Exceeding TK lifting/manipulation limits

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Exceeding TK lifting/manipulation limits

Postby MindMelterDeluxe » Fri Jul 20, 2007 1:25 pm


My player has a PC named Kenetix who has the full TK Power Package (FF, Blast, Grapple, etc.) except Fly costing him about 6PP/rank.

After seening Spiderman 1, he wants to be able to manipulate more than one item at a time. This cannot be done unless he drops whatever item is held with TK first according to S. Kenson (see link).

I've read many Q&As and decided that since there is no progression in 1ed, the only way to do this is to have the 'Area' Extra + 'Selective' Extra.

His TK is at PL 4 so far ... the retroactive cost for the extra will cost him 8PP (1+1)x 4), and for PL 5 he will need another 8PP (6 +1 extra+1extra) ... for a total cost of 8PP+8PP=16PP, and will cost 8PP/rank there after.

Kenetix can only lift up to his weight capacity (100xrank?, or does it double ever rank?).

If Kenetix lifts two items does he have to allocate how much of his PLs he dedicates to each item he lifts?

Thanks muchly:)

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