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Post by Erik » Wed Dec 07, 2005 2:38 pm

With super-strength I'm having to deal with weight in ways of never bothred thinking about before.

Has anyone ever written up a graph or sheet on the weight of different things? I'm having a hard time thinking about just how strong a strength 16 super strength 13 NPC I drew up is.

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Post by 77IM » Wed Dec 07, 2005 3:19 pm

Look at the handy chart on page (...checks his snazzy new core rules pdf...) 37.

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Post by Erik » Wed Dec 07, 2005 3:40 pm

I'm using 1e I'm afraid. There is no chart on page 37 with the edition of check difficulties.

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Post by Evendur » Wed Dec 07, 2005 4:33 pm

Check pag 105 of your 1E rulebook

The loads of Str 16 are multiplied by 8,192 because of your Super Str:

Light load: 580,724lb.
Medium load: 1, 252, 376lb.
Heavy load: 1,884,160lb.
Max load: 3,768,320lb.

Hope this helps. :)
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Post by Erik » Wed Dec 07, 2005 4:37 pm

I already figured out the numerical stats. That's not my issue.

The problem I have is connecting said weights with real world objects.

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Post by Evendur » Wed Dec 07, 2005 4:59 pm

Oh, my mistake. Well, when in doubt, you could always guess. But with strength like that, the hero can lift pretty much anything on earth, so I wouldn't worry too much about what the weights are of the objects he's lifting, for the simple fact that most objects will go past a medium load.
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Post by Rubber Baron » Wed Dec 07, 2005 5:46 pm

Some quick and dirty weights

Standard automobile = 2 tons
Maximum Elephant (Male African) = 7 tons (normally closer to 4-5 tons)
Tiger = 700 lbs (male)
Abrams Main Battle Tank = 50 tons
Bradley Fighting Vehicle = 20 tons (I may be overestimating)
Atomic Aircraft Carrier = 100,000 tons
WWII Battleship (standard) = 35,000 tons
WWII Battleship (big ones) = 70,000 tons
40 story skyscraper = way too many tons

And there's always Google for more information.
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Post by Anthony » Wed Dec 07, 2005 6:05 pm

For objects where you have a reasonable guess as to size, but can't just look up the weight, you can make guesses based on size:

Typical Machinery or Vehicle: a 5' cube weighs 1-2 tons. Note that passenger vehicles are less than 5' tall.
Typical Buildings: a 5' cube weighs 0.5-1.0 ton (figure one floor is about 10'); alternately, about 100 lb/sf floor area. Taller buildings weigh a bit more; brick or concrete buildings weight a lot more.
Solid Objects: a 5' cube of rock weighs 10-20 tons. A 5' cube of steel weighs about 30 tons. For a boulder, you can estimate its size by multiplying its dimensions together and dividing by 2, so a 10' x 15' x 20' boulder is 2 x 3 x 4 x 0.5 or 12 5' cubes (120-240 tons).

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Post by Addi83 » Wed Dec 07, 2005 6:25 pm

It's hard to get a good feel for super strength, partly because it's not very consistant in the comic books.

Take Dark Knight Returns for example. Superman has recently been meganuked, and is under a fallout-cover so he only gets very limited solar regeneration. He's at maybe 10% of his normal strength....probably less.

And when the über-tank Batmobile comes at him, he can't activate his heat vision for lack of power, but can still pick up the 50ton+ vehicle, throw it to the side, and rip it open.
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Post by The Trapster » Thu Dec 08, 2005 1:05 am

Lists from a while ago:

Our Super strong characters often refer to this table to get a grasp of what they can and can't do. The numbers are pounds.

200 Manhole cover
400 Piano, Drum of oil (full)
500 Dumpster (empty, but can hold up to 3000)
800 Motorcycle
1000 Telephone pole
1300 Sailboat
1800 U-haul trailer
2600 Medium missile
3400 20' Propane tank (empty, but can hold up to 2000 gal (16,000 lbs))
3500 Car, Large missile
4000 Granite monument
5000 Small forklift, 20? Metal cargo container (empty, but can hold up to 53,000), Large meteor
6000 10' Jersey Barrier
7000 Truck, Limo
9000 40? Metal cargo container (empty, but can hold up to 67,000)
14,000 Small jet, Combat helicopter, School bus, Semi trailer (empty, but can hold up to 61,000)
16,000 Howitzer, 'Twinkie' Travel trailer
19,000 Semi tractor
25,000 Armored car (empty, but can hold up to 10,000)
27,000 Jet fighter, Subway car
30,000 Motorhome RV
40,000 Mobile home, Greyhound bus
55,000 Infantry fighting vehicle
63,000 Railroad boxcar (empty, but can hold up to 200,000)
80,000 Bull dozer, Fire truck (empty, but can hold up to 15,000)
110,000 Tank
160,000 Crane
156,000 Typical water tower 125? tall (empty, but can hold up to 120,000 gal (1,000,000 lbs))
220,000 Space shuttle
240,000 200? Radio tower
250,000 Locomotive engine
360,000 Giant mining dump-truck (empty, but can hold up to 620,000)
440,000 Large plane, Titan II rocket
450,000 Statue of Liberty
759,000 Hydro-electric generator
880,000 Trawler
1,300,000 Giant crane
1,320,000 1000? Radio tower
1,600,000 Giant mining excavator
1,760,000 Drilling rig
3,520,000 Small bridge
7,040,000 Military tugboat
14,000,000 Eiffel tower
14,080,000 Destroyer, Large submarine
27,500,000 Freighter (unloaded)
55,000,000 Freighter (loaded), Cruiser, Large bridge

