The Flaws in Animal Mimicry

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The Flaws in Animal Mimicry

Post by Godfallen » Fri Aug 22, 2008 12:49 pm

I am finding flaws in Animal Mimicry, as it's stated in the Main book, as I have currently lost access to my copy of UP.

It's been stated that the physical abilities of the animals don't adjust to become proportionate to the size of the Subject with Animal Mimicry. It happens for several "Animal Mimic"-style characters within comics: Animal Man(DC), Vixen(DC), Ezekiel(Marvel).

The problem is that many of us aren't quite clear on the subject, because there have been statements made, appearantly by you, where Str becomes proportionate by size, but there is no evidance of other ability traits becoming such. I, myself, find this highly suspect.

If I was to take on the agility (DEX) of a spider, and if it never became size proportionate, then my character wouldn't be able to jump a rock with ease, much less anything else, because the DEX would be less then 6, because of the size of the spider.

I am asking for a detailed clarification on the workings of Animal Mimicry, please.
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