Need help with flaws and extras in Sorcery

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Need help with flaws and extras in Sorcery

Post by Podmyierrom » Sun Apr 23, 2006 10:51 pm

:?: Ok, so my player wants to change everything in his sorcery package. This is the same guy with the magic book I had some questions on. Basically, this is how it looks:

Magic book = source of all his sorcery powers.
Granted feats: Detect Magic
Granted powers: Astral projection (Rank 5) as a sorcery extra
Sorcery (Rank 10) + Affects others(extra) - device(flaw)
1. Mystic bolt of light(energy blast) stun only
2. Telepathy
3. Teleportation + portal(extra)
4. Dimensional travel + portal(extra) <-- power stunt
5. Flight <-- power stunt
6. Forcefield - wall only <-- can this count as a flaw? + normal range(extra) Or should I use a different power for this?
7. Neutralize (mystic source only)
8. Energy control light
9. Illusion - inanimate objects only(flaw)
10. Water breathing (using the amphibious feat as a power) <-- power stunt

Ok, here are my questions:
1. Does the character need the portal extra for teleportation and dimensional travel if sorcery has the affects others extra?
2. If the character needs the portal extras, the spell only works at 2/3rd's the rank of sorcery, right? And, if the character takes the portal extras, can the character use teleportation at rank 10 for personal travel without fatigue?
3. How do the flaws for individual spells affect the total cost for sorcery?

Sorry for the lengthy post. Sorcery is soooo complex. :shock: