Animation Questions

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Animation Questions

Post by Gustadt » Thu Aug 04, 2005 10:18 am

Howdy all, and thanks for coming. My resident Animator has posed me with a couple of questions:

1) How many actions per round do the animated objects get? She's capable of animating quite a few, up to 16 if she spreads them thin, and if every one of them gets even a half-action this quickly becomes a bookeeping nightmare. Suggestions?

2) What about her spending Hero Points on behalf of her animates? I'm inclined to say that she can do so, but that it would be a half- or full- action on her part because she'd be giving more of her concentration over to the act. Does this seem fair?

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Post by ronalmb » Thu Aug 04, 2005 10:43 am

Each of the animated objects get their own set of actions. Yes, that is a lot of actions, and yes it can slow things down. Some things to remember tho:

1. Most animated objects are plain dumb if the character doesn't invest any points into their mental abilities. That means that they can only follow pretty simple instructions (and i do believe they need instructions).... if animator girl has to give any one of them detailed instructions during the round, that could eat up her actions quickly. Better to send a whole mob of them over to "bust that guy over there", for example.

2. The animated objects are minions and they really don't last too long when going up against a super-baddy.. especially one that has an area attack. They won't be eating up actions for long.

3. Give her something to keep those animated objects busy during a combat (helping bystanders to safety, holding up a collapsing ceiling, etc). Give her the chance to save the day with the power without it being necessarily in combat.

4. Ask her to *not* summon up 16 animated chairs in a situation that doesn't warrent it (arresting a hand full of mooks, her and the team pounding on one baddy, etc).

5. Animated objects that are destroyed amounts to property damage. Someone isn't going to be happy their garden statue got up and walked over to be smashed by Mr. Crunch'ems.

As far as spending Hero Points on them? I think I would require it to be a Power Stunt for Animation. It isn't quite an Extra IMO