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Postby The Shadow » Mon Aug 25, 2008 8:45 pm

1) Do Detects placed in a sense type "inherit" the standard package of traits? For example, does a Visual Detect Magic automatically inherit Acute and Accurate? The language in UP seems to suggest this: "All visual senses", etc.)

It seems obvious enough that Detects do not inherit Range. And it doesn't quite sit right with me to say that the Visual Detect Magic is automatically Acute (able to tell the difference between different kinds of magic, for example). Yet I can't imagine a visual sense that isn't Accurate. (Or an auditory sense that isn't Radius, for that matter.)

2) If sense traits are indeed inherited, what traits should Radio and Mental sense types grant by default? (Again, Radius seems like a gimme for Radio. I have no real idea about Mental.)

3) Just how is the Radio sense bought, anyway? Does it have a build in terms of simpler things, or is the cost just eyeballed?
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