New Gamemaster with some questions

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New Gamemaster with some questions

Post by Erik » Tue Dec 06, 2005 5:35 am

I have a question concerning The Max Defense Bonus on the power level chart. What does that entail? The reason I ask is I drew up a level 13 NPC for a game I'm going to run. I assumed that the max defense bonus was the bonus you buy with your power points plus your dexterity bonus, which I had come out to exactly 13. But when I added his super dexterity, and super speed, and combat sense, his defense rating came out to 33/33 not counting dodge.

Now mind you this NPC isn't a villain or anything. He is going to be more of a teacher to the players. But they may still come in contact with him. The first player to give me a character sheet, even rolling a 20 the highest attack he could muster against the NPC above would be 28!

So did I mess something up or will I just hope that someone in my rping troupe makes a character that can exploit a nonphysical weakness or the like?

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Post by Evendur » Tue Dec 06, 2005 1:28 pm

First, The Max Defense Bonus is how high you can buy your Base Defense up by.

Second, Super Dexterity and Super Speed Bonuses Stack, so you could only get a maximum of +13 out of them. Combat Sense does not add to your Defense, it allows you to retain a dodge bonus equal to it's rank when caught flat-footed.

If you max everything, it should go like this:

Base Defense = 23
Base Flat-Footed = 23
Combat Sense = 13 ranks
Dex 20 = +5 Defense
Super Dex or Super Speed = +13 Defense
Dodge Feat = +1 defense

Defense = 42
Flat-footed= 36

Keep in mind though that that costs 101pp with Super Dex and 127pp with Super Speed.

If your PC's are at level 10, the best they can do on an attack is:

Base Attack: +10
Str/Dex 20: +5
Attack Focus: 1
Total: +16

Making the only way to hit the PL 13 teacher is with a critical hit.

I didn't know the ranks, so I just maxed everything else out. If you want to drop hints to the players about ways to beat him, suggest Mental and Area attacks, those being the best way to hit a Speedster.
This being because they only get their Base Defense + Wisdom Modifier against Mental Attacks, and they make a Damage with their Wisdom Modifiers instead of their evasion.
Area blast will usually always hit, and since it denies Speedsters their evasion, as well as most having bad Constitution based Damage Saves, so they are likely to get hurt, even if they make the save for half.
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