Reaction Healing Question

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Reaction Healing Question

Postby Mark Reuter » Thu Sep 25, 2008 3:51 pm


This is merely a rules question and an exercise in legality rather than a question of whether or not this should be allowed in game. You have ruled previously, that, despite the wording in the UP, healing that has the flaw self only buys down the recovery time as well as the time it takes to use it when you purchase the action extra. In the same paragraph where it says the recipient of the healing must take a full round to recover after being healed, you also state that healing can only be used once per round regardless.

If you buy healing down to reaction (when taking damage), technically, each and every time you take damage (even if hit multiple times in a single round), you should heal (according to the rules and the ruling you made as regards recovery time for self heals only) much as a person with a damage aura can damage multiple people in the same round if they all strike him even though normally a damaging effect can only be used once per round.

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