Art Request: Captain Knievel

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Art Request: Captain Knievel

Post by quotemyname » Mon Apr 20, 2009 7:56 pm

Hey guys, I am new to the ATT, but I have been playing M&M for a few months now.

I am playing a character online named Captain Knievel. As a short description I describe him as being a mix of Captain America, Captain Falcon, Captain Commando, Evil Knievel, and of course, the manliest man alive: David Hasselhoff.

I was wondering if one of you kind fellows would mind doing a drawing for me?

I plan on posting a little more specifics about his background and personality that might help contribute to a drawing.

Thanks in advance! :)

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Post by quotemyname » Mon Apr 20, 2009 8:03 pm

More on Captain Knievel: nothing of the nitty gritty, just some back story.

Characters Name: Captain Knievel
Alternate Identity: Taylor Rogers
Height: 6'
Weight: 200 lbs (all muscle, baby!)
Hair: Sunlight-Blond
Eyes: Blue

* Accident (Unrelenting desire to perform dangerous hazardous stunts)
* Compulsion (Must hit on every woman he sees)
* Hatred (meta-humans who were given or born with their powers)
* Insane (Truly believes his viewpoints regarding meta humans and their place in society are in the right)
* Temper (Quick to anger, never turns down a fight)
* Secret (Secret identity prevents him from performing any super powered deeds due to bureaucratic red tape while in his un-costumed identity)

Physical Description:

Standing 6 feet tall and weighing in at 200 golden apples, Captain Knievel is the epitome of manliness and physical prowess. Captain Knievel sports a tactical combat suit made from form a fitting kevlar jumpsuit, steel toed boots, and steel shoulder pads. With his sunglasses and highly stylized bright blond hair, Captain Knievel is stonger faster and more attractive than and 5 normal men combined. In combat, Captain Knievel's "Epi-Punch" is so strong that it actually discharges a small amount of electricity when it connects. The gauntlets he wears on his arms allow him to generate the powerful "Adrenaline Cannon", a 5 foot wide plasma laser cannon that originates a his clenched fists, which he then draws across every enemy in sight leaving only the charred remains of his surroundings behind.

The Adrenaline Cannon Mark 2 includes hydraulic tubing that runs from the gauntlet on Captain Knievel's right arm to the armor on his back. From his armor, the tubes stretch down the sides of his legs and open up at his boots. These tubes allow Captain Knievel to project the special attacks generated by his Adrenaline Cannon from his feet as well as his right arm. This allows him to deliver flaming kicks, etc...

Taylor Rogers
DOB: 6/6/86

At 15 years old, Taylor's parents took him skydiving. After a freak accident caused his chute not to open, Taylor hit the ground. Hard. Miraculously, he survived the fall. His body crippled and broken, Taylor entered a coma. After five agonizing years of intense surgery, Taylor finally regained consciousness. His first thought upon waking was, "I want to do that again!" Most people would be be left in paralyzing fear of falling and heights. But not Taylor Rogers. When the doctors told him that he would never walk again, his only reply was, "Like hell i will!" and seemingly magically, after two years of intense physical therapy, he did. However, just getting his body back in working order wasn't enough for Taylor. He was 20 years old, a legal adult, and decided that he wasn't going to bother being a part of normal society. Taylor's one and only dream was to do anything and everything that would be worth a thrill. In order to be able to do that, Taylor spent two more years going through intense physical training. Four solid years of conditioning and strength training honed Taylor's body to the peak of human physical prowess. Taking a job as a professional body builder, Taylor began to enjoy the pay-offs of all his hard work, and the lifestyle that went along with it. With money, relative fame, and a body fit as a fiddle, Taylor was once again able to enjoy skydiving, rock climbing, and a multitude of other risky yet intensely satisfying activities. That is until his body building sponsors told him he was no longer allowed to perform these activities. He had come to far to stop now though. So what is a guy to do when he can't pursue his deepest desires as himself? The same thing everyone else in freedom city does when they can't do what the want to as themselves. Put on a costume and do it anyways! That is when Captain Knievel was born. Now Taylor Rogers leads a double life. On one side, he is the Taylor Rogers, the peaceful, rich, body builder superstar. On the other, he is Captain Knievel the trill seeking junkie, that loves to throw caution to the wind and dive off of sky scrapers.

Because he loves thrill seeking so much it always seems to get him into trouble. Taylor has had more accidents than he can count as Captain Knievel. He has been injured, shot, broken bones, and so on. He never seems to learn though...

Taylor has worked very hard to get to where he is in life, and that has ingrained in him a deep hatred for those other super-hero punks who through some fortuitous accident were mutated and gained wondrous powers. They got everything just by chance, and without any effort. After all, Taylor had to work for his meals. Why shouldn't they?

Because most of his adult life has been spent listening to people tell him he can't do something, and he is forced to listen to them, he finds that as Captain Knievel he can never refuse a fight, or turn down a challenge, and he never pulls any punches.

***Captain Knievel in terms of villany:

Knievel's villany stems more from random acts of violence and from reckless endangerment than from anything else. What's the best way to pick a fight? go pop a super hero... they are always itching for action. Can't find a super hero? they'll come to you easy enough, all you have to do is dangle an orphan or two out of a window and they will come zooming in from all directions. they always seem to know about these things.

Otherwise, yes, Knievel is the type of guy that would steal a sports car or two and take it for a joy ride through the middle of a traffic clogged highway (or even better, a kawasaki motorcycle perhaps?) find the back of a trailer somewhere launch off of it... who cares where the motor cycle flies to, it will be cool seeing it blow up!

So, in essence, Captain Knievel is not necessarily evil, he is just a huge jerk. However this is often leads to the same thing.

***Captain Knievel is simply so INCREDIBLY manly that the sheer grace of his rippling muscles and sparkling 'pearly whites' inspire greatness in and of themselves. anyone and everyone who lays their eyes upon him simply feels the sheer force of attraction generated by his solid muscle fiber and is inspired to be like 'The Captain'. in every one of us is the urge to do something crazy, and The Captain is the embodiment of the recklessness. this is why the average person (as well as other villains) is incredibly inspired by Captain Knievel.

Thanks again, and go nuts! :)[/quote]