Accurate Teleport: Supplemental

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Accurate Teleport: Supplemental

Postby NC Smyth » Fri Jun 20, 2008 6:52 pm

This is a supplemental post to Phil Adam's question on Accurate Teleport. Yes, I'm a player in his game, but it's my wife who plays the teleporter character. She's got Teleport in an array, with the primary power being Teleport (Extras: Accurate, Easy, Portal; Flaw: Long Range), and an alternate "combat" Teleport (Extras: Accurate, Easy, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Turnabout). She does also have ESP (visual) as well outside the Teleport array (because my wife likes to know where she's going, and I don't stop for directions...), but let's ignore that for now. So, on with the supplemental questions:

Is the "Accurate" Extra a mental sense (not the equivalent to, but similar to ESP or a Super-Sense or something like that) which is a component to the Accurate Teleport? The quote from Ultimate Powers is: "At the GM’s discretion, Dazzle and Obscure (Accurate Teleport) can temporarily block this extra like any other mental sense." [Emphasis mine]

Just to be sure, since I assumed only a "general" description was required, but this is a little fuzzy: "You don’t need to accurately sense your destination to teleport there, just be able to generally describe it...If you can’t accurately describe your destination or have no idea where it is, you still can’t teleport there." [Again, emphasis mine]

Is the "sense" requirement the usual type - mundane and/or super-senses that don't need to be all that accurate? Discounting the possibility that the character has actually seen/glimpsed during local news segments the examples from the book (capitol building and Goodman Building's roof), can the character teleport to these locations without having actually seen/sensed them but knows where they are? How about the other side of a locked door that leads presumably to a room/corridor/etc., that you've never seen before? I figure this would cover just about anything that one can see the outside of, but hasn't seen the interior, like, the cab of a tractor trailer, etc.

We've got the "no idea where it is" without any problem, and of course being able to teleport to a location you "know especially well." If you've already seen/sensed a location but you do not "know it especially well", is that sufficient for an Accurate Teleport there again?

Of course, these make no assumptions that something is now occupying the space to which one is teleporting (normal or accurate). In such cases, what do you suggest? The teleport not work, or one is teleported to the closest open space, or (shudder) materializing into the object?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to review these, and for designing the best Super-Hero game I've played in my almost 30 years of gaming! :D

- Nat Smyth

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Postby Steve Kenson » Wed Jul 30, 2008 3:18 pm

Accurate Teleport isn't a "sense" as such, it's just sometimes useful to allow other effects to treat it as if it were in terms of how they work.

There's some deliberate give or vagueness built into how Accurate Teleport works, since defining it tightly would be much more involved and lead to weird corner-cases and exceptions anyway. Like you say, it falls in the gray area between "no idea" and "know especially well." Sometimes it's going to come down to a GM-call, but generally, if a character has seen a location or even knows it well enough to visualize it, he (or she) can teleport there if its Accurate.

I tend to assume Accurate Teleport compensates for minor spatial displacement, letting you arrive a bit to the side to avoid a wall or other obstacle, for example. If that's not feasible, then the teleport attempt just doesn't work.
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