Egoist Psion

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Egoist Psion

Post by Scorpion » Fri Jul 09, 2004 11:56 pm

How would you create an egoist psion from 3.5 SRD? I was just looking for a loose conversion. Say maybe something like this:

Kineticist Psion [Effect: Ectoplasmic Tornado Blast, Energy Field (fire), Force Field, Regeneration, Teleportation; Power Stunts: Flight, Extended Teleport, Energy Blast (ice) [extra: triggered paralysis, triggered fatigue], Energy Blast (fire) [extra: area, shapeable], Energy Blast (acid cloud) [extra: area, triggered disintegration]; cost 8pp total at rank 10: 90pp]
Ectoplasmic Tornado Blast
Cost: 4pp
Action: half
Range: normal
Duration: instant
Saving Throw: reflex

You are able to create a temporary point of lashing ectoplasmic tentacles that can slap opponents forcefully to fling them at tornado-like speeds. The power affects all creatures or objects within an area up to 5 ft per power rank. Targets failing a reflex save are struck for power rank damage, lethal or stun. Targets that weigh less than a heavy load for equivalent ranks in telekinesis are flung 5 ft per power rank in a direction of your choice and if an impact occurs the target again takes power rank damage.

For the egoist i was thinking shapeshift with mimic, but i didn't really like how it turned out.

Egoist Psion [Effect: Shapeshift [extra: movement, mimic (powers) [extra: all powers], Force Field, Regeneration; cost 7pp]

How would you model the power so the egoist could say metamorphosize into a dragon with all its abilities?

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Post by Setothes » Mon Jul 12, 2004 1:32 pm

Shapeshift (Extra: Mimic, Extra: All Attributes (Powers, Attributes), Extra: Expanded Powers x5) 10 pp / level

Allows one to turn into any sort of creature, and replicate up to 6 pp / level powers, like Growth, and multiple powersets (and attributes), such as a Dragons Growth, Natural Weapons, Winged Flight, Super-senses and Energy Blast (Fire breath), all in one form-change.

Further Extras could be added to allow use of Regeneration at any time, or various other Shapeshift Extras, but bear in mind that with this set up, the Egoist only needs to assume the form of a creature that has a certain power, such as a Troll, frex, to Regenerate. Adding the Feats and / or Skills options is also workable, but at increased cost. And many skills that animals / monsters naturally possessed could be reasonably interpreted to be the result of 'Super-Skill' ranks, such as the native ability of a Tiger to hide, a Kangaroo to Jump or a Monkey to climb, not as a result of specific Skill training.

It isn't a perfect fit, but it is one heck of a versatile shapeshifter, even if one may not be able to afford a full 10 ranks of this power at character generation. Then again, the lack of other points could be a feature, the base character being formless, bland and naive, with low attributes and only marginal skills, being only truly 'alive' and capable when it assumes another form.