Experienced Opinions Appreciated with NPC concept

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Experienced Opinions Appreciated with NPC concept

Post by MindMelterDeluxe » Fri Jan 12, 2007 5:08 am

This is a recycled character I recall from a game of Heroes Unlimited, an outdated and poorly balanced game system compared to M&M.

Name: Rig
Highest abilites: Con, Strength
Lowest abilities: Int, Wis
Likely Feats: Toughness, Takedown attack, Use Str ->Intimidate, Startle
Main Power: Growth (yawn!)

Description: A large, robust and muscular (of course man) with chains wrapped around his forearms and across his chest (penalty to move silently?)

Quote: Limited. He didn't have much of a personality just a brute that would say, "Rig ... RIG! "BIG RIG", before her grows (Growth, or Warform from Power Corrupts #3).

Prefered weapon, improvized melee and chains

1. I wanted him to be able to manipulate chains since he didn't have any signature ability. However, I wanted him to be able to take on multiple attackers via entangle and some kind of effect that lasts and slows down heroes enough for him to get into melee (he is not someone who will chase down a foe).

2. I thought that additional appendages (the Feat) would do this since the chains are similar to Doc Oc's arms minus. Then I realized that there was no way of me deciding on the stat's of the chains (in 1e it costs a rank per strength pt. hardness=ranks). Ideas?

3. I realized the idea of 'the brute' animating chains given two identical tatooes on each arms of two snakes encircling a length of black chain.

4. Creating these chains from his forearms (where they are anchored) followed. Problem is I need a pool of points or something to asertain what abilities they chains have.

Currently, I use 1+2 extras give him the ability to have 3 x 1 pp powers, 1 x 2pp/rank power and 1x 1/rank power, or just 1x 3/rank power

I gave him the look of a rugged biker, clad in a sleeveless worn leather jacket with studs, arms adorned with chains covering his tatooes, old grunge jeans with biker chaffs. Biker with Pro Wrestler attitude.

Animate Images/Drawings (2/rank)
-flaw tatooes only
-own tatooes only (this one I may not take, nice to get other abilities)
+extra suitable ability
+extra suitable ability
+extra suitable ability

I'm considering Absorption +boost, +boost self and others (to pump up his men/gang). Alternative ideas?

Typically the animated chains have:
Clinging (save str), and Slow (save will), Paralysis, or Drain (Int)

*He should present a challenge to 5 players: TK power, Speedster, Teleporter (hard I know), a blaster, and Strong-tough hero

Growth 6/rank = 1 rank (enough for the height to change)

*since the chains are coiled by snakes, they have clinging (save str), slow (save will), drain (will, -rank in intell.) to simulate the effects of snake toxin

*Other tatooes may be: spider, skull wrapped in chains (mental protection), and maybe some others

Let me know your ideas. Would be good to know why they call him "Big Rig", or just "Rig" for now.