Readied Attacks, Revisited

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Readied Attacks, Revisited

Postby selphil » Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:00 am

Steve, please clarify this:

In another thread ( you stated that this is how Readied actions are supposed to work in M&M:

Speedster zooms in, punches a guy, speeds away with move by. Victim readies for speedster to come back in, speedster does. Victim moves to before speedster in initiative order, taking his action, then speedster finishes. Victim is now ahead of speedster in the order.

Doesn't the victim have the same Initiative count as the speedster since he "interrupted" the speedster during the speedster's action on the speedster's Initiative count? According to the RAW, "your initiative result becomes the count on which you took the readied action." Thus, the victim will now act on the same Initiative count as the speedster for the rest of the encounter (beginning the next round) -- but after the speedster, assuming the speedster has a higher Dexterity than the victim, right?

Okay, here's part two of my question:

It's a point of contention between some about what happens with the victim's following actions. Some conclude that the victim interrupts the speedster, then the speedster completes his action, then the victim gets to act AGAIN (!) because the victim is now at the same Initiative count as the speedster, but acting after the speedster due to lower Dexterity.

Is this correct?

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