Some questions about Ultimate Power errata.

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Some questions about Ultimate Power errata.

Post by Grayson » Wed Sep 03, 2008 4:28 am

I have a few questions about some possible errata (for Ultimate Power) that is listed in the errata thread (in some cases) or elsewhere but didn't make it as official errata. Since these issues were mentioned before the Official Errata, I assume they are not errata but I don't understand the mechanics in question so I am hoping you can clarify.

1. Under Paralyze (pg. 70), according to the errata for the Core Rulebook, a paralyzed target can take mental actions but not physical ones. According to Ultimate Power, the paralyzed subject is helpless (no actions period). The errata for Ultimate Power doesn't mention this at all. Which is correct?

2. Under Feedback (pg. 104), doesn't this flaw need to be changed in the same manner that the flaw, with the same name, is changed under the power Telekinesis (pg. 195) according the the Ultimate Power errata.

3. Under Variable (pg. 113), it states that "No trait can have a rank or bonus greater than your Variable structure rank." This was listed as incorrect in the errata when applied to the Shapeshift. Since it was not listed in the errata for Variable, what accounts for the difference?

4. Under Mutation (pg. 175), it states that the user must use extra effort to attempt the power on a subject a second time if a previous attempt failed. This isn't consistent with other Transform effects. Is Mutation as special case?

5. Under Plasma Control (pg. 180), is the alternate power, Melt, supposed to be different from Drain effects? Shouldn't objects be reduced to -10 Toughness before they "are melted into puddles of slag?"

6. Under Shape Matter (pg. 188), since Transmutation, according to the errata, has a Sustained duration instead of Sustained Lasting, shouldn't Shape Matter also have a Sustained duration.

7. Under Silence (pg. 190), shouldn't the power cost 2 or 4 points (instead of 1 or 2) since the Concealment effect cost 2 points per rank. If I am wrong, what is the flaw that reduces the cost. Also, how is a "silent" person heard at all. I understand Concealment allows detection by another acute sense within three range increments but shouldn't a Silent person be completely silent (like an invisible person is completely invisible) and have to be detected by another acute sense besides hearing (unless that is the limitation). Also, the power says the subject can be heard within 30 feet. Shouldn't that be within 3 range increments instead of 30 feet since persons with enhanced hearing (via Super Senses) can hear at much greater distances.

8. Under Superspeed (pg. 193), shouldn't the alternate powers, Takeaway and Whirlwind Attack, have a radius of (rank times 5 feet) instead of (Superspeed times 5 feet), especially since both alternate powers have a lower rank that is only two-thirds of Superspeed.

9. Under Timestop (pg. 197), is the extra No Saving Throw supposed to be +1 or is it supposed to be +2 (as per the description of the extra). If it is +1, what is the flaw that reduces the value of the extra.

I'm not necessarily saying that any of these are errata, they might not be. However, since they weren't listed with the errata for Ultimate Power, I was hoping you could clarify the mechanics so I could understand better. Thank you.