THen, the guy next to you plaing the original (like Superman) character, being 'averagely super strong', will take Super Strenght PL 7, leaving him with a bunch of extra points to go into flight, penetrating vision, etc.

Then the guy on the other side, playing Invader Bill, who's an alien who's kind of super strong, but not really, picks up Super Strength PL 3.

I usually explain it like this to my players, if they know xmen:
In a PL 10 scenerio,

Cyclops eye beams, Pheonix Force TK = PL 10
Gambit explosive cards = PL 7
Jubilee energy flare = PL 5
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Post by Old Sparky » Mon Jul 19, 2004 11:46 am

Well, I was just trying to explain a good way to achieve that Hulked out strength deal within the rules without adding house rules. If you want to go that route, though... my house rule for Power Level and stacking effects is thus:

Your PL defines the limit of Attack, Defense, Skills, and Powers normally... but when power stacking occurs, the stacked powers can exceed PL by 50%.

So, in the example of the Hulk under my house rule, you could give him STR 20 plus Super-Strength +10 and Boost +5 if you wanted to... and your boosted Super-Strength modifier would be +15.