Request: Little Demon Girl Family Shoot

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Request: Little Demon Girl Family Shoot

Post by Something Funny » Fri May 15, 2009 11:09 pm

This is from an old MnM that never got past the first page, and while I'm not likely to play these character's again in the near future, I still miss them terribly.
That said, I'm hopping somebody would eb willing to make some character portraits (or more specifically, portrait)

In essence, the character was a demon who had possessed an eight year old Greek girl during the Greek revolution, and then proceeded to slaughter it's way across Europe, stealing souls and taking names all the way. In the 21st century, the character has settled down somewhat, though the fact that it can't age makes it somewhat difficult to have a family.

The picture itself I'd like to have a portrait-ish setup, with the demon girl (a slight looking wisp of an 8 year old with long dark hair, and a general Elegant Gothic Lolita feel) and her five lieutenants,

Black Dog (In either the form of a giant black "hound of the baskervilles" dog or an dark beaten down English looking gentleman, wearing a black cloak and hat drawn over his face),

Ahuizotl (An odd otter/dog thing floating in the air with a super-long claw tipped tail, some of which should be passing through the ground or one of the others, or a nervous mousy young woman of Native American descent),

Bat (A huge heavily muscled bat, with killer fangs and claws that look like they could shred rock, or a Blondie woman with roughly the same proportions, with a completely blank expression and close cropped hair),

Scorpion (A large brown scorpion, with a gold stinger and swirling tattoos, or a well tanned, well muscled young man dressed as lightly as possibly, probably shorts, a T-shirt with the sleeves ripped off and sandals. In both forms however, he should have a leather collar w/ lease leading to the demon girl),

Dragon (A komodo dragon, jaws dripping a noxious green goo and claws digging slightly into the floor, or a generic small Asian man, with absolutely no remarkable features except that in both forms he's looking slightly toward Black Dog like he's going to start a fight)

No matter what you choose to do with them (and I don't mind changes to the characters for your own interest/whatever, as long as you don't do anything drastic, like change the animals or the basic character design), the demon girl needs to be either sitting on the back of Black Dog (in animal form), or standing next to him in the center of the picture, most likely with him kneeling down as though she's going to say something important.

Thank you in advance, and I look forward to whatever anyone decides to produce.
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