Power Suits with Multiple Weapon Systems?

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JaDeth KaBael
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Power Suits with Multiple Weapon Systems?

Postby JaDeth KaBael » Fri Jan 30, 2009 4:42 pm

I have a player who wants to create a suit of power armor that has different power systems that I can only explain as being variant versions of Blast.

For instance...he wants wrist mounted energy guns. Straight up Blast effect, right?

He also wants hip-mounted missile packs with limited ammo, explosive radius, etc. Lots of extras add-ons. He also wants the missiles (limited in ammo) to do more damage than the wrist-mounted energy guns. Seems fair to me.

Should I have him buy Blast multiple times with the extras separate? Should one Blast be bought with the other Blast as some form of Alternate Power? Thoughts?

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