Indirect power feat and Direction

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Indirect power feat and Direction

Postby Elric » Sat Sep 27, 2008 10:24 am

Hi Steve,
How is the Indirect Power Feat supposed to work when it comes to changing the direction of the effect? Indirect’s description is essentially identical in UP and core, so unless you say otherwise I’ll assume the answer applies to both.

In particular, Taliesin recently made the following point:

The description for Lightning in UP’s Weather Control power (pg 203) is an Indirect 2 Blast, but allows the Blast to be directed towards the ground from any point originating above the target, which appears to be beyond the explicit capabilities of Indirect 2 (any point directed away from you). Even Indirect 3 only explicitly permits directing the effect towards you, although I think most people allow it to be pointed at any direction (the way it works in HERO, which is actually what I tend to default to by habit).

I think that Indirect should perhaps be revamped slightly so that the directionality of ranks 1 and 2 could be chosen when the power is taken, but fixed once it is chosen, rather than specifically only away from the target. This appears to be the assumption for the Lightning AP in Weather Control, at least. So rank 1 is fixed direction, fixed point. Rank 2 is fixed direction, any point. Rank 3 is any point, any direction.

Clarification here is appreciated.
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