Illusion Range

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Illusion Range

Postby fviv21 » Tue Oct 21, 2008 1:38 pm

I had a question I don't see listed elsewhere.

I have a character built using the core and Ultimate Power rules. The illusion based character actually seems incredibly formidable when used properly. My questions -

1) If an illusion (non-phantasm) has an area of say 50 feet. Is that the max size of the illusion or max area the illusion is seen. After all, even if an illusion effects all senses, it is still a mental attack. Thus, using the football field scenario from an earlier thread, why would people watching tv see an illusion miles away if their mind is out of the "caster's" range? It isn't Create Object - it is still a mental attack. The size of the illusion would become Perception if the illusion has no area of effect?

2) If a target runs out of the illusion range then they would stop sensing the illusion?

3) If a character with the Damaging extra, creates an illusion of Centurion let's say and has Centurion thump on a villian, the illusion hits automatically for real damage and the villian has no save gainst the illusion unless the fake Centurion does something "unbelievable"?

From question 3 you can see how Illusion, (all senses, Damaging) can almost become a X level power. Since the illusions are tactile, as a GM I've said melee "hits" the illusion but ranged pass through it - causing a disbelieve save. I've also used a "illusion sphere" like a snow globe in which the illusion is perceptable. Characters moving out of the sphere look back and no longer see the illusion. If they re-enter range and Centurion suddenly reappears they obviously get a disbeleif save. These opportunities to disbelieve help control the power's effectivness enough to be playable but still worth the 7 pp per rank cost.

Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

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