Reflex Saves, Armour & Energy Blasts, Oh my...

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Postby tomorrow » Tue Aug 02, 2005 8:58 pm

for the purposes of anti-munchkinism... yeah I could see not liking the stack... but it is in fact realistic.

Your evasion is you making the blow glance or miss you (effectively giving you a second defense via a different mechanic). A glancing blow to a guy in armor does less damage then a glancing blow to a guy without.

The amount of success determines what happens discriptively. If you save by enough that your armor or amazing save-damage doesn't come into play... then you evade the attack entirely. If you end up needing your armor or the amazing save-damage... you took a glancing hit that bounced off you armor or was absorbed by your "endurant form". Take a hit that deal damage anyway... eh... you get the point.

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