Is countering meant to exceed PL caps?

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Is countering meant to exceed PL caps?

Postby slaughterj » Fri Jan 18, 2008 11:48 am

General Issue/Question:

Unlike Nullify, which relies on a Will save and is therefore PL capped, countering is merely based on a power's rank, which means it can be based on non-capped powers and provide for an extremely high ability to counter. Is this intended/accurate?

Further Details/Issues:

If correct, this promotes builds that have an Alternate Power with very high ranks in a non-capped power, since this high rank power can counter their opposing descriptor foe's powers (as is typical in the comics genre, one will have a foe with opposing descriptors, light vs. dark, fire vs. ice, etc.). This can make battles anti-climatic, particularly in a setting where the PCs outnumber a (supposedly more powerful but in fact easily Countered) villain.

Also, since a power’s ability to counter is based on ranks and not points you have the strange effect that taking a weaker power to begin with or adding flaws to an existing power makes it stronger for the purpose of countering. For example, Teleport 10 is much weaker at countering powers than Teleport 20 (Flaw: Short Range only), even though both powers cost 20 pp.

Further, a PC can stunt up a counter as an AP in any encounter with extra effort, and stunt up an uncapped power with a rank much higher than their PL or capped damage. For instance, a PC with just Blast at rank 10 (20pp) could stunt up a Control power (Air, Darkness, etc., 2pp/rank) with a Flaw at rank 20, or with a Blast Area at rank 10 (30pp) could stunt up a Control power (2pp/rank) with no flaw at rank 15 or with a Flaw at rank 30. As a result, any character in any encounter with an NPC of an opposing descriptor can have a huge rank counter, well above any reasonable level attack power of a foe the PCs should encounter, readily thwarting the NPC.
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Postby Steve Kenson » Wed Jan 23, 2008 10:06 am

This is a perfect example of a case where the GM simply has to tell players "sorry, nice try, but no" when they propose something like a power stunt with flaws designed solely to get a big countering bonus to trump a bad guy. It's pure rules-twinkery and should be stomped on with extreme prejudice.
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