Follow Up on Affects Others + Area

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Follow Up on Affects Others + Area

Postby Elric » Thu Jun 12, 2008 1:21 pm

Hi Steve,
In a recent response about Granting Others Flight, here, you answered that if a Flight power has Area and Affects Others, it still needs the Progression feat for the number of people it can affect.

This contradicts an earlier answer you gave about Force Field, here, where you said, in reference to a Force Field with Area and Affects Others,
"Affects Others and Area are required. You don't need Progression: the field protects everyone within its affected area."

I assume that there's no reason why these extras should work differently for Flight and Force Field. If that assumption is correct, one of your answers is in error. Which one is it?

I personally think the recent answer is in error- the whole point of the Area Extra is that it affects everything in the Area; there are plenty of powers that don't allow you to use the Progression feat to expand the number of people it can cover and these powers still affect everyone in range when given the Area extra (e.g., Blast). So Affects Others +Area should work the same way and wouldn't need the Progression feat based on the number of people it can affect. Thanks for the help.
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Re: Follow Up on Affects Others + Area

Postby Steve Kenson » Wed Jul 30, 2008 3:04 pm

Elric wrote:I assume that there's no reason why these extras should work differently for Flight and Force Field.

There is. An area Force Field only affects (that is, protects) subjects in the area, or behind it.

Area Affects Others Flight does not restrict those granted the power to flying only within the area; once they can fly, they can go where they wish, limited solely by the power's descriptors (and the GM's best judgement). So what's to stop the character from, say, walking through a large crowd of people and, each round, granting all of them in the area the Flight power? That's where Progression comes in, in terms of maximum subjects affected at once. Area in this case is somewhat like Horde for Summon, it just lets you affect all those subjects simultaneously rather than granting them the power one at a time.

Force Field, in short, is different because it works differently. Naturally, your milage may vary, and you're welcome to adjudicate it as you see fit in your own game(s).
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