Using the M&M rules for a non Supers game

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Using the M&M rules for a non Supers game

Post by ReeboKesh » Mon Jun 27, 2005 12:47 am

Anyone want to suggest how many Power Points you would assign players to build non-super characters who are spies, mercs, street samurai etc. In other words if you took Super Powers out how many PP should a PL 10 character get?
I think the M&M rules are great, the point buy system is much broader than the other d20 systems out there and I'd love to use it in an espionage or 'shadowrun' type game. Maybe even a D&D game!
Anyone done something like this so far?

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Post by Lechteron » Mon Jun 27, 2005 6:03 am

Leave it the same. It'll open the door for more skill based characters which makes for an interesting game.

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Post by Dekon » Mon Jun 27, 2005 7:15 am

Personal opinion on this is that I wouldn't take out the super powers completely. Some of them could be very useful to that sort of character. Uncontrolled Luck, Gadget, Weapon, etc. Unless that's what you meant, of course.

In that case, I wouldn't drop their point amount, i'd drop their PL to maybe 4-5, maybe a bit lower to start off.

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Post by Rivalsan » Mon Jun 27, 2005 11:07 am

I'd leave even more in.

Energy blast, for instance - You've got a taser built into a cyberarm.
Datalink, to let a decker hack
Running, cyberlegs. How very Bionic woman.. Nananananananananan..
Super attributes to signify cybernetics in other ways.. wired reflexes, body armor subdermals..

Obviously, all at low PLs. Sounds like an entirely workable idea. Characters probably around PL 5 or 6?
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Post by Omega Girl » Tue Jun 28, 2005 11:23 am

Honestly, the best answer to that is "How powerful do you want them to be?"

In a game like M&M, it's pretty easy to whip up villains, even mooks that are the same level as the PCs, so what PL you start the players with depends on how much individual power you want each of them to have. At PL 10, they've got enough points to almost completely master one area (combat, controlling machines, cybernetics, magic, whatever) and still have some skill in 2-3 other areas. At PL 8, they have less of an ability to multitask so well, and will likely depend on each other more. At PL 5-6, they'll be good at what they specialize in, but be far from masters, and they won't have as many 'extra points' to sprinkle around into other areas (nobody will be able to cover their butt for every possible contingency, like you usually can at PL 10).

I don't recomend taking M&M characters any lower than PL 4, because then it becomes difficult just to afford basic attributes, saves, and skills.

What were the details of the non-supers campaign you were thinking of running.

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Post by elspark » Tue Jun 28, 2005 4:13 pm

Like the other posters said, why eliminate powers? There's a lot that can be done with Training as a source (if you keep the powers appropriately low).
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Post by the_masochist » Sat Jul 02, 2005 8:05 pm

I set up a feudal China/Japenesse anime style game and stated that you simply could only choose Training or Mystic as a source. all I really had to do was create a basic champaign setting and makes some slightly higher level opponents to populate it, then just let the characters explore.

To make up for the plethora of attacks a usual kung-fo anime character has, I asked players a number of extras equal to or more then halve of their power level and the same number of flaws. Then, i told them to rank them from the most favorable to the least favorable and created power trees like this (using goku from Dragonball Z as example):

10:(spirit bomb) no super sayian, three round prep,Heroic, tiring, slow
9:(oversized overhead energyball) three round prep, heroic, tiring, slow
8:(super kamahamaha) heroic, tiring, slow
7:(kamaha) slow, tiring, area
6:(quick kamahamaha) Tiring,
5: innate,
4: innate, auto fire
3: innate, auto fire, multi fire
2: innate, auto fire, multi fire, range
1: innate, auto fire, multi fire, range, deflection

so, when majin vegeta (i.e.) is targeted against goku's 3 rank power, (which has a -10 due to auto fire and multi-fire) Majin vegeta wouldn't have a problem using deflection. when goku uses a rank 7 basic Kamahamaha, however, he would still have a tough time stopping it. to make the lower-level attacks worthwhile though, I had to hinder Protecton alot. I added a little rule that makes protection more difficult to purchase at nuasea, each rank of protection increases the cost of protection like powers (Death To Absorbtion! :x) by two points. After the basic moans and groans of little protection, everything went smoothly. it was kinda fun to throw "The Unbreakable Boar" at them (12 ranks of impervious protection) to see how the players react to something that they players have an incredibly hard time to hurt.