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Postby XEI » Sat Jul 10, 2004 9:28 am

Maybe Growth needs tweaking, maybe it doesn't. I guess the thing you mentioned which could make a huge difference alone if the GM felt the Huge creature was inadequate for the points paid, would be the area attack that should be added to their attacks.

Something along the lines of:
Large = 5 foot square
Huge = 10 foot square
Gargantuan = 15 foot square
Colossal = 20 foot square
Awesome = 25 foot square

It's not like it's a completely "unrealistic" (I hate using that term for gaming stuff, but you get my meaning). It would make sense to ANY form of attack coming from a larger creature of ANY shape. A humans swing covers 5 feet around him. Let's face it when an Awesome creature can cover a 65 foot area, imagine what the swings arch would be in that case.

And this isn't an M&M issue, I don't think. This goes to the roots of d20, unless I've been away from the system so long that they've got some sort of solution for this that I haven't seen.

Regardless, I do believe it makes sense the way it is. If the heroes think it's too weak, like you said push a building on top of them. It's not just the area attack something like this would create. Imagine the distraction of having to save people now while fighting the thing, etc.

So, thanks again, that was a real quick solution to my distress. I knew I'd find the answers here much faster than pondering and hitting heads off walls (others and my own :) hehe).
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