Searching for Character Portrait

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Searching for Character Portrait

Postby Uthanar » Mon Dec 31, 2012 4:29 pm

My wife and I are trying to get character portraits together for most characters that have been in our super hero game, PC or not. The mentor character that the PCs have is a retired super hero that was one of the last of the previous wave of heroes, and so does not super-suit up much anymore.

Description Normal: Dry British woman generally with a critical look. Thin. Late 40s. Business pantsuit and tie, fully buttoned up. Fingered leather gloves. Brown hair, preferably in a bun or in another no nonsense arrangement. No skin showing other than above the collar.

Description Super-Heroic: Full body suit and turtleneck collar, white coloration. Costume has thick blue straight line pattern with 90 degree turns (or Archangel type pattern). Hair can be in bun or free.

Wondering if people have any pictures that they might think fit the description. I spent a while searching for something and nothing fit well enough. I found a few that worked to some degree or other. What we think we are going to currently go with is this.

I found this one that had the attitude that I liked, but the colors were far from what we were looking for and missing gloves.

If anyone has suggestions, I would be happy to look at them. Thanks for any thoughts!

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