Grapple Dissection + Multiple Grapples.

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Grapple Dissection + Multiple Grapples.

Post by Octopus Dropkick » Sun Apr 27, 2008 2:04 pm

Hi there Steve, thanks for allowing a venue for questions to be fielded. At the moment I am trying to figure out the grappling dynamic in the game and how to deal with contrasting size issues. This requires a quick explanation upon grapple and an answer about how to handle multiple grapples. Here I go.

1) Grapple is a Standard Action. (This includes the Grapple Check + The effects of winning a Grapple Check, from what I see.) If you lose a Grapple Check you are initiating, you have lost a Standard Action, but you still have a Move Action remaining. If you win a Grapple Check you did not initiate, you are free from a grapple (with that person), and upon your turn you will have the default Standard Action and Move Action (As in, participating in a grapple check reflexively does not eat at your actions. However, choosing to ‘Escape’ by rolling a grapple check upon your turn will eat up a Standard Action. To get out of a Pin, you must win twice and Surge (Using Two Standard Actions).

If the above is correct, then I begin to have issues with figuring out the following;

2) Danger Damsel is a PL 10 heroine with 15 ranks of the Growth power (+5 Attack, +15 DMG trade off). She is Gargantuan sized (three sizes larger than medium opponents) and her attacks count as Area Attacks (if missed) versus medium opponents.
a) D.D. wishes to grab two bank robbers in either hand in a Grapple. She uses one Standard Action to reach over and Grapple Robber One. She then surges, using a second Standard Action to reach over and Grapple Robber Two. She chooses to pin. Will she have to Surge again, round two, to keep both Bank Robbers in either hand? Or can she just use one Standard Action (with one Grapple Check) to keep both pinned? (The Robbers roll individually versus the single D.D. Grapple Check.)
b) D.D. can grapple up to eight medium sized opponents (as understood in the Grapple rules, pg. 34). There seem to be two ways to accomplish this. Please let me know if both are correct, and if the second is so; how would one go about doing it;
I) D.D. can grapple Bank Robber One and then surge seven times (Eating up HP’s along the way), to grapple Bank Robber Two, Three, Four, etc.
II) D.D. can attempt a melee Area Attack and try to scoop up as many Bank Robbers as she can in one go (Standard Action), as an ‘Area Attack’ Grapple. If this is a possible option, how would one go about rolling to do this? Also, how many medium sized opponents could she possible affect given the Gargantuan vs Medium size differences? What if she was Colossal?

Thank you for reading this over.

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Post by Steve Kenson » Thu Jun 12, 2008 12:55 pm

Given their frequency, grappling questions are going to have to be handled in an FAQ update, perhaps even a slight rules revision or variant (given how often grappling seems to pose problems or questions).
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