Supersonic hearing, aural blindsight, and concealment

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Supersonic hearing, aural blindsight, and concealment

Postby Thomas Hobbes » Sun Sep 14, 2008 10:47 pm

A hero with Conceal vs. normal aural senses is trying to take down Rant and Rave, both of whom have Super-Senses (Enhanced Hearing) for ultra high- and low-frequency sounds, "like dog whistles or ultrasonic signals."

Does the human body (or any normal ultra-tech items that a hero might be carrying) emit high- and/or -low frequency sounds? Do Rant and Rave get to make Listen checks when the hero sneaks up on them? Would it allow Rant to automatically detect (no concealment) and target the hero with his aural Blindsense, or does that power have to be bought separately "for a whole sense type" as opposed to just normal hearing?

If Rant is in a warehouse, and our hero is standing on the corrugated iron roof (and thus causing vibrations and noise to move through it), does he have concealment vs. Rant's Blindsight due to the material between them (and thus, is he able to make Stealth checks)? If he can make Stealth checks, does Rant get a bonus to his Listen rolls beyond what Rant would get without blindsight?

In relation to the previous paragraph, does it matter whether or not his aural concealment is activated?

In relation to all of this, does it change if you build Rant according to UP instead of the core rules, giving him Sonar (accurate ultrasonic hearing, 3 ranks) instead of Blindsight (4 ranks) and Enhanced Hearing (1 rank), or are they the same power set?

Thanks for helping out.

Edit: As a whacky thought, if Rant is always emitting ultrasonic signals (according to the Sonar description in UP) and Rave can hear them, would she get any benefit even though she didn't buy Sonar proper?

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