Create Object and Area Attacks

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Create Object and Area Attacks

Postby FuzzyBoots » Sun Sep 09, 2007 10:52 am

My apologies if this is answered somewhere else. I did try to do some searches on this. In a recent 1E game, our team pretty much got wiped out by The Junk (Joke character which existed solely for the various puns involving "Fear my junk!" and "No one touches my junk and lives!" etc), a character who basically had Create Object that created trash. Our GM used the area attack a few times (humorously describing what exactly had materialized over our heads). I've since realized that he messed up the damage save (For Create Object 10, he was using a damage bonus of 10 rather than half of it, 5), but at what difficulty is the reflex save? The game lists reflex saves for area attacks as "DC of 10 + damage or the power rank" So, should the attack have had a reflex save difficulty of 20 (power rank) or 15 (damage save)? I could see either one. Rank also indicates size of creatable objects. Bigger objects = harder to dodge. On the other hand, the damage might reflect a less dense dispersal or the object not really being aerodynamic, being created.

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