Seduction (revisited)

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Seduction (revisited)

Postby Guyon » Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:56 am

Topic: Seduction

I have read a few post on seduction and would like to discuss a different view point. While not dedicated in many rule sets the ability does come up in comics (Enchantress), and even more so in fantasy.

Most people simply use Diplomacy or Bluff as a base for Seduction. While this is a good start many diplomats or skilled poker players are not always good at the art of seduction. Which makes me think we need a separate Skill:Seduction. My suggestion is Perform (Seduction) vs Will.

1. Buy Seduction as perform skill using the chrisma bonus as usial.

2. Feats:Attractive now add +4 to Seduction, as per it's description.

3. Feats:Fascinate can be added to spellbind a seduced target (as per the Feat)

4. Favored Opponent now includes Seduction. (+1 bonus on Bluff, Intimidate, Notice, Sense Motive, and Seduction, Survival checks. As well as +1 damage).

5. If the character does not have "Perform:Seduction" they can attempt a modified Bluff or Diplomacy. Using one-half or -10 (better of the two) of their Bluff/Diplomacy bonus to their Seduction Attack. This accounts for how even people with out proficiency in the SKILL can still be successful in the activity.

6. For seduction to take place, the target must be within reason, or the attempt automatically fails.

Finally we need to set up a natural resistance as a raw Will check should not determine the result:

Seduction Save Modifier:
The target is highly attracted, does not realize any danger, or does not care. –5
The target is attracted and/or intrigued +0
The target is suspicious +5
The target knows there is a chance of danger +10
The target is aware the situation "could" be extremely dangerous, or deadly. +15
The target is violently opposed to any intimate behavior. +20
Note: +1 per failed attempt for the encounter.

Thoughts? revision?

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Re: Seduction (revisited)

Postby JoshuaDunlow » Tue Sep 17, 2013 2:19 pm

When I was working on this in 2e, I had come up with some alternate ways of appealing to a target using your seduction. Perhaps the characters' appeal is more based upon "Animal Magnetism. " , you could then theoretically change what is used to resist a seduction from Willpower to Intelligence, smarter people are less likely to be aroused by "Animal magnetism". Using "sensuality" the player is appealing more towards what we know, and willpower/sense motive is used to resist.

Instead of using a base ability, I came up with a "Sexual appeal" rating, which was used to determine an "Ability score" , lots of things were worked into this. Charisma, Wisdom, Attractive, etc. I had included other feats, such as "voluptuous" for women, or "adonis" for men, which gave bonuses when to trying to seduce in specific ways.

But what you got looks pretty darn good.

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