The Limits of Super Speed

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The Limits of Super Speed

Postby Elohel » Mon Jul 14, 2008 2:39 pm

Hi, I am brand new to MM and I absolutely love the system. I currently have the main book and the Freedom City book. I started the campain off with running the adventures at the end of the main book: "The Heist" and "A League of Their Own". We wrapped up these adventures over 2 sessions and the players now being groomed as the Freedom League, once the majority of the team retires. (I have the game set a little in the future.)

The question that I have is, how much can a character with Super Speed actually accomplish in a 6 second round? The reason why I ask this is that I have some rather creative players, and the group's speedster decided that a great way to disable Captain Kraken's crew would be to tie them up in a fire hose. Since I am a rather experienced GM I didnt want the session to break down into an arguement, or search for a rule laywer-fest, so I let it slide and informed him that he could snare 3 crew members a turn.

That being said, I would like a more official rule. Where can I find something on moving at super-speeds. All I find is that with Super Speed 10 he can do routine tasks 1000 times faster then a normal person and can move 10,000 mph or 100,000 feet per round.

The main problem this causes is it grants him the ability to move 100,000 feet per round and use the Move-By-Attack. Technically he can zip in, pummel something, and zip out beyond range of most attackers, every single turn.

Is there a delicate way to limit this without saying, "No you can't do that, because that breaks the game?" I enjoy being rather liberal as a GM and I usually let my players make anything they want (one of my characters is a genetically enhanced lemure with telekinetic capabilities and noble prize winner intellect.) Anyone suggest an elegant way of limiting super speed?

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Postby Steve Kenson » Wed Jul 30, 2008 4:05 pm

Sounds to me like the primary thing to do is have his opponents wise-up to his tactics.

If the speedster's modus operandi is zip-in, hit, zip-out, then have foes Delay and Ready actions for when he zips in to try and hit him. Have them throw up area effects or barriers in his path (or worse, in his escape route). Mad scientists can use motion-sensitive weapons (laser guided, at computer speed) to track him. Bad guys can threaten hostages or even pull Prometheus' stunt from an issue of Justice League, telling the hero that if he moves at super-speed, he'll set off an explosion that will kill everyone on the far side of town. (Is the villain bluffing? Would a real hero take that chance?)

That or give him a speedster villain to fight. That works, too. Especially if the other guy is slightly faster... 8)
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