Here?s info for some common heavy animals:
400 Pounds ? Bear, Gorilla, Lion, Tiger
500 Pounds ? Alligator, Crocodile, Grizzly Bear
4,000 Pounds ? Rhinoceros
7,000 Pounds ? Hippopotamus
12,000 Pounds ? Elephant
40,000 Pounds ? Blue Whale

Not exactly weight related, but distances nevertheless are pertinent. STANDARD ATMOSPHERIC DISTANCES: Here are some standard distances from the ground up.
Troposphere: Ground to 6 miles
Stratosphere: 6 miles-50 miles
Ionosphere: 50-300 miles
Exosphere: 300-600 miles
Space Shuttle: 150 miles
Other manned spacecraft: 90-300 miles
Earth-observing satellites: 500 miles
Navigational satellites: 6,200-13,000 miles
Geostationary satellites: 22,000 miles
Moon: 238,857 miles
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Post by Vittek » Thu Dec 08, 2005 4:11 pm

From Chris Finney's "Benchmark Guide V2" (this pdf is free for distribution; you should contact Chris Finney and ask where to get it)

.352 oz./10.5 grams Needle, match
1.76 oz./52.8 grams Mouse, small bird
3.52 oz. Empty shot glass, paperback novel, rat
.55 lbs./8.8 oz. A pint of water, squirrel, small handgun
1.1 lbs. Large book, cup of water
2.2 lbs. Purse, notebook computer, medium handgun
3.3 lbs. Laptop computer
4.4 lbs. Car tire, cat, large handgun
7.7 lbs. M-16A2, book bag
11 lbs. Infant’s weight, M1 Garand, shot put
55 lbs. Child’s weight, full suitcase, 27” TV set
110 lbs. Adolescent’s weight
220 lbs. Average man’s weight
330 lbs. Football lineman’s weight
441 lbs. Sumo wrestler’s weight, small piano, GBU-12 (500-lb bomb)
551 lbs. Large black bear, seal, large stag, small boulder
661.5 lbs. Grand piano, small nuclear warhead
771.75 lbs. 120mm mortar, large wooden canoe
882 lbs. Motorcycle, sailboat, female polar bear
0.5 tons Male polar bear, camel
0.75 tons Small trailer
1 ton Economy car
1.5 tons Mid-size pickup, mini-van
2.5 tons Luxury car, van
3 tons Truck
5 tons large ship’s anchor
6.5 tons Armored limousine, Lear jet, Tyrannosaurus rex
9.5 tons Killer whale (male)
12.5 tons Subway car, male African elephant
18.75 tons Fighter jet (unloaded), streetcar
25 tons Fighter jet (loaded), Small rocket, reactor fuel container (truck)
37.5 tons Gray/humpback whale, T-54/55 tank
50 tons M60A1 tank, amphibious assault vehicle
75 tons M1A1 tank, Bowhead whale, reactor fuel container (railroad)
100 tons 757, space shuttle, blue whale, locomotive, Crusader howitzer & supply vehicle
150 tons Cargo jet capacity, diesel locomotive, C-5A Galaxy (empty)
200 tons 767, SRN4 hovercraft
300 tons Galleon, C-5A Galaxy (fully loaded)
400 tons 747, trawler
800 tons Drilling rig
1.6 kt Small bridge
2.4 kt hydroelectric generator
3.2 kt Destroyer
4.8 kt Freight train, lighthouse
6.4 kt Nuclear submarine
12.5 kt Freighter (empty)
25 kt Cruiser, freighter (full)
37.5 kt Large ocean liner (cruise ship)
50 kt Battleship
100 kt (100,000,000 kg) Large bridge