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For Full Metal Alchemist Fans

Postby Warmonger » Wed Aug 03, 2005 1:01 pm

Cost: 4
Action: Half
Range: Varies
Save: Varies

You understand how to rearrange the composition of matter. Before you can use Alchemy you must have an Alchemy array, whic takes a full action to create. The Alchemist must remain in contact with the Array to performaclhemy. You gain the following powers at your power rank.
*You can transmute matter as in the transmutation Power..
*You can reshape matter as in the shape matter power.
*You can create objects at your power rank.

Power Stunts:You gain the following powers as power stunts of Alchemy: Animate Object, Elemental Control, Energy Control, Plant Control, Disintigration, Disruption.

Extras:Quick Cast: Maybe youhave an Alchemy array on your body maybe you can draw it faster than lightning but for whatever reason you never need draw an alchemy array and you count as always being in contact with one.

Uhmm.. what does everyone think?

1) Does the Alchemy array count as a signifigant enough flaw to warrent dropping the price to 4pp?

2) Should Quickcast be a stunt or a true extra?
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Postby Evendur » Wed Aug 03, 2005 9:02 pm

I would say yes to youre first question, which means that quick cast is a valid extra. Since it takes a full round action to draw the array I would say that is is sufficiently limiting to lower it 1pp/rank. This would make the ability to bypass the array raise it 1pp/rank.
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