Super Dex Again

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Super Dex Again

Postby Rebel_XV » Wed Jan 11, 2006 10:52 am

Ok what about with super dex only half of the bounus from super dex rounded down gets added to your def bonus? That's all I really have Any one else have suggestions? I mean even with that rule they can get a def of 46 (20 dex + 20 def + 10 from super dex 20 + base 10 + 1 from dodge = 46) That mean with a max Bab (20) and max attribute that affects the attack (str for melee or dex for ranged) (5) with attack focus (1) and all out attack (5) = a 31 attack bonus which means they still have to roll a fifthteen can anyone help me get that down to a 10? Any help would be great thx.

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Postby Evendur » Wed Jan 11, 2006 1:29 pm

Dex 20 = +5
Super Dex 20 = +10
Defense 30 = +30
Dodge Feat = +1
Expertise = +5
Total = 51

Base Attack = +20
Str/Dex 20 = +5
Attack Focus = +1
All-Out Attack = +5
Accurate Attack = +5
Total = 36

If you take into account all modifiers, they would still need a 15 to hit the extreme defense character

Really, there are three ways of dealing with this:

1) Ban any Extreme Defense characters, and explain that one of the reasons for playing is the uncertainty of battle, but if you can't be hit, it loses some of the excitement

2) Cap the Total Defense at 46, that would give you the "need a 10 or better" situation you wanted.

3) Let them play it, and use a bunch of area attackers and mentalists. Since they only make reflex saves for 1/2 damage, and because it is their Wisdom modifiers that add to defense and saves against mental attacks. Against mental attacks, their defense would only be 30-35 unless they also have Super Wisdom, but I doubt it.

PS: I will note that option #3 will likely anger the other players because they are most likely not built with full defense, and will be hurt even easier because of you having to deal with the one character.

PPS: Also, you should point out to the player that all that defense will cost them 134pp out of 300pp to do all that, putting a good handicap on all their other abilities with only 166pp to spend on everything else.
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