Natural abilities and Innate.

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Natural abilities and Innate.

Post by Drakos » Tue Mar 11, 2008 9:33 pm

There seems to be some confusion about Powers with Innate and Natural abilities. There was some discussion but I was hoping for an official ruling to clear up any confussion.

Are a persons' natural senses considered inate and therefore not subject to the nullify power, or other Trait powers like Boost or Drain? You never actually purchase these as powers, they are provided by the base character which you enhance with power points. Are they still concidered powers and part of some "Base character" template that the base character has for free by default?

On a bigger point are all of a characters natural traits, such as Strength, Dexterity, your arms and legs, etc..., considered powers, or are they innate?

It is all rather confusing, on one hand I wouldn't see being able to nullify a persons natural traits like their ability to taste, feel, see, or their appendages, but I could see some natural traits, such as their ability scores, being effected by Drain or Boost.

The main text on Innate states: "A power with this feat is an integral part of your nature. Trait effects, such as Boost, Drain, or Nullify, cannot alter it." If your natural traits are actually innate, then it would follow that they cannot be Boosted, Drained, or Nullified, so it would seem that it is an all or nothing propisition here. Either they can't be affected by any Trait effect or they can be affected by all Trait effects. This being the case is it going too far to say that your natural traits are innate? If so, are they partially innate, immune to nullify but not the other trait effects?

What are the effects of your natural traits being "natural", if they aren't considered innate? If some natural traits are Innate and others are not then which natural traits fall into which group?

Dazzle would allow your to temporarily deprive them of the sense traits but can they be nullified?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
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Post by Steve Kenson » Fri Jun 06, 2008 6:57 pm

Natural traits are not innate in game terms and how powers work on them is already defined in the powers' descriptions. This does occasionally mean additional traits defined as Innate can't be Boosted (whereas, say, Strength can be), but Innate Super-Senses can be affected Dazzled, for example, since Innate doesn't provide any protection against sensory effects.
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