Trying to build a Personal Teleportation Device!

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Trying to build a Personal Teleportation Device!

Postby Worklad » Wed Feb 01, 2006 2:33 pm

I was wondering of someone wouldn't mind checking over my creation and make sure it seems correct. If you know of a better way or have see something I have missed please let me know.

PTD (Rank +10)
Effects: Movement
Cost: 2 pts. per Rank
Action: Half
Range: Personal (moved to sight)
Duration: Instant

Extra: Range-sight +3
Flaws: Device -1
Uses (8x/day) -1
Limited (self only) -1
Total Cost: 20 points

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Postby Evendur » Wed Feb 01, 2006 9:07 pm

One thing, the range extra allows the power to be used at further disatances, not increase the distance you can teleport. The way you had it, you could teleport anyone you could see with it, if you had the affects others extra on it

I believe that it should be like this

Teleport +10 [2pp/rank]
Extended Teleport [+1pp/rank]
Uses (8/day) [-1pp/rank]
Limited (Creator Only) [-1pp/rank]
Device (Personal Teleport Device) [-1pp/rank]

This build allows you to add one extra, or you could remove the Uses flaw. Which I would suggest as being the best usage of the 1pp/rank extra you have. Either way, it would work out to be 1pp/rank, and cost 10pp
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