Concentration skill, Concentration powers

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Concentration skill, Concentration powers

Postby Elric » Thu Aug 21, 2008 2:57 pm

Hi Steve,

Looking at the Concentration skill in the core book (page 44)

1) Are the circumstances with static DCs (“vigorous motion, entangled, wind-driven hail, etc.”) meant to be Concentration checks required to maintain a Concentration duration power whenever these circumstances come up?

Now turning to the following Concentration check circumstances, followed by the listed DCs:
Damaged during the action: 10 + damage bonus
Taking continuous damage during the action: 10 + half of continuous damage bonus last dealt

2) Are these two items generally meant to be Concentration checks that involve Concentration duration powers, not Sustained-duration powers?

(Side note: The Aim feat is an example of something besides a power that explicitly mentions that it calls for a Concentration check as in the Concentration skill description. So these circumstances clearly are not limited to only applying to maintaining powers).

3) What is the difference between “damaged during the action” and “taking continuous damage”? Can you give an example of when each one would apply?

It seems to me like these are ports from D&D where a spellcaster might incur attacks of opportunity and lose concentration on a spell he was casting, losing it, and they don’t necessarily have good analogues in M&M. Thus the wording here should be somewhat different from what is actually written.

4) Does a character who is activating a Concentration power and takes damage right before he uses it from a readied action have to roll a Concentration check to activate the power. If so, what is the DC?

5) If a character had a Mind Control (Duration: Concentration(Lasting)) power active and was hit by a 12 damage Blast, does the character have to roll a Concentration check to maintain the Mind Control? What is the DC?

6) If you have a Sustained duration power active and are knocked unconscious, does the effect end automatically or can Concentration checks help? If the effect doesn't end automatically, can you please describe how Concentration checks should work in this situation.
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