Air Control

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Air Control

Postby slaughterj » Tue Jan 22, 2008 9:36 am

For any version of Air Control, what precisely is the flaw? In UP, it appears to be Move Object, with Range increased to Perception, but with a Flaw of some sort to reduce the price back to the original 2pp/rank.

There are at least 3 different interpretations on the forums. And it does not appear it could simply be "requires air" because that does not appear to rise to the level of a -1 Flaw, maybe just a 1-3pp Drawback at most.

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Postby Steve Kenson » Wed Jan 23, 2008 10:15 am

Its a combination of things, including:

- Requiring air (not working underwater, in a vacuum, etc.)
- Whipping up a powerful wind, meaning it will tend to scatter things, blow stuff over, and cause a lot of ancillary effects. It's not suitable for catching a stack of papers, for example, without blowing them all over the place.
- Its going to potentially do things like fan or extinguish flames (depending on their size), knock stuff over, etc., making it tricky to use in some situations.

These and other reasonable side-effects of the descriptor give the GM license to apply various appropriate complications without awarding a hero point, just because that's the way Air Control is.

Naturally, if you feel the flaw is unfair in the context of your own game, feel free to modify the power's cost.
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