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We have a lot of talented artists who frequent these forums. This is the place for them to show off their stuff.
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Postby DaveAnderson » Thu Sep 07, 2006 5:49 pm

Nice work, The art style does give a bit of a retro-pulpish feel that must work well in a Hellboy-esque world.

there's a tremendous pulp quality to it. it's good stuff.

Thanks guys! I've heard 'retro' before, been compared to Alex Toth. But 'pulp' is a new one. Cool.
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Postby BeaumanEnterprisesInc » Thu Sep 07, 2006 7:50 pm

DaveAnderson wrote:
VIRTUE wrote:I wish i had a super hero gaming group like you guys do up in Seatle

You never know, there might be individuals looking for groups or even groups already playing M&M right near by. I'd suggest looking in Craigslist (or posting looking for gamers) or even searching through Frapper.


Or duh! I didn't think of this but there is a player locator right here on the M&M forums!

Good luck!

???? I mean, ummmmmmmm ??????

Okay . . . the gaming knowledge surprised me. Of all the talks we've had in relation to producing RPG material . . . ironically we've never actually discussed the habit of gaming before.

The again, I game every Friday, and have had the same gaming group (with only the occassional new member in the roster of the few members that have rotated) for upwards of 15 years, now.
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