Sorcery, Duplication & Alternate Form

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Sorcery, Duplication & Alternate Form

Post by Vittek » Sun Sep 25, 2005 4:41 pm

1) Does Sorcery spells "copy" only the base effects of a power? What about stunts and extras? Specifically, animating shadows with Animation requires an extra: what about it? Can I do that (animate shadows) with a spell?
2) How many "Sustained powers" can be active in the same round? Can I Duplicate and then assume my Alternate form? And what if I Duplicate while I am in my Alternate Form? Will my clone have the Alternate Form already active?
3) "Sustained" for the power duplications means that I can wake up in the morning, start to clone myself as many times as I can, and retain them utill I sleep? With the "Horde" Extra, it is very powerful!! At level 10 you normally get 10 duplicates, but with 10 Horde extras... the manual says "each time you take this extra, your maximum number doubles"!!! This means 10 x 1024 = 10240 duplicates!!! Am I right??? Why isn't this a stunt???

PS: I'm from italy. Sorry for my english.

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Post by Dread Lord » Mon Oct 17, 2005 5:00 pm

You should hae maybe broken this down into 3 posts. But I'll try and answer your questions.

1) Only the base power. But you can use extra effort to mimic an extra or power stunt. Though in character creation the player could state that his Shadow Magic (Animation) only animates shadows and therefor that becomes his base power.

2) You can have any number of powers active at once. But can only activate one power a round. Unless the power's action is specified as "Free" in which case it can be used at any point in your turn.

3) By the book, yes you can have this many dups at a time. However I generaly assume that for powers with the sustained duration that the character stops useing the power between scenes. For example, after fighting Mr. Bad at the mall the characters move to down town to look for his base. That was a scene change and all sustained powers are "reset". If the player insists the power stay active I call for a Concentration check DC 10 or higher depending on how much time has passed or how distracting the time was.

So in the example above the DC would be about 10. But if the characters went to the hall of records first to do research for an hour then the DC might be 15. If they went back to base for the rest of the day then went looking for his base hours later I might set the DC at 20 or more.

A sustained power is something you have to at least think about to keep active. Try just thinking about the color blue for a day, well befor lunch your mind will wander I bet.
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