Double Checking a Spaceship Design

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Double Checking a Spaceship Design

Post by Cray » Thu Aug 25, 2005 11:19 am

Alright, I've put to use the input given on the Jumpships thread. Now, I'd like to see if I've done the math correctly in building my (almost) first vehicle. Corrections and comments welcome.

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The Bioship (suspiciously similar in appearance to the Incredibles' "manta jet") was a gift to the [Generic Hero League] from the grateful alien race known as [to be determined]. Technology transfer laws being what they were, the [TBD] carefully supplied the backward and bloodthirsty humans with a vehicle so advanced that there was no chance in Hell of the barbarians duplicating the technology. Instead, the bioship is maintained under contract by [TBD] technicians who reside on-site at the [Generic Hero League]'s HQ in Ultrapolis.

The Bioship is not a combat machine. Instead, it's a versatile triphibian transport to help the [Generic Hero League]'s less mobile members (up to 16 human-sized passengers) transit the globe and to give the [Generic Hero League] interstellar transport if the [TBD] again require aid. The Bioship is fairly robust but unarmed, and it's about as nimble as a freight train in an atmosphere. While it cannot turn on a dime (or even a small state) at full air speeds, the Bioship is not sloppy in its maneuvering, which is of significant benefit during low speed VTOL maneuvering in close quarters.


  Flying (Jet): 10pts
    Speed: 10 (mach 1 travel speed), 10pts
    Maneuverability: 2 (base 2), 0pts
  Space Movement (Boosters): 15pts
    Speed: 15 (32000mph travel speed), 15pts
    Maneuverability: 10 (base 10), 0pts
  Swimming Movement (Submarine): 3pts
    Speed: 3 (8mph), 3pts
    Maneuverability: 8 (base 8), 0pts

HARDNESS (20, base 15): 5pts

SKILLS: 5pts
  Search: +5
  Spot: +5

POWERS: 14pts
  Dimensional Travel 1 (Limited: Jump Point to Jump Point only)
  ESP 10 (200K miles, device), 10pts
  Regeneration 1, 2pts (I think)

FEATS: 18pts
  All-Around Sight
  Radio Hearing
  Radio Broadcast
  Immunity (Suffocation, Cold, Heat, Radiation, Pressure)

  Jet Boosters, 1pt
  VTOL, 1pt

SIZE: Large (carries 16, +0 maneuverability, -1 Defense)
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