Issues of Touch, Sustained, and Progression

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Issues of Touch, Sustained, and Progression

Postby LrsDude » Sun Aug 03, 2008 1:58 pm

My GM and I are a little confused about the Gravity Control power of my character FeatherFall

Gravity Control 6 [Gravity Reduction Touch]

Effect: General
Action: Standard
Range: Touch
Duration: Sustained

Flaws chosen: Range (Ranged->Touch)

Issue #1: Does the sustained duration take precedent over the touch range, meaning he could leave someone in the air after grabbing them,
does the touch range take precedent over the sustained duration, meaning once he lets go of someone, they drop because they have fallen out of range of his power?

Issue #2: Can FeatherFall only lift one guy at a time, or could he lift a guy in each hand? Would he need a rank in the progression feat to lift two guys at the same time, or is it reasonable that he could lift two guys if he made two successful grabs, since his range is touch and he has two hands? (As long as the two guys don't weigh more that 3,200 pounds total.) It's not as if Super-Strength guys can't punch super hard with both fists... Plus he could easily lift the two guys if they were glued together.

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Postby Steve Kenson » Mon Aug 11, 2008 1:00 pm

Some of this is a matter of GM interpretation, based on the power and its descriptors. That said, here's what I suggest:

Since Gravity Control is an Area power, FeatherFall needs to touch a target, but can then "lift" them within the power's area of effect without touching them. He can affect multiple targets, so long as he touches them first, without needing Progression, so long as they are all in his area of effect (which is centered on him due to the Touch Range).

Naturally, your GM is free to apply other requirements, but that's how I'd handle it.
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