Linked Extra // Télépathy

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Linked Extra // Télépathy

Postby chatladin » Tue Oct 07, 2008 3:49 am

hello Steve,

I have read and searched troughout the core book, Ultimate Power Mastermind Manual and the forum to look for answer and so far, I have understood that the Linked Extra permit to add two powers as a one if they have the same range (usually the shortest) and the same action (the longest) .. So I would like some points to be clarified please :

- Flaws and Extras : in order to have some power Range and Action matched, some powers have to have Extras and/or Flaws to change their base Range and base Action. So these Extra/Flaws are to be included in the cost of the individual powers (changing the base cost with Extras/Flaws)or are they free (considered a automatic adjustment made by linking the powers together and keeping the same Base Cost)

- Extended Range : What about an linked power with Extended Range (like Communication) and one with a more Standard Range (like Mind Reading) (the reason "Telepathy" is in the title of this thread :D ). How Extended is treated in a linked Power ?

- Is Telepathy constructed with Mind Reading and Communication linked ?


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