Gravity control question

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Gravity control question

Postby ExtraCrispy » Thu Oct 16, 2008 2:33 am

I just made a character for a new game and picked up gravity control. The power level is 8, so he has gravity control at 8. Now in the rules it says it is a ranged power that effects a area equil to rank x 5 feet area.

1: A friend who is usually the GM for M&M (not this time though) said that since it is a ranged power I have to roll to hit then if I miss or others in the area get a reflex save to half the effect (thus a rank 4 gravity effect). My question is, is this correct? It does not seem right to me as gravity in an area is being affected and people in that area would be immune to the power if they could lift enough weight or they get a strength check to still take a half action, seems like a double save to me.

2: I wanted to make it so that the power would not effect me if I did not want it to, thanking about taking immunity 1, own powers. Thus I could hit the area around me and not effect myself. The same friend said that since immunity is constant I could not effect myself with the power at all, I would not be able to ever effect my character with my power. He suggested getting the selectable extra for gravity control so I could choose what it effects and what it does not. Does the power have the "does not effect controler if he does not want it to" built in? Does immunity to own powers make you unable to turn off the immunity?

3: If I target an area, say a piece of pavement, instead of a character would they be affected by the power if they are in the area of the affect and thus I could avoid the roll to hit, and again they would not get a reflex save to suffer half effect. Mostly I am asking if an area effect power that is ranged makes you roll to hit or it just causes the effect in the area? And either way does it (specifically gravity control) allow a reflex save to half the effect of the power?

4: Lets say I add the selectable extra to gravity control, thus I can target specific things with the gravity and others not. Would it be possible to say target a tire on a car with the increased gravity and not the rest of the car? This may not seem that important but it could be. If I target a car so that I can put enough weight on it to stop it, the occupants would be crushed. At rank 8 I am adding 6400 pounds to the car, over 3 tons on the roof of a car would crush it and probably kill the occupants even if I do not select them to have that weight applied to them.

5: In the power decription it says that if I reduce gravity for someone and I reduce it enough to pick them up it would be like they were thrown by some one who has strength equil to rank x 5. Yet in the example there is one where a rank 14 character lowers the gravity and it says he would shoot to the top of the area of effect and hover there. If someone with that big of a strength threw someone else they would go higher and not just stop at the edge of the effect. They should count as a thrown object for distance they would go before comming back down, correct?

The GM changed the point cost for the power to 3, mostly because of the area effect. I have no problem with this as he is the GM, but if I have to make a strike, and then allow them a reflex save for 1/2 effect, and then a strength check to be able to do stuff anyway. That seems way to costly for the power. I have a way I would run the power (which would favor me of course) but I want "official" answers so I can show them to the GM and the power can be used they way it was intended.

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