Art Request: Abigael Jacobs (Lady Grey) Star Squad, CSI.

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Art Request: Abigael Jacobs (Lady Grey) Star Squad, CSI.

Post by kirinke » Sat Apr 18, 2009 7:16 pm

Hiyo talented artists out there, I am looking for some kind artist to draw up this lil lady for me, CSI detective Abigael Jacobs aka Lady Grey:
The main link can be found here ... highlight=

If'n someone could draw her up, I'd be rightly grateful.
And here is her write up
Character Name: Lady Gray
Concept: CSI detective, master hacker, electrical Controller
Quotation: You want the best, I am the best. Now that the posturing is over, let's get to work.
Real Name: Abigael Jacobs. Her coworkers call her (affectionately) Pixie or Tinkerbell/Tink due to her almost waifish/fey looks and ability to get into trouble.
Identity: Public
Origin: Mutant
Allegiance: The innocent and helpless, police, justice, friends/family
Motivation: Responsibility
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Height: 5ft 6inches tall
Build: Slender, Graceful
Hair: platinum blonde
Eyes: bright, sharp green
Occupation: CSI detective computer/electronic specialist
Nationality: USA
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Initative: +1
PL/PP: 8/120
Initative: +1
Hero Points: +2
PL/PP: 8/120
Power Level: 8; Power Points Spent: 120/120

STR: +0 (10), DEX: +1 (12), CON: +0 (10), INT: +13 (36), WIS: +3 (16), CHA: +2 (14)

Tough: +0/+8, Fort: +5, Ref: +4, Will: +5

Feats: Equipment 2, Attack Focus (Ranged) 6, Luck, Master Plan, Precise Shot, Inventor, Improved Disarm, Improvised Tools, Connected, Contacts, Jack-of-All-Trades, Well-Informed, Eidetic Memory, Fearless, Benefit (Notority)

Benefit: Notority. Abigael is a well known and famous hacker (perhaps infamous), due to her taking out a notorious and dangerous terrorist known as Glowworm, who tried to invade NORAD's computer systems in an attempt to start WWIII at the tender age of 13.

Skills: Concentration 4 (+7), Diplomacy 2 (+4), Gather Information 6 (+8), Intimidate 4 (+6), Notice 4 (+7), Profession (CSI) 4 (+7)

Force Field 8 (+8 Toughness)
Array 8 (default power: electrical control)
Electrical Control 8 (Alternate; DC 23)
Transmit 7 (Alternate; 700 ft. as move action, 200 miles as full action; Easy)
Datalink 7 [Dyn: 1/r+2, max 16PP] (Alternate; sense type: radio; Cyberspace, Machine Control)
Comprehend 5 [Dyn: 2/r, max 16PP] (Alternate; codes & ciphers, machines / electronics - speak to, machines / electronics - understand, languages - read all, languages - speak all)

Masterwork Laptop, pistol +3 damage, handcuffs. tonfa

Attack Bonus: +2 (Ranged: +8, Melee: +2, Grapple: +2)

Attacks: Unarmed Attack, +2 (DC 15), Electrical Control 8, +8 (DC 23), Tonfa, +2 (DC 16), Light Pistol, +8 (DC 18)

Defense: +4 (Flat-footed: +2), Knockback: -4

Initiative: +1

Languages: Native Language

Minion Rank 4
Name: Sabiel
Concept: Friendly Artifical Intelligence
Quotation: You're in big trouble Abigael. Shall I execute command line 100B?

STR: 0. DEX: 0. CON: 0. INT: 20 (+5). WIS: 20 (+5). CHA: 16 (+3).

Attack: +4

Defense: +2
Willpower: +1+7=
PP: 5

Computers +5. Concentration +5. Diplomancy +5 (1pp spent). Disable Device +5.
Medicine: +5. Search: +5. Sense motive: +5. Gather Information +7 (1pp spent). Investigation +5.
-Arcane Lore +5. -Art +5. -Behavioral Sciences +5. -Business +5. -Civics +5. -Current Events +5.
-Earth Sciences +5. -History +5. -Life Sciences +5. -Physical Sciences +5. -Popular Culture +5. -Streetwise +5.
-Tactics +5. -Technology +5. -Theology and Philosophy +5.

PP spent: 1

Datalink rank 4. Machine Control rank 4. Machine animation rank 4. Mind-shield rank 4
Communication Rank 4, Rapid.
-DAP Comprehend languages Rank 3: Comprehend languages, Electronics, Code
-DAP SuperSenses Rank 3: Detect weakness, Radar, Sonar
-DAP Supersenses Rank 3: Infravision, Microscopic vision 3 ranks, Radio
-DAP Supersenses Rank 3: Ultra Hearing, Ultra Vision, Spatial Awareness
Abigail is a genius. Certifiable, one hundred percent genius. Only a few can equal her intelligence and none can equal her skills behind a computer screen. At the age of six, she had hacked the pentagon. At the age of seven, she had raided the Kremlin. There wasn't a computer she could break into, there wasn't a system she couldn't crash. She steadily crept her way up the hacker hierarchy, establishing a name for herself. The Gray Queen, Lady Gray. Aether. It was said that there was the hacker elite and there was the Gray Queen and Glowworm.

Glowworm was her opposite, her evil twin some said (It wasn't true). Where she used her powers for at worst criminal mischief, he was a certified terrorist. His idea of a good time was bringing down planes, just to see the explosions. When he brought down a plane in her neighborhood, killing people she knew, it was war. She tracked him down and stopped him from hacking into New York's transit system. This began a deadly game of cat and mouse that lasted three years, cumulating in a vicious electronic battle right in NORAD's main computer system, where he had hoped to set off world war three. Abigail stopped him, defeated him and led the FBI right to his doorstep.

He turned out to be a 26 year old cripple, turned psychopath with delusions of grandeur. He couldn't accept the fact that a thirteen year old child and stopped him and he vowed revenge, even as he was sentenced to life with no possibility of parole.

While she had committed many felonies during her mini-war with Glowworm, she had done so to protect the lives of innocent people. The government and the courts were lenient with her under the circumstances. They sentenced her to help them improve government security, by having her try to break into systems, to find security faults and then help shore them up. In return, the government dropped all charges on her and wiped her record clean.

While she was doing this, she finished high school in record time and got her degree just as quick. Her foray into government work gave her a taste for it and she decided to become a CSI detective and in doing so, became one of the youngest female detectives in the history of Freedom city.

Enemy: Glowworm. Master hacker/terrorist with an extreme hatred of the Lady Gray.
Villians who specialize in technology/computer/electronic based crimes are either infatuated with lady gray or want her to join them whether she wants to or not. Being a police officer and public figure offers her a great deal of protection from other governments, but from these villains... perhaps not as much as she would like.

Totals: Abilities 38 + Skills 6 (24 ranks) + Feats 25 + Powers 29 + Combat 12 + Saves 10 + Drawbacks 0 = 